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Ryan Macumber
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Interesting point about using eBay numbers as an accuracy check against Channel Advisor numbers. To your point about using other indicators - 100% agreed and exactly why I included the paragraph under the Ycharts chart suggesting this not be used as a stand-alone prediction, rather it should be used in conjunction with the other indicators.
Realy enjoyed the thought process in the article. I'm sure there are multiple contributing factors to the worsening inventory turn, but, thinking back to those operations classes, I wonder to what extent the dizzying warehouse growth the resultig impact on safety stock requirements is contributing to this. Safety stock isn't just a fixed number you divide among the warehouses, it grows (with sales fixed) as the # of warehouses grows.
Seems like the TMC and V threat would be a larger exposure for Netflix than Amazon. Rising content costs would seem to hurt Netflix more than Amazon since content is a much larger portion of Netflix's business model. Amazon is already crushing its own margins with its multi-faceted investment strategy.
Agreed. This is why I also included the unbiased Jaffray comparison that is anchored on independent TV show rankings. My intent with including that graphic was to show how Netflix portrays its perceived competitive advantage in its own materials. Amazon could very well construct its own graphic showing a similar view.
Fair enough callout, but the inclusion of that announcement doesn't change the overall one day comparison. The stock was essentially flat on Feb 1.
I would hardly call my last two paragraphs 'pro-netflix'
Very valid points and part of the reason for including a caveats section highlighting variability in the relationship. That said, eBay didn't always ride the general eCommerce wave.. its growth under-indexed the overall eCommerce trend in the 2009/2010 period after which something changed to push it from single to double digit growth over the last 6-7 quarters.