• Seraphim Blentzas
    (MEGEF.PK) (CVE) (AOSDF.PK) (KEYUF.PK) (CSCTF.PK) (ENB) (TRP) Oil sands output to triple by 2035 to 5.1 mbpd http://bit.ly/AaK9U7
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    • Ocean Man: There are several small Eagle Ford drillers expected to double their output in 2012, why wait 23 years for a triple?
    • Seraphim Blentzas: 3.4 mbpd more presents more opportunities because there are the producers, midstream (keyera) and pipeline companies. 1.7mbd of that by 2020
    • Seraphim Blentzas: don't forget about North Dakota shale which could boost US shale production to 2.3 mbpd by 2016 http://bit.ly/zXQOw8
    • X Oil-Field: The bulk of the most expensive production is in Canada, where http://bit.ly/1W8A0h4 it's "cash negative" at current prices. $MEGEF
      Thu, 8:09 AM
    • X Oil-Field: Taroilsands projects are in many cases bleeding money on.. ..every barrel. http://bit.ly/1Sls8dY $HUSKF $MEGEF $PGH FinancialPost
      Fri, 7:11 AM
    • X Oil-Field: Meg, among Canadian oil producers cut further into junk. $MEGEF http://bit.ly/1XpOUAX TheGlobeAndMail
      1 hour ago