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Scott Moore

J. Scott Moore, Ph.D., is president of Thintri, Inc., a full-service consulting firm in New York. After 13 years in the semiconductor industry, Dr. Moore founded Thintri in 1996. He has also been engaged by organizations including NASA, the University of Illinois, Motorola, General Dynamics, Michigan Sate University, Deutsche Bank, Kodak and a host of other organizations. Much of his work over the last decade has involved technology assessment and tech transfer, and assisting organizations in making use of the latent commercial opportunities in their patent portfolios.

Dr.Moore has also been involved in due diligence and market assessment for firms acquiring venture capital.

He has also authored a ...More
  • Description: Independent / boutique research firm analyst.
  • Interests: Commodities, Tech stocks
Thintri, Inc. Thintri is a full service consulting firm located in New York. The company specializes in market research on emerging technologies, business intelligence and due diligence studies, technology assessment and tech transfer. Subject matter covers a broad range of topics, including telecommunications, ...More
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