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  • Does Apple's iPhone Increase Browsing? [View article]
    Actually, the title is what set me off: "Does the iPhone Increase Browsing?" That sure implies causality to me.

    After re-reading, I agree that the article itself is neutral. Mea culpa for being too quick on the trigger.

    @jimmx, no, that's not what I meant. I believe that people who already did a lot of browsing (on any platform) were more likely to be early adopter types, which is the same type who would naturally be attracted to the iPhone in the first place.

    I believe this is likely to be a much stronger contributor to increased browsing than people who bought an iPhone, all of a sudden "discovered" they could surf the internet better, and then decided to do it more.
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  • Does Apple's iPhone Increase Browsing? [View article]
    This post, like so many others, suffers from the 3 C's: Confusing Correlation with Causality. It is equally possible (and a simpler explanation) that people who browse the internet a lot are drawn to the iPhone, not that the iPhone causes additional browsing.

    In fact, given the sales ramp of the iPhone, it would be amazing NOT to see a rapid rise in mobile internet browsing. For a fuller explanation, see .
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