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Ironic, but likely true. Options premiums would also expand.
Thanks. This is good news since the C is generally trading under par.
The difference is about 8.3%. Is that a lot? It depends.
Keep in mind that there is a slight lag between when an author writes an article and when it gets published on Seeking Alpha. Authors and Seeking Alpha editors certainly do what they can, but a lag means that the price can move in the interim. I use the "around" language so readers generally know where the stock trades. It'd be great to get prices and all metrics updated live in an article, but that's just not on the table from what I see right now.
Thank you for your comment. Good luck with your trade.
Thank you for adding your comments slimback and Craig.
This is a good comment techy46. Thanks for adding it.
Of course I try to stay unbiased. Thank you for your comment.
I like the put-selling idea here, too. I really need to dig into CNP to answer your question. Thanks for commenting.
Thanks. Good points and thanks for the link.
I'll have to look into it. Thanks for your suggestion.
Thank you. I was using morningstar numbers at the time, which apparently weren't updated. I will use yahoo finance from now on.
Thank you for your comment.
Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Shares are undervalued. Thanks for your comment.
It looks like you and vireoman disagree.
Great comments, thanks!
Companies pay dividends with cash, not earnings. Thus, acquisitions, events, announcements and trends that affect cash and cash flow are the most important for dividends. I think most investors over-emphasize the payout ratio, but I'll be sure to include it next time per your request.
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