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Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU LightReading: Nokia, AlcaLu Steady Ship on Costs Before Tie-Up
Feb 1, 8:08 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Foss: As I suspected, the 2013 Nokia-Samsung patent deal is far from comprehensive: litigation still a possibility
Feb 3, 4:05 PM
Never chase it on way up as it always disappoints when the news is confirmed.
Feb 3, 5:05 PM
Waiting for the price to go up is like watching grass grow.
Feb 1, 3:18 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Fiercewireless: Apple, LG seen cheering Samsung's new patent deal with Nokia
Jan 28, 5:12 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Engadget: Nokia president talks Ozo and the company's big VR bet
Jan 28, 5:34 PM
Good read, thanks ....
Jan 30, 5:22 AM
Nice article.
Jan 28, 1:42 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU FierceWireless: Bell Canada employs Nokia's XRS to support terabit-speed metro network
Jan 28, 2:16 PM
Thanks Seppo.....
Jan 28, 5:12 PM
First of many to come (Alu's IP tech now selling as Nokia)...
Jan 28, 1:25 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU FierceWireless: Nokia leverages recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent cable, Wi-Fi expertise
Jan 27, 2:31 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$ERIC $NOK $ALU FierceWireless: Ericsson beats analyst forecasts for Q4 operating profit, but misses on sales
Jan 27, 4:12 PM
Nokia is the way :)
Jan 27, 9:57 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$ERIC $NOK $ALU Ericsson down ~6% after earnings release, pulling Nokalu down too...
Jan 27, 10:32 PM
I have no doubt $NOK will have good earnings. I think $ALU will too for that matter.
Jan 27, 10:48 PM
agreed Dan, NOK will blow out consensus and ALU should be decent..
Jan 23, 12:03 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$ERIC $NOK $ALU SA: TeliaSonera, Ericsson working on 5G testbed for Sweden, Estonia by 2018
Jan 21, 10:37 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$ERIC $NOK $ALU SA: Ericsson slips following pre-earnings Goldman downgrade
Jan 21, 10:54 AM
Nokia was recently awarded with a major 4G upgrades by Vodafone India. Let ERIC have all the low margin contracts ;)
Jan 21, 10:56 AM
Jan 15, 9:41 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$ERIC $NOK $ALU SA: Ericsson down 6.1% as Deutsche downgrades, markets fall
Jan 15, 10:11 AM
Yes sir :)
Jan 15, 10:39 AM
Looks like they should have bought juniper networks....
Jan 15, 9:29 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU FierceWireless: Vodafone Awards LTE Deal to Nokia - Reports
Jan 15, 9:39 AM
Another nugget, thanks Seppo :)
Jan 14, 8:49 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU FierceWireless: Finn de Siècle for Alcatel-Lucent
Jan 14, 10:00 PM
Thanks Seppo...
Jan 14, 10:03 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$ERIC $NOK $ALU SA: Ericsson, Huawei extend patent agreement
Jan 15, 3:04 PM
Good question.....
Jan 15, 3:38 PM
Interesting angle IM, but doubtful
Jan 14, 8:19 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Nokia celebrates first day of combined operations with Alcatel-Lucent
Jan 14, 8:18 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Nokia reopens public exchange offer for outstanding Alcatel-Lucent securities
Jan 12, 9:05 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$CRAY ZDNet: Cray's outlook indicates enterprises may eye supercomputing
Jan 11, 5:59 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK Foss: U.S. patent reform activists should prepare for an increasingly possible Donald J. Trump presidency
Jan 12, 5:55 PM
N808, his "rants" are about illegal immigration, which is a huge problem in the US, and why he is leading all the polls...
Jan 25, 7:49 AM
The Donald will first have to be win the party nomination first lol...
Jan 11, 10:59 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Redemption of USD 1.85 billion senior notes issued by Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. as part of ...
Jan 11, 7:03 PM
Three times volume for me on recent average
Jan 11, 8:24 PM
Gonna get better :)
Jan 8, 2:41 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU FierceWireless: Huawei could benefit in U.S. from easing security concerns and Nokia-Alca-Lu merger, exec says
Jan 8, 4:28 PM
margins for years. It reminds me of air travel circa 2002-2006, when operators were making nothing. It couldn't go on...
Jan 8, 4:39 PM
Old article showed where cut and challenges will take place after Jan 14.
Jan 8, 11:31 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Nokia confirms the composition of the Board of Directors and announces the composition of the...
Jan 8, 11:32 AM
...Board Committees and the new Group Leadership Team
Jan 6, 8:18 AM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Nokia issues shares to the holders of Alcatel-Lucent securities [with lots of details]
Jan 6, 11:27 PM
Second half of the year when merger closes and 2017 the new $NOK proves the market wrong. With 5G investments looming in 2017 and 2018
Jan 6, 11:28 PM
timing could be good that these companies combined to preserve and grow market share.
Jan 4, 6:22 PM
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Fiercewireless: Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent to commence merged operations starting Jan. 14
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU FierceWireless: Nokia sees small cell momentum in North America, China
Which one first, $10 or €10?
@AH before $42 will will see $ 41, even at Christmas time one shouldn`t be too greedy.
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU SA: Ericsson and Apple sign patent license agreement, settle litigation
They are the big elephant in the room :(
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Nokia informed that Final Award in arbitration with Samsung expected to be provided by the end of Jan 2016
Another month really doesn't matter in the long run, as long as Samsung actually pays what is awarded. It will just continue to pile up
Exactly seymore4, Happy Holidays :)
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU $ERIC $VZ LightReading: Watch Out for 5G Pretenders
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU FIerceWireless: CTO: Nokia working on 3.5 GHz products, possibly ready next year
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Nokia reminds holders of Alcatel-Lucent securities that it may waive...
In case you somehow forgot, you have one day left to read them
A la prochaine ; )
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Nokia press release: Nokia Corporation Financial Calendar for 2016
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Trefis: What Nokia's Sale Of HERE Means
Seppo Sahrakorpi
$NOK $ALU Trefis: Why Is Nokia Entering The Virtual Reality Space?
Only that it is no VR. Only recorded footage. Anyway, it's a meaningless niche for the company that goes down with China.