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  • Why Your Portfolio's Long-Term Dividend Growth Rate Is Your Total Return [View article]
    I was unaware of that, thank you. I cannot imagine why he agreed to that when he could of, in principle and if he had the funds, done a hostile take-over of the company legally. I know he is not interested in managing companies though. Perhaps he could have given up his voting rights on the additional shares in exchange for the permission to buy them? But then I still don't understand because legally if I had $80 billion couldn't I buy a controlling 50.1% stake in Coke today?
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  • Buy Coach On Market Overreaction [View article]
    Terrific company all around. No debt, rising dividend, OUTSTANDING margins, and a 10 year ROE that most companies could only dream about. But fashion stocks aren't something I can sleep well at night owning. I know that within the next week half of the developed world will need to buy a tank of gas and a week of groceries, but they can pass on a Coach purse. I only wish I was more of a risk-taker and could buy this great company.
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  • How Dividend Investing Creates Wealth And Income [View article]
    Tortoise I will buy your shares of CVX from you at cost, that's how nice of a person I am :)
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  • How Dividend Investing Creates Wealth And Income [View article]
    RAS, if you don't like the figures I spit out yesterday you sure aren't going to like my first article I wrote last night (if it gets published, not sure how that works) based on similar numbers. But if it gets published I genuinely hope you read it and critique it. I enjoy feedback, and in my young life I have never turned down a spirited, but civil, debate.
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  • How Dividend Investing Creates Wealth And Income [View article]
    Great article. I have been pondering this idea in my head over the last few weeks as well, waiting for all my thoughts to collect. Here's what I've come up with: if you can pick a stock that is highly likely to continue to raise it's dividend consistently over the next 20 years (maybe off Fish's CCC list) at a decent clip, say 12%, then most likely your returns will be equal or greater than 12% per year. JNJ now has a yield of about 3.5%, if they can raise their payout by 12% a year over the next 20 years (don't hate, let me dream), the yield would be 33.7% a year if the price doesn't move. JNJ would be paying out over $23/share when it's shares are trading in the low $70's. We will most likely never see JNJ with a >5% yield, let alone 34%, because as they raise their distributions, yield gets higher and more people want a piece of the action.

    This is what BDX has done, raising distributions at roughly 15% a year for 20 years, however it wasn't yielding 3.5% in 1980's but the principle still holds. If you can find solid dividend growth companies at distressed prices (due to macro events and not an in-house issue) and hold them, I feel you are likely going to make AT LEAST whatever the dividend growth rate is, from buying and holding for decades.

    So if the growth rate of the dividend over the next 20 years is projected to be 10%, I believe that is what you will make, AT MINIMUM, if you own a solid company like KO or XOM.

    Long JNJ
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  • Dividend Growth - The Stock Selection [View instapost]
    I like the Chowder rule, where is CAGR at on a site like Morningstar?
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  • Core Retirement Portfolio: 12 Dividend Aristocrats Yielding Over 3% (Part 2) [View article]
    This is another "Part" series that you are running, and I don't have faith in this one either. I was sooo anxious for the finale of your last list and you blew it. You had a dream-team of dividend stocks that didn't include JNJ, PM, PG, MO, CVX, or XOM in the TOP TWENTY of a dividend portfolio. How can this one have any credibility?
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  • CAT On A Hot Chinese Roof [View article]
    I get alot of my investing ideas from this website and I expect the authors to do research on the company(s) before they write an article. Why would you write an article people use to help themselves invest and write wrong information for people use? I could care less if you want to own poor companies but don't bring lies to the table about the good companies.
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  • CAT On A Hot Chinese Roof [View article]
    CAT didn't cut it's dividend during the last decade. In fact it has raised it every year for about the last 2 decades. You are a terrible author who is writing articles with fabricated numbers and extreme bias. I will avoid ALL of your articles from now on.

    I don't mind if someone doesn't like a company, but before you tell other people about the company, maybe you could spend a few minutes going over factual information instead of typing with your eyes closed. Awful, awful article.
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  • CAT On A Hot Chinese Roof [View article]
    What does MMM and CMI have to do with CAT????!?!?!?!? Sweet name-drop, I guess, because there was nothing else of value in your response. Well good idea, now that you mentioned MMM for some reason I will now sell my shares of CAT. Thank you for bring MMM to my attention. MMM is a great company too that DIDN'T cut their dividend in the past decade either. I have no idea what where you are getting your information from, but I usually base investment decisions on FACTS! I also shouldn't own CAT because MasterCard too? Thanks for the advise, I'll sell my awesome dividend stocks and buy HPQ.

    Terrible article and terrible responses. Just terrible. My 5 year old has better rebuttals than you do. Why write an article about a company you don't own, and then continue to make non-nonsensical comments based on other companies?
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  • CAT On A Hot Chinese Roof [View article]
    Poor article, how can you criticize a company for ALMOST cutting dividend twice in a decade? And how can you recommend HP over CAT? CAT pays out less than 20% of their earnings in dividends, and its EPS growth is sky high and it's trading below a P/E of 10. They have a sustained above average ROE and a brand known the world over. Good luck with HP.

    Long CAT (for dividend growth, and there will be plenty of in the coming years)
    Jan 20 04:14 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK.A) BNSF Railway Co. intends to invest $4.1B on capex this year in order to handle increasing oil shipments from the Bakken shale formation, which is concentrated in North Dakota. BNSF's spending will include $2.3B on its core rail network and $1B on locomotive, freight car and equipment. [View news story]
    How many years of energy production is left in the Bakken? Production is roughly two hundred million barrels a year and they estimate there are about twenty billion barrels left. Unless my math is wrong that is about 100 years. Having a strong foundation for shipping something that is going to be used for a century is good business. Railroads and pipelines involved in Bakken now are going to make a fortune.
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  • Intel: Buy This 'Dog' For Its 4% Dividend [View article]
    I love INTC and have recently owned it, but sold (for a small gain) because I didn't sleep well at night having it in my portfolio. I like to think about stocks and dividends and the companies I own as I lay down for the night (obsessive and lame, I know) and INTC just made me uneasy. I love the dividend, I LOVE the payout ratio, and I LOVE LOVE the consistent buyback program. I just couldn't get over the $34 million a day in capital spending just to make something that is going to be obsolete in 8 years. I hope they come roaring back and I cheer for them to do so, but it was just too rich for my blood. I'm a PM, MO kinda guy with near zero capital spending and a product that hasn't changed in 400 years, with similar margins and high ROE.

    Long PM
    Jan 17 05:17 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Investors Should Accumulate Shares Of Lorillard [View article]
    How does someone who has over 200 comments on an investing media website not know what happens to a dividend when a stock splits?
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  • Top 20 Dividend Growth Stocks For 2013 [View article]
    Good luck Bart!!
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