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Yes, Varan. Appreciate you keenly following The 2011 performance for the different AlphaProfit ETF and fund model portfolios be updated on the website in early 2012.
Outlook looks good, deanfast.
It appears to me that the tilt towrads large cap tech is part of Sam Peter's strategy. Peters used to manage many of the technology oriented funds at Fidelity. At some point, Peters is likely to head Legg Mason Value Trust.
My larger position is in a mutual fund that has quite a bit of natural gas stocks. GAZ helps in reducing risk at a portfolio level. Nat gas is currently in contango which makes UNG and GAZ less attractive but if gas were to go into backwardation, UNG and GAZ may not be bad investments to hold.
DV is a good one too.
That was a Q2 EPS story (and Q1 and Q4 2009).
Q3 is different. Our subscribers have done quite well with the air transport investments recommended at the start of Q3.
Excellent post. Couldn't agree more.
Good points Tom B. As for acquiring Facebook, the price would obviously have to make sense.
Agree. E*Trade has a pretty good trading platform. ETFC is a case of a good company that lost its way trying to grow. Going into mortgages has cost the company big time.
Appreciate the kind comment.
On Aug 20 06:41 PM Wolf.Timber wrote:
> Interesting post, thank you
The point you raise Paul is a good one. True, both CEE and RNE are 'diversified' beyond the borders of Czech, Hungary, and Poland. I still feel they are reasonably exposed to these three countries. I couched it with the phrase 'meaningful exposure to Eastern Europe'. I can be swayed to use a more 'dilutive' phrase.
On Aug 13 01:03 AM Paul Harper wrote:
> Always nice to see people breaking out & talking about Emerging
> Markets, especially Europe.
> However, your guage of Central Europe is a little off. CEE includes
> Turkey to your "short" list of Poland Hungary & Czech Republic.
> RNE has an even more extensive exposure :
> although for some weird reasoning it has holdings in Austria &
> the Netherlands. Whats more discouraging for any investor looking
> at this fund is the very heavy weighting into CIS (Russia fr the
> layman)
> As an investment professional, don't you feel you should be a little
> more transparent on these sorts of issues ?
Thanks for your comments, Shailesh. Given its size and Fanapt approval, VNDA is an interesting speculation.
FPHAX has recently loaded up on VNDA. In our experience of following Fidelity funds, we find some Fidelity managers tend to get heavy on potential takeover targets.
As stated in the press, the list of VNDA's potential suitors appears long.
On Jul 28 05:10 PM maverick21 wrote:
> Sam,
> Kudos on a rather well written article. The obvious charm of biotech
> lies in potential riches arising from buyouts a la BMY/MEDX. As things
> stand, are you aware of the possibility of any buyouts in the offing?
> VNDA perhaps.......
> Thx
> Shailesh
Thanks for your kind comment, PhillyDan.
On Jul 28 04:00 PM PhillyDan wrote:
> Well written article with good recommendations for investors. I believe
> that the Biotech sector is poised for explosive growth and like "alternative
> energy" promises to be one of the driving forces in the future economic
> growth of the United States.