• Seppo Sahrakorpi
    Press release: $CRAY Awarded $54 Million Supercomputer Contract From the Korea Meteorological Administration http://bit.ly/1pIsfk3;highlight=
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    • jamesingram32: thanks seppo. great news. Glad I bought at $25ish. Mainly based on...they previously hit $40, and Seppo bought more in the $30s.
    • jamesingram32: + your supporting logic. It really shows the importance of stock picking + timing.2 Current wins I owe to you + Dumpsterdiver. thanks
    • Seppo Sahrakorpi: Great! My limit sell was also trickered today for 10% profit, selling a trading lot. Still holding the core for Jan 2015 jackpot :)
    • Seppo Sahrakorpi: ( I am on vacation this week with very limited internet access, but it looks like things are going well :) )
    • jamesingram32: man, i wish I had your discipline seppo! congrats...svxy looking good for you as well. have a great holiday