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  • Paycom: High Expectations Seem Misplaced [View article]
    You didn't touch on their target market, which is small businesses. Something in which the large players such as Paychex and ADP do not focus on. Interesting no comments, which highlights the lack of retail care of this company. Actually something that sets up fairly good for a long term story. High growth, low coverage.
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  • Nu Skin's Accounting: More Red Flags [View article]
    I believe this is a fairly structured assement based on facts. So thanks for that. My only comment is, we all know that write downs are likely to continue over the next 6-12 months given the level of inventory build up and struggles in China. Therefore the stock likely reflects these into the future, not new info. Valuation therefore becomes critical and one must determine what NUS should trade at. In my opinion the sentiment has become overly negative and not enough weight is being reflected on the basis that their operational stoppage in China created these problems. So at these levels, I think the question is this "is nus business structurally impaired and sales will continue to fall, or the company will regain control with sales stabilizing." That is a difficult question to answer and channel checks is a great way to gauge buyer sentiment. Interested to hear yours or others thoughts on the question I present.
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  • Whole Foods: Everything You Need To Know [View article]
    Not sure exactly how a large electronic maker correlates to a natural organic super market. Innovating in this space is never the main objective. It is fulfilling those needs that are presented by the consumers. This need is high quality natural organic products. Something that Walmart, and other non premium brands have skipped on. Why have they skipped, it has taken Whole Foods several decades to establish the process. Price does not win when we are talking quality. Will economic downturns and competition erode margins, yes, but we try to account for this probability in our valuation models. Hope that helps and thanks for the response.
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  • Whole Foods: Everything You Need To Know [View article]
    Thanks and appreciate the comments. I do feel that this segment of the grocery market will begin to consolidate in the next several years.
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  • Taking A Look Into Global Market Valuation [View article]
    Earnings yield is a better approach in my view, especially when you are talking about foreign regions where growth estimates are 1) drastic and volatile, and 2) may or may not be rationale. It is basically showing what you would expect if growth stayed flat.

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  • Report: Apple holding iPhone event on Sep. 9 [View news story]
    I know I am getting the new one. Haven't changed in 2 years. Just my two cents to back the pent up demand remark.
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  • Deutsche Bank loses faith in Nu Skin [View news story]
    Generally when people give up. A bottom is near.
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  • Coach: Why I'm Staying Bullish On Shares Of This Luxury Retailer [View article]
    Just one note. You stated it's forward price to earnings is 17.7x. All else being equal this brings Coach valuation back inline with its peers.
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  • JPMorgan downgrades Whole Foods Market [View news story]
    Another statement from the analyst "We have spoken with numerous investors who seemed interested in buying WFM after yesterday’s print because top line comparisons ease from here. "
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  • JPMorgan downgrades Whole Foods Market [View news story]
    The report states "Although we appreciate the risk in downgrading when the stock may be approaching the bottom of a multi-quarter slide,"
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  • The Long Case For Coach, Inc. [View article]
    Thanks for all the comments. Of all the points you made, I feel this comment is the most important point. In the retail segment it takes many months to years, and even sometimes never for a company to regain top-line growth. In the case of Coach given the brand recognition in the US and success in international markets, a case can be made for sales improvements within the next 4-8 quarters. In the September months we will get a sense of the traction and direction of Vevers. That will allow for the models to be shifted earlier or farther out. The longer it takes the more pressure from competitors, therefore pressure on margins. The is a key time for Coach, and to give myself and our investors that margin of safety, we tend to model the shift in sales farther out. Thanks again for your comments.
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  • When To Buy: Digging Into The Value Of Coach [View article]
    Thank you.
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  • When To Buy: Digging Into The Value Of Coach [View article]
    Thanks so much for pointing that out as we look to pay close attention to our data sources, as shown above. While this data has been removed, my analyst dumped a different ticker. However, the trend remains similar and the viewpoint remains the same. Using the Bloomberg terminal as a data source, Loewes top line went from $57.4 million euros in 2008, to $49.3 million euros in 2009, $58 million euros in 2010, and back to $57.2 million euros in 2011. 2 Years of negative year over year growth and 4 years of flat to negative. Thanks again, and the thesis remains the same.
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  • When To Buy: Digging Into The Value Of Coach [View article]
    Thanks. I believe we share the same feeling which is why growth for me does not turn positive in the near term. Thanks again!
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  • When To Buy: Digging Into The Value Of Coach [View article]
    Thanks for the reply. I believe the clearer the data, the easier the decision. While I am not writing Vevers off given his credibility within the sector, I do however feel strong about Loewes not generating that top line. That could be due to other things, such as store closings, price points (which he cannot control) or non correlated business aspects. However, during that same time period, Coach , Tiffany, and Louis Vuitton maintained a fairly positive trajectory in revenue. Thanks again for the fair accessed reply.
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