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  • Sector Detector: Investors Watch Romney's Hunt For Red October
    Sep. 27, 2012 IDU, IYE, IYF 1 Comment
  • Stocks Finally Break Out From 3 Month Rising Channel
    Sep. 20, 2012 IDU, IYE, IYF Comment!
  • Sector Detector: U.S. Stocks Still The Place To Be For Global Investors
    Editors' Pick • Sep. 13, 2012 AAPL, CACI, CTSH 7 Comments
  • Sector Detector: Central Banks Take Center Stage As Stocks Seek A Catalyst
    Sep. 6, 2012 ATHN, IDU, IYC Comment!
  • Bulls Await Post-Holiday Reinforcements
    Aug. 30, 2012 SPY, IYW, IYH Comment!
  • VIX Languishes As Stocks Fight Resistance
    Aug. 23, 2012 AKAM, AMGN, AOL 3 Comments
  • Stocks Complete Summer Recovery From 'Sell-In-May' Crowd
    Aug. 16, 2012 IDU, IYE, IYF 1 Comment
  • Stocks Aim To Break Out From Summer Trading Channel
    Aug. 9, 2012 BCOR, ELLI, IYM Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Bulls Look To Central Banks For Support
    Aug. 2, 2012 SPY, IYF, IYW Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Bulls Lose Traction As Skids Get 'Greeced'
    Jul. 26, 2012 IDU, IYC, IYE Comment!
  • Charts, Rankings And Psychology Remain Bullish
    Jul. 22, 2012 SPY, STX, NTES 4 Comments
  • Sector Detector: Against The Odds, Markets Are Looking More Bullish
    Jul. 12, 2012 SPY, AAPL, IYW Comment!
  • Europe Helps Launch Patriotic Rally In The U.S.
    Jul. 5, 2012 IDU, IYE, IYH 2 Comments
  • Sector Detector: Summer Doldrums Arrive Despite Global Uncertainty
    Jun. 28, 2012 IDU, IYC, IYE Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Market Back In Holding Pattern
    Jun. 14, 2012 IDU, IYC, IYE 1 Comment
  • Sector Detector: More Of The Same
    Jun. 7, 2012 IDU, IYC, IYE Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Investor Paralysis
    May. 31, 2012 SLM, MON, SPY Comment!
  • Sector Detector: New 'Grecian Formula' Is Making Us All Gray
    May. 24, 2012 IDU, IYC, IYE Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Confused Investors Are Saying, 'It's All Greek To Me'
    May. 17, 2012 IDU, IYC, IYE Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Elections In Europe Put U.S. Investors On The Defensive
    May. 10, 2012 IYF, IYW, IYJ 1 Comment
  • Sector Detector: Strong Earnings Balance Global Worries
    May. 3, 2012 SPY, AAPL, AH Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Apple Lends Support To A Nervous Market
    Apr. 26, 2012 IYF, IYW, IYJ Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Financials Top The Forward Rankings As Bulls Stay Bold
    Apr. 19, 2012 AAPL, CAT, STX Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Investors Get Their Overdue Pullback
    Apr. 15, 2012 SPY, DIA, QQQ Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Investors Hoping For A Bigger Pullback
    Apr. 5, 2012 IYW, IYF, IYH Comment!
  • Sector Detector: 1999 Redux?
    Mar. 29, 2012 DIA, SPY, QQQ Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Awaiting The Next Catalyst
    Mar. 22, 2012 SPY, IYC, IYW Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Another Technical Breakout As Bulls Build Their Army
    Mar. 15, 2012 DIA, SPY, QQQ Comment!
  • Bulls Are Thankful For An Entry Point
    Mar. 8, 2012 AAPL, ATHN, ERT 8 Comments
  • Sector Detector: Bernanke's Words Can't Override His Actions
    Mar. 1, 2012 BIDU, ATHN, PRU Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Energy Leads A 'Toppy' Stock Market
    Feb. 23, 2012 SPY, IYE, XLF Comment!
  • Sector Detector: Stocks Pause To Enjoy The View
    Feb. 16, 2012 IYJ, IYM, IYE Comment!