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  • Ryan Schroeder
    Added more $SDRL at 28.70
    Fri, 11:02 AM
      • Ryan Schroeder
        Added more $SDRL at 31.79
        Sep 12, 9:54 AM
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        • sethmcs: Me too @ $31.18. Keep buying on the way down.
          Sep 12, 11:41 AM
          • Ryan Schroeder
            Bad news for $DFS. Not included in Apple Pay.
            Sep 9, 1:56 PM
              • Ryan Schroeder
                Bought $MCD today at $94.24
                Aug 14, 9:42 AM
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                • brett420: I like shell more than XOM, should sell others and buy more shell I have a very good feeling about all these business moves they are making.
                  Aug 14, 11:00 AM
                • brett420: unfortunately I have a small bugdet to work with, so i can only buy in volumes of 6-10 shares of higher priced stocks.
                  Aug 14, 11:01 AM
                  • Ryan Schroeder
                    Anheuser-Busch Inbev: Why I Finally Pulled The Trigger On The King Of Beers Company $BUD
                    Aug 1, 11:03 AM
                      • Ryan Schroeder
                        Added $MA to my Roth IRA at $76
                        Jul 2, 11:22 AM
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                        • somedata1: The growth story of MA will continue in the next decade and more. My long term conviction long.
                          Jul 2, 2:37 PM
                          • Ryan Schroeder
                            Added to $BBBY at $55.91
                            Jun 26, 9:36 AM
                              • Ryan Schroeder
                                Sold $LO today at $64.16.
                                Jun 19, 1:26 PM
                                  • Ryan Schroeder
                                    Bought $MWW at 6.26. Like the turnaround play. Compelling article from GeoTeam:
                                    Jun 10, 4:13 PM
                                      • Ryan Schroeder
                                        $CLX up 3.5% today on no news, and heavy bullish options volume. Pretty big move for a low beta stock... Buy-out mania continuing?
                                        Jun 9, 5:24 PM
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                                        • jumpnjoey77: Sure you don't mean Icahn Part II?
                                          Jun 9, 11:13 PM
                                        • wigit5: yeah Icahn is more plausible but I'd rather Buffet lol
                                          Jun 9, 11:45 PM
                                          • Ryan Schroeder
                                            Bought BAC yesterday at 14.85
                                            May 7, 8:14 AM
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                                            • Anthony DiBenedetto: Wise choice.
                                              May 7, 10:08 AM
                                              • Ryan Schroeder
                                                Helluva quarter by $APPL.. Strong buy below $600. Cash machine.
                                                Apr 23, 5:17 PM
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                                                • Stephen J Melnykevich: Literally good news on every angle (split, dividend, earnings, buyback) only possible negative is 3Q estimates but even that is quasi good !
                                                  Apr 23, 6:28 PM
                                                  • Ryan Schroeder
                                                    Bought $MDT at 58.85
                                                    Apr 21, 10:25 AM
                                                      • Ryan Schroeder
                                                        Picked up some $BUD for the first time today at $103.60. Let the good times roll!
                                                        Mar 26, 2:27 PM
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                                                        • compounding: I think you will be pleased with it.
                                                          Mar 26, 2:56 PM
                                                        • Ryan Schroeder: I'm from STL, so wanted to own for awhile, but was waiting for a better price. Finally decided to open a small position. Will add on dips.
                                                          Mar 26, 5:01 PM
                                                          • Ryan Schroeder
                                                            Bought some $SDRL at 33.00 today. It will need to cut it's dividend eventually, but the company is a cash cow.
                                                            Mar 18, 4:00 PM
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                                                            • Ryan Schroeder: dividend is safe through '15, but if you're cutting assets, it's going to decrease future cash flow. Plus day rates are trending downward..
                                                              Mar 18, 8:55 PM
                                                            • Energysystems: Dropping down assets isn't cutting assets, especially considering the % of stock that $SDRL owns of it's own subsidiaries.
                                                              Mar 19, 1:12 PM
                                                              • Ryan Schroeder
                                                                Purchased $KMP in my taxable account at $73.58
                                                                Mar 17, 12:53 PM
                                                                  • Ryan Schroeder
                                                                    Added $ARCP and $PSEC to my Roth IRA yesterday at $14.61 and $10.80.
                                                                    Mar 12, 1:11 PM
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                                                                    • Ryan Schroeder: I get caught in that trap myself. Had a buy order for $APPL at $385 last year, 52-week low was 385.10. Kicking myself on that one...
                                                                      Mar 17, 8:05 PM
                                                                    • Purple_K: Yeah on any round # I bid .01 above - market psychology - but a stock like AAPL you have to go .25-.50 and not worry all things considered
                                                                      Mar 17, 8:58 PM
                                                                      • Ryan Schroeder
                                                                        Added $CLX yesterday at $86.70. Next up, $MKC. Think they are both potential Buffet aquisition targets.
                                                                        Mar 8, 11:33 AM
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                                                                        • jumpnjoey77: I think Buffet is targeting utilties specifically electric.
                                                                          Mar 8, 1:45 PM
                                                                          • Ryan Schroeder
                                                                            Picked up a small amount of $STAG for my Roth IRA today.
                                                                            Feb 25, 1:04 PM
                                                                              • Ryan Schroeder
                                                                                Big news for $GMCR. Any one see a $PEP, $SBUX, $SODA alliance coming?
                                                                                Feb 5, 9:38 PM