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Ryan Canady  

I am a recent college graduate learning to navigate the markets while I'm young. At the moment, I do not have large sums of capital in the market. However, I am working to build my portfolio over time in a disciplined manner. I realize my young age may deter some from taking my research seriously, but my writing is meant to improve my skills to successfully grow in this industry over the long-term. The fact I am young allows me to have an unbiased perspective.

I am here to provide opinions and insight through serious research into various stocks and ETF's. I would hope that you enjoy my articles and learn something alongside me. I will continue to build my knowledge base and hope you can as well.
  • Description: Occasional Investor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: ETFs, Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
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I have been correct so far on 7 out of 8 of my picks in the new year including $KKD $OZRK $CL $SBUX and more! Jan 25, 2015