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Long only, growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon
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Long only, growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon
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I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond. You CLEARLY have much more knowledge on the topic than I do, and informative feedback is what I desired most when I wrote this.
Your response is the reason I wrote my article.
Thanks again,
Sometimes I forget the blessings of living in America. A lifesaving ambulance/shot/doctor/... is just a phone call away. That's not true for the vast majority of the world.
Using your logic, ALL employees of ALL companies that have EVER collapsed from scandals are equally as guilty as the select few who really committed the crime. How many companies have 30,000 corrupt employees that can all keep it a huge secret for so many years? Its much more likely to assume they probably didn't know it was happening.
Would you give any of the employees "due process" or just violate the Equal Opportunity Employment rights and assume all the bastards are guilty?
And I'm sure all the other audit firms were looking to pick up some of the corrupt employees so they could destroy their own firms as well.
Sounds like you let skepticism get in the way of logic. How soon we forget this sort of thing...
Thank you for taking time to comment. I appreciate your unique viewpoint.
*chuckle* Ah, humility....
I omitted taste because I've never smoked and could not speak intelligently about the issue. But I'll assume its similar to Coca-Cola vs. generic cola, or Grey Goose vs. Skul, etc.
I agree with you MM.
They have clearly been unsuccessful. I don't think it will happen soon, but eventually right....?
thanks for your comments.
No doubt the article I cited is not the solution, but how many universities and private and public companies around the world are working on a vaccine for addictions?
<<what the author is saying is since tesla makes electric cars sell all your oil and gas stocks because hey no one is using it.>>
I don't even know how to respond to this comment.
But the author would really say "sell your tesla stock and load up on oil and gas stocks because hey everyone is using it."
I understand your point. However, the reason for (assumption) the vast majority of smoking is because of the addiction to nicotine and not the pure pleasure of smoking.
I don't think the tobacco industry will ever go away. But I believe someday it was be in the consumer discretionary sector instead of the consumer staples sector. And the ramifications from that would be significant.
yes a vaccine is in the works for most drugs; cocaine, meth, heroin, etc. and they have varying degrees of success.
I am skeptical that alcohol is worse than cigarettes however. Could you cite that please?
It would be easier to list the things NYC hasn't tried to ban
Morgan, I have a few questions.
I don't know why your dividend growth graph starts with $3.84 since that's not the current annualized total or any other logic number I can think of. Where did $3.84 come from?
Also I'm unsure why your graphs indicate that in 2017 Philip Morris will pay out $7.25 for the year in dividends with net earnings of $8.37, that's an 86% payout ratio, well above PM's stated goal of around a 65% dividend payout ratio. Did they change that?
It makes your article seem weak if your heading is dividends and your charts are filled with incorrect data points.
Long PM
$4.50 special dividend from Coke? That's the next 12 quarters of regular dividends. They are a stable company because they DON'T pay out $4.50 special dividends.
"'On a year-to-date September basis, our international share, excluding China and the Philippines is stable at 26.7%.'''
And the U.S. right? I know they don't compete with MO in the U.S. but they should at least acknowledge the market. Someone help me?
"""Attractive yields are still available from stocks and the best for retirement investors are Dividend Aristocrats (with track records of increasing dividends for at least 25 consecutive years). They provide yields of at least 2½% with annual income increases. In recent months, their yields have been rising while the Dow has set a new record above 15,600 last month and still remain near that record."""
That last sentence is incorrect. How can their yields be rising AND setting new record highs? They are inversely correlated.
You logic and charts indicate a correction is coming soon.
Stop yelling at us.
I've seen this headline before (except it was GE and BAC)....... about 5 years ago.
Recession looming?
A quick look at key ratios on Morningstar, Nasdaq and dividata.com tells us the same thing the author does. I go through many of these metrics before buying (and selling) stocks but I do it in about 15 minutes in my head.
A 3 minute look at VZ key ratios and its obvious this isn't a company I can trust with my money for any reasonable length of time.
I agree with George Costanza, you mentioned nothing of the liabilities facing Visa.
Even a "bull" article should mention "bear" information that is material to the company. This article is insufficient by itself.
I sold some JAN 2014 $44 calls a while back that I hope do not get assigned. I would have bought them back on a nice dip the resistance around $40 is something fierce. Everyone knows there is value here long-term.
All the commotion is fixated around the liabilities. Yea another $20B is a big number but that is not even a year's worth of profit for BP. In 10 year's time BP will have made more than $250B in PROFITS from today (assuming earnings ONLY stagnate).
I'm 26, working, in school full time and my wife and I have two kids. I still can afford a few hundred a month to invest for retirement. We don't have any debt either (less student loan). Saving can be done by anyone.
Anyone who wakes up 60 and broke did it to themselves. They can have my pity and I will have my savings.
Also increases my ownership in the company with every share they buy back and retire. We should all cheer "Philip Morris take on more debt!!!"
I agree orthokneepa. I think PM should double the $18B buyback and finance it the same way. Paying $2B in interest a year now to save countless billions in the long-term future from not having to pay as many shares a dividend.
Bill I believe you are either too shortsighted or don't have a reasonable understanding of their debt.
It sure didn't take long to go from $190 to $175 and back again. $200 here we come!! Then $300.. then $400.. then...
Quite a nice run-up in share price over the last few days.
Guess no one is worried about the debt issue anymore ;)
Dale or Rusty Shackleford? sha-sha
"""Another world economic problem could be disastrous for them."""
Why? Inelastic demand and high profit margins means PM would still be prospering if the world economy hadn't recovered from the financial crisis.
I believe you missed the point of the article. Keep calm and keep buying.
Albert, thanks for the link to my article written yesterday about their debt. I enjoyed this article as well.
Thank you orthokneepa, I have through some of the comments you have made on Seeking Alpha and it seems we are very similar in our mentality towards many things. Was very interesting to read what you wrote, I would be interested to read an article that you wrote.
Rockefeller, who is to say V/MA will not be able to capitalize on M-Pesa?