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I don't own Apple, I don't preach Apple, and I couldn't care less if Apple does hit a wall. Do I prefer Apple products to RIMM products? Yes. Does that mean I want everybody to ditch RIMM and buy Apple? No. And just because they have little or no debt does not mean the company can survive without producing better products. Maybe up there in Canada the playbook is outselling the iPad but I'm pretty sure the story here in the U.S. is much different, in fact I know nobody with a Playbook and tons of people with iPads. Without creating a bigger better product RIMM is in trouble it's simple as that. If you say RIMM is working on that then fine they are working on it but I won't believe it til I see it.
I never said the BB10 won't be a good device. The problem is it needs to get here now and it needs to have the wow factor. People can't just walk into their AT&T or Verizon store and say "Hey just another Blackberry, same thing they've had for years" They need to walk in and say "Hey look at this, this phone is really nice, oh wait its a Blackberry I never expected that." RIM needs the wow factor to draw more sales and it needs to get the BB10 here now.
The reason Microsoft would want RIM is because Microsoft wants an in for the mobile phone market. What's better then an already developed company that just needs tweaking?
I agree with most of what you said here. The BB10 needs to be here ASAP, RIM can't afford to put it off until the end the of the year. If RIM wants to come back they need to come out with something new and that is the BB10.
I also agree with the marketing issues. There really is no good marketing out there for Blackberry so that definitely needs to be enhanced to that people start seeing Blackberry as often as they see iPhone.
That's exactly the point I was trying to make. Many investors do not have tons of money to throw into Apple and still have a good portfolio. If they bought the other beneficiaries of the iPhone 5 release they stand to make money while still being diversified
if you could actually read it says finviz.com so go check it out then come back and rant about "fabricated" data
It definitely is a younger crowd sort of place. At the college I go to I know that anytime there is an event on campus and food is provided they always bring wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. However, it's not filled with just college kids there are a lot of other age groups that do go to enjoy the sporting events. And one thing I forgot to mention in the article was the wing sauces. Buffalo Wild Wings has so many wing sauces that there's something for everybody from mild to insanely hot or even something more savory there's something that anybody could enjoy.
I agree with you that their catalyst is definitely the big sporting events and what I like about that is there are many professional sports and most of them have large followings. I'm not much of a basketball fan but as you said March Madness will be a huge time for them and then after that comes baseball season, then hockey season, and then once again football season. There are never a lack in sports in America and therefore Buffalo Wild Wings always has something to show on their multiple big screen TVs. I too enjoy hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings and in fact writing this article made me want wings and I am most likely going there tomorrow.
I guess it is a matter of preference. I agree with you though that it is not a place you go to have a nice quite sit down dinner it's more of a place you go to cheer on your favorite sports team and meet some new people.
I see where you are coming from and $100 billion being taken out of other investments to pay for a Facebook investment could cause problems. But think about how many new investors this could bring to the market. Many people are staying away from the market because they are scared of it being volatile or they are scared of losing lots of money. What better way to bring investors back into the market with a tech stock IPO that, as you hinted to, is similar to Google's IPO. I understand that people pulling out of other investments to invest in Facebook could be a bad thing. However, what about a couple of years down the road? If Facebook becomes as big as Google is, then people who invest now will have a lot of extra money to invest a couple years down the road so a big investment in Facebook might cause short term market issues, but I believe it will be good for the market in the long run.
Thanks for this added information.
My apologies I must have misread what I was looking at but either way their dividend still beats the competition.
Due to their versatility I believe Facebook Credits can be profitable. Every app I have ever seen on Facebook requires you to pay Facebook Credits in order to get an edge on the competition. People love to compete against their friends and everybody loves to get an edge on the competition. Facebook Credits allow you to get that edge. The credits are not too expensive and can be bough online or at major supermarkets and convenience stores. I believe that these credits can and do make Facebook a decent amount of money.
The way I look at it is the faster you can get in on Facebook, the better. As you mentioned, a perfect example is GOOG. If you stay away just because of the huge demand of the Facebook stock you could miss out on something huge. To me investing in something as huge as Facebook is worth the risk and, depending on what the initial price will be, I plan to invest in it. As with all investments there will be risk in investing in Facebook, it's just a matter of how much risk and can you accept that risk.
I believe that we need to first look at education and figure out a way to better educate the younger generations. The reason for this being so we can nip it in the bud so to speak. If we better educate younger generations then once they become older we hopefully won't have the same issues of today. After figuring out how to do that is when we look at how to fix the current generations.
Econdoc is right when he says that outsourcing is just a way companies do things to be more efficient, however, it is the type of outsourcing that matters. When a product is manufactured it then needs to be shipped and some companies do not want to ship things themselves and find it more cost effective to outsource, not to another country but to another company who can just carry their goods. This kind of outsourcing is good for everybody since it makes more jobs and people make more money. However, when a company outsources the whole manufacturing plant to another country so that they can pay lower wages and not worry about such high safety standards, jobs and money are lost to Americans. This is the type of outsourcing that needs to be compensated for since many jobs are lost and never come back.
Another point I would like to make though is that are you truly sure that the 9%-18% of unemployed people would like those jobs? Let's face it Americans are picky when it comes to jobs and with the way that unemployment benefits are these days I believe many of these people are fine not working in a factory or doing a manufacturing job that got outsourced.
It would be very cost prohibitive to do the info-pad desk, however, there could be alternatives. Such as having schools buy older generations of iPads and load them with digital textbooks and then loan them out to students or allow students with their own iPads to use them and just have the textbooks loaded onto the iPad. This idea is more cost effective since: 1. The school wouldn't have to pay for all the iPads, 2. The school could purchase the previous generations of iPad (such as buy the original iPad instead of the iPad 2) and 3. Since they are buying in bulk prices could be worked out with Apple so that they get a nice discount, especially since its an older generation and not the brand new version.
Yea it's very unfortunate that money issues are getting to the point where we have to keep old books and old technology and possibly not be able to properly educate the youth. I can't imagine who's gunna be running the country when I'm old and grey.
I'm still waiting for the day that Apple designs a school desk that basically has a big iPad in it which would be ideal for high schools and colleges to take notes as well as quickly send documents to students and to better keep track of all the information used in class. It would also give the ability to have all digital text books so that not only do we save paper but we also save some money as well.
Thanks for explaining that in more depth so I could see how you arrived at your numbers.
I agree completely about the QNX OS. I can't see how that is going to save them especially since it failed on the Playbook. Perhaps they have something up their sleeve to make it much better for the phones but as you said they've done a horrible job telling the public about it which doesn't create any hype to buy it as soon as it hits shelves. Apple seems to have mastered that with the iPhone since every time there is a new one they have a big media event and create a lot of hype about the product so the second it hits shelves thousands of people are buying it.
First off thank you for disagreeing in a respectful manner unlike some other people.
I do agree with the fact that many large corporations do use the Blackberry phones to help run their business. I believe I spoke about that a bit in one of the comments, but yes the corporate consumers do make up a large portion of their business and they most likely will not be going away anytime soon.
Also, I don't believe that RIMM will drop below the $10 mark like some of the other people who commented believe. I see RIMM dropping to between $15-$20 because of the fact that they have that business market. I also believe the consumer market is larger than the business market so I think if they need to at least produce something more geared towards the everyday consumer to at least take a shot at getting some of that market share.
I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say here. If I understand what you are saying then you are saying they are cutting 50% of their entire workforce which is not the case. It was the workforce specific to the Playbook that they are going to cut. Obviously a manufacturer that is the largest laptop manufacturer in Taiwan will have more than 1,900 employees total. It was only Playbook specific employees from the way I understand it. So therefore, I have no idea where you are drawing this "We can assume RIMM was responsible for 75% of their orders" from.
Actually I never deleted it. I was looking for it earlier and could not find it.
You are 100 percent correct when you say that the business life of a smart phone is only one or two years and that anything can change in a matter of months. However, RIMM can only keep producing the same products with the same online services for so long. Eventually either people will get bored of it and move on to something better, or somebody else will come along and create what RIMM has but make it better.
Speaking hypothetically for a second, what if Apple came out with a version that had a slide out keyboard? Then your argument of not wanting a phone without a real keyboard becomes less valuable. RIMM can only hold onto what they have for so long without some degree of change. I think that we have come to the time when they need to start producing something just a little bit better than the standard Blackberry to prove they still have what it takes to actually compete.
I agree with you in the sense that Apple should at least consider buying RIMM. One advantage I do see RIMM having is that Blackberry has been the number one business phone. Usually when companies issue cell phones to their managers that phone is a Blackberry. I think if Apple were to acquire RIMM it would definitely dominate the enterprise market.
My apologies for not touching on those aspects so let me do so now.
First of all I think that it is clear right off the bat that something is wrong with management since, as I stated, there has been no real innovation aside from turning a normal old Blackberry into a touch screen and following suit with the rest of the tech companies and making a tablet. So obviously management is lacking in their research department since they can't seem to come up with something new.
Second, do you really think that bringing in the QNX would save RIMM? Because I think they are a day late and a dollar short on that one. Maybe if they had come out with it a year or so ago when people still had hope in Blackberry it would have worked. But at this point in time I believe there is just too many people who have lost faith in them and are now moving over to the iPhone.
As for the criticism of my article I thank you since now I can refine my researches and work on producing better articles in the future that may please you. So I just want to give you a thanks for the help so I can grow to be a better contributor to this site.