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This management team presented at the Microcap conference last month. Those in the room that I talked to were impressed with the CEO and his associate (can't remember his name), the insider ownership, and the idea of the "hockey stick." However, they shared your skepticism about achieving these growth targets.
Thanks! That could have been a costly error!
Any interest in the KMI warrants? Struck at $40 and expiring in 2019? Last trade at $0.11.
That profile is a great story. All should read.
Where OnDeck got its business model from ...
The 2.6% decline in a stock already trading at a 20% discount to book suggests at least a little surprise.
The experience of CYS (and Hatteras which reported earlier this week) suggest mREITs were hit not just by rising rates, but by sharply higher prepayments. Perfect storm indeed.
CYS management is confident prepayments are acting with a lag here, and will decline in the coming quarters.
Congrats to David and Eli! Best times are ahead!
Correct. Was meant for news item. It's been deleted.
Sell the news? Activists also won the battle with Levy over RLOG about one year ago - forcing him out as chairman and CEO and (similar to ESSX) ending a rental agreement with a Levy company. The stock has nearly halved since.
Do we know what Nick Matthews' compensation/incentive package looks like?
Sounds like this is well-trodden ground, but this presentation from Casey Capital was filed this afternoon ...
Also interesting in that rates have shot higher in Q2, so those MSR values that were written down have now jumped back up?
And yet so many continue to bang the drum for "improving" college hoops by making it more NBA-like. College bball fans I know find the NBA unwatchable.
Follow-up to that Sason article ...
Oil is lower by 4.3% to $50.83 today. USO -3.4%
"Mayor de Blasio is certain that he knows what the weather will be like by the end of the century but has no idea what the weather will be like by the end of the week."
According to the NYRT website, Schorsch is chairman and CEO.
TCAP is at $19.85 vs. the ex-div price of $20.69, -4.1% on the session.
"SA PRO smallcap coverage: 82.2% of the S&P 600 smallcap index and 81.6% of the Russell 2000 index, as of today. We are zeroing in on 100% coverage of these two key smallcap indices."
Just to be doubly clear, the distinction was made in the original post as well. :)
The 10-year "yield" has erased about all of its post-Labor Day gain.
The 10-year was at about 2.35% at the start of September. It rose to about 2.65% by the middle-late part of the month, and fell back to 2.39% at the time the post was written.
30% higher in a month. Another day at the office for WI! Nice work.
"Nevertheless, valuation metrics in some sectors do appear substantially stretched—particularly those for smaller firms in the social media and
biotechnology industries."
The now-4% decline in NLY since last Friday morning has occurred after the payment of the dividend and adjustment in the stock price.
Poorly played. I agree.
The story was posted immediately following the earnings release last night, before the stock had reacted.
Shares are currently lower by 4.5% premarket in fairly active trade.
I apologize for originally including the mistaken symbol in this post. It has been corrected and a new alert was sent out to Synthetic Biologics subscribers.
NRZ is an MSR play, and NCT senior housing, CDOs, and now the owner of a portfolio of golf courses!
"Roll the dice and play a little monopoly... what box would Sir Lawrence land on in Erie, PA?"
"Jesus Christ, he's buying Anacott Steel!"
C&R have tough work ahead. Do you "sell the news" today?
The slide in mortgage applications in mostly about refinancing. Purchase app index is flattish.