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I think the payday loan industry may face a new round of regulations in US in 2016 from CFPB and I believe the new rules may be similar to that of the UK. Hence we couldn't say that the pain is over for Enova. It may take another year to settle down both in domestic and overseas markets for them. But, yes, I agree with the article author that Enova is undervalued for the time-being as they face lots of issues in regulatory front in UK and US.
Yes, I think I've messed up things here. You're correct, exports and IT revenues would go up.
Moreover I mention that there are about 900,000 farmers and not households in Ivory Coast that rely on Cocoa.
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Yes, I agree that any forms of reform either through government or private sector is the need of the hour. Nestle has begun the initiative and many such moves will be helpful to stabilize the Cocoa prices in international market.
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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Companies have began to market their products/services through Facebook. Moreover Facebook is undergoing lot of changes to meet advertising requirements from companies. It'll be definitely a 'good' call to invest in Facebook IPO.
Packaging industry is wholly dependent on consumer demand for various products, especially FMCG. Hence as long as China is on a
Rising commodity prices is mainly because of the demand from developing economies such as China and India. Moreover there are lot of infrastructure projects are getting underway in these countries. This pushes up the demand for commodities such as steel and iron. In next 3-5 year, China and India will be the largest market for automobiles. Putting altogether, China and India will the determinants of global economy path in fture.