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"Before and after Q42013 in the table doesn't look right..."
After should have been $67.09. Sorry about that. Thanks. C
While Ford and GM are different in many ways, comparing the stocks is often helpful since they historically have acted similarly over time. Check out a 5-year chart comparison:
It should have been there. My fault.
Hi Everyone. Thank you for the clarification on the report date. It is in fact April 18th. I'll ask the editorial team to update.
Hello. I was basing if off the fiscal calendar. The company indicates 4Q 2012 as well.
You are absolutely correct Mark. We'll have the editor fix that. Thank You
Thank you for the question. If the situation in Europe continues to deteriorate, it will no doubt continue to weigh on U.S. blue chips. But Cisco has made extensive cost-cutting efforts and gave pretty conservative longer-term guidance back in September, potentially mitigating some of the near-term risks from Europe.
MasterCard (MA) is up 7% pre-market. The shares are looking to open just shy of the 52-week high at $361.94.
This looks like a blowout quarter for MasterCard (MA). Keep an eye on American Express (AXP), Capital One (COF), Visa (V), and Discover (DFS) as sympathy plays...
Seeing nice action in the stock headed into this afternoon's earnings.
In addition, Deckers Outdoor typically reports earnings immediately after the closing bell. Watch the $110 level if earnings come in at teh high end of consensus estimates.
P&G posted a solid revenue figure for 1Q 2012 and reiterated the outlook for the balance of the year. But 2Q EPS guidance of $1.05 - $1.11 was below estimates ($1.16) and could be an excuse to sell after the recent run-up.
Citrix 3Q 2011 results were much higher than company expectations and guidance for 4Q was very positive. The stock is higher by 8.07% pre-market and right at the 200-Day. Failure to hold this level ($69.90), however, could prove disappointing.
Thank you for the heads up - you are correct. We are issuing a correction now.