Scott Rothbort

Registered investment advisor, long/short equity, dividend investing, etf investing
Scott Rothbort
Registered investment advisor, long/short equity, dividend investing, ETF investing
Contributor since: 2005
Company: LakeView Asset Management, LLC
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Thank you all for your comments. Remember you can read my daily commentary and interact with me real time on Wall Street All-Stars or from my newsletter
Yes you can find me on Wall Street All-Stars which I started up with Cody Willard. Several other former Real Money writers are also featured on the site.
I deserve some credit. I was spot on with this commentary. DECK put in a great quarter, it setting an all-time high today. The stock deserves its low 20s multiple. It is time to look forward to 2012 estimates which will be at least 20% higher than 2011 performance.
Brad - Thanks for the comment. New store growth is in the single digits because of the high capex involved in building new stores. Same store sales, stock buybacks and margin improvement drive the rest of earnings growth - Scott
There is an Israel ETF. IT was released earlier this year. It is the iShares MSCI Israel Cap Invest Mkt Index (EIS)
On May 01 05:02 AM David Jackson wrote:
> I seem to remember that ISL has some unusual holdings and sector
> concentration, and the expense ratio isn't cheap. It's odd that there's
> no Israel index ETF available.
I could not agree more. Back in February I wrote about What Must De Done to Ensure Fair and Orderly Markets scottrothbort.blogspot... and today I also discussed the current problems that the SEC needs to address scottrothbort.blogspot... to fix the markets and the short sale on the down tick problem that they created
There was a problem copying the chart from my blog to Seeking Alpha earlier today. Now the chart has been corrected on Seeking Alpha