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  • Sameer Advani
    $SKX gone parabolic, usually doesn't end well.
    Mon, 10:58 AM
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    • Carl Louder: I shorted $SKX near 152$ on friday and consider covering at 146. Do have a position?
      Mon, 11:32 AM
    • Sameer Advani: went short at 125, will continue to sell short at above 150
      15 hours ago
      • Sameer Advani
        $WWE is the next bubble to burst. Stock worth between $5 and $10.
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        • Energysystems: $30 handle on the eve of Wrestlemania 30, weird. But I agree, it's about to burst.
          • Sameer Advani
            get ready to short $PLUG. blow off top in progress
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            • Sameer Advani: Killed it on $PLUG and $BLDP shorts last night. Thanks Citron. Next bubble please...
            • harball: wait for tomorrow. marsh will hype it up again.
              • Sameer Advani
                80pct of $SPY 100 trading within 5pct of 52w high. sustainable?