Sabina Bhatia

Sabina Bhatia
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I think the worst will be a lot of tape on the news, which will provide for a volatile stock, and an opportunity to get involved. This is a company with a solid balance sheet, and liquidity would not be at risk either.
I think there is a lot to look forward to in the name. we have an opportunity to ride it for a long time.
And how many are actually progressing well outside the u.s.? This company is a big winner
BUT wait and see what happens. They have a lot of plans..unfortunately can't be quantified.
Sammy So, I have submitted a correction to SA and it should be done very soon. Thank you.
Pauldeba, thanks for the info. as per SEC filings, he didn't own any, hence my statement. And yes, I agree with you, unless the fundamentals don't get stronger, I would stay away.