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  • Why Stick With Energy Stocks? (Hint: Geopolitical Risk)
    on Tue, Apr. 22 UNG, USO, OIL 13 Comments
  • Spring Check-Up: 5 Investment Ideas For Your Portfolio
    on Mon, Apr. 21 IVV, SPY, DIA 2 Comments
  • 2 Major Players Graduate From MSCI FM 100: Is It Still Worth Tuning Into?
    on Wed, Apr. 16 EEM, VWO, EDC Comment!
  • Beware Of Overreaching For Yield
    on Mon, Apr. 14 HYG, JNK, HYLD 3 Comments
  • Bubble Bursting? Only For Biotech And Internet Stocks
    on Wed, Apr. 9 IBB, XLK, XBI 9 Comments
  • Why Chinese Stocks May Still Make Sense Over The Long Run
    on Thu, Apr. 3 FXI, PGJ, GXC 4 Comments
  • 4 Reasons Businesses Could Begin Spending Again Soon
    on Fri, Mar. 21 SPY, DIA, QQQ 16 Comments
  • Emerging Markets: 4 Reasons For Caution, Not Abstinence
    on Thu, Mar. 20 EEM, VWO, EDC 1 Comment
  • Why There's Not Much Market Ado About Ukraine
    on Thu, Mar. 13 GUR, ESR 6 Comments
  • Happy Birthday, Bull Market
    on Wed, Mar. 12 SPY, SH, SSO Comment!
  • Do Spring Showers Bring Stock Gains? Don't Count On It
    on Fri, Mar. 7 IVV, ITOT, IYY 3 Comments
  • Blame It On The Weather? Not So Fast
    on Fri, Feb. 28 ITB, XRT, RTH 9 Comments
  • Treading Water: 4 Economic And Market Trends Likely To Continue In 2014
    on Tue, Feb. 25 SPY, QQQ, DIA 1 Comment
  • 3 Reasons Frontier And Emerging Market Equities Are Not Created Equal
    on Fri, Feb. 21 FM, FRN, EMFM 3 Comments
  • Thanks Washington, But The Recovery Remains Soft
    on Tue, Feb. 18 SPY, IVV Comment!
  • Welcome Back Volatility
    on Tue, Feb. 11 SPY, SH, SSO 1 Comment
  • What To Pay Attention To In Friday's Jobs Report
    on Thu, Feb. 6 PLW, GOVT, TRSY 2 Comments
  • 3 Truths About Emerging Market Investing
    on Tue, Feb. 4 EEM, VWO, EWW 5 Comments
  • After Last Week's Sell-Off, More Volatility Ahead
    on Mon, Jan. 27 IVV, EWJ, IEV 2 Comments
  • How The Safe Havens Stack Up
    on Fri, Jan. 24 GLD, IAU, PHYS 11 Comments
  • The Utilities Sector: Looking Less Scary Now
    on Wed, Jan. 22 XLU, IDU, VPU 1 Comment
  • Where To Cash In: Small Caps
    on Thu, Jan. 16 VB, SCHA, DWAS Comment!
  • A Disappointing Jobs Report: 3 Investing Takeaways
    on Tue, Jan. 14 SPY, QQQ, DIA 3 Comments
  • 3 Reasons The Dollar Should Strengthen This Year
    on Fri, Jan. 10 UUP, UDN, DBV 7 Comments
  • A Better Economy May Not Necessarily Be Better For Stocks
    on Mon, Jan. 6 IVV 1 Comment
  • How High Can U.S. Stocks Go This Year?
    on Fri, Jan. 3 IVV, SPY 13 Comments
  • Rare Washington Compromise + Rising Consumer Debt = Modestly Higher 2014 GDP
    on Dec. 17, 2013 SPA, QQQ, DIA 1 Comment
  • The Year Of The Horse: 3 Reasons Chinese Stocks Could Gallop Ahead In 2014
    on Dec. 13, 2013 FXI, MCHI, PGJ 12 Comments
  • The Most Likely Taper Timing
    on Dec. 9, 2013 3 Comments
  • Bubble Watch: The Valuation And Sentiment Signs To Look For
    on Dec. 5, 2013 6 Comments
  • Nasdaq 4000: Stocks Are Not Behaving Like It's 1999
    on Dec. 2, 2013 QQQ, PSQ, QID 6 Comments
  • Are Emerging Markets Reemerging?
    on Nov. 27, 2013 EEM, VWO, EDC 2 Comments