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If you provide a cloud then people will be happy to be in it. I have looked at clouds from both sides now....
Smoke and mirrors to get people to sell. They want to buy low and the shorts want to cover low so they make up a lot of stories to make it seem logical to close out your airline stocks, but the truth is: it is not logical to sell a winning position.
Looks like a good move to take advantage of current low interest rates.
The oil price has not dropped further. However, it remains very low compared to past prices so cost savings continue! That is why they are making more money along with other good management procedures.
I made the same analysis as you back in 2012 to my great profit. But my current analysis shows much cash flow occurring that is of benefit to both STX and WDC. Consumer desires for cloud memory are becoming exponential and both these companies will benefit in my opinion. Also the 'hyper' competition that you state exists is more like a convolution of maintaining a profitable price structure. Have you considered these factors in your analysis?
Sandisk (SNDK) one of the major sellers of SSD has greatly decreased in share price and has lowered revenue estimates for the year. Dan, do you think that STX and WDC are grabbing a large amount of their market share?
Dan, thank you for your analysis. I agree that STX is a great buy right now. All the other analysts seem to think storage purchases will decrease because PC sales are lower, actually just the opposite is occurring as everyone is storing more pictures and more data! Data centers are buying data storage in large bulk quantities. SSD is too expensive for data centers to use except for the 2-3% upfront direct links. That 97% of the data storage market is for STX and WDC to grab! I can do the math on where the profits are going be for the next 5 years! Those profits are going to the Hard Drive manufactures regardless of PC sales.
The question I have is why all the big brokerage houses downgrade airlines stocks last month based on a 1% lower revenue. Expense drops more than make up for a small drop in revenue so to me this is a buying opportunity. Is this an attempt by them to manipulate?
CMI is transforming the trucking industry. Fuel is a major concern for a trucking company (labor and depreciation are others). Switching to LNG is a major cost driver for reducing trucking industry expenses.
KNDI, BYD and a several others represent competition...
? Why no upside? P/E is going much lower with increased earning. I expect AAL will go to at least $85 per share next year. (now at about $50)
Three comments:
1. The Intellectual Property owned by IBM is incredible! They have more patents then most countries do. These patents give IBM tremendous value and is the primary reason that I own IBM. It is amazing to me that most financial analysis does not take this into account when valuing IBM.
2. The human value of IBM researchers is also of tremendous value.
3. I do not favor buy backs if a company puts themselves and stockholders in risk of bankruptcy. To some extent borrowing money does put IBM at risk and I consider that to be a down side of the financial engineering that IBM management is engaged it. However, considering the uptrend in the current economy I consider this risk very, very small at this time. Continued review is recommended of this risk if you are long in IBM stock ...
Disclosure: Long IBM
Consider it a great buy opportunity!
Looks like a good stock to own. (disclosure, I own some)
I see no discussion of the value of IBM's intellectual property. My understanding is that IBM has obtained more patents than any other US company over the past 15 years! Many of these patents are significantly in high tech application areas. How much do you think these are worth? Are they included in IBM's current valuation? Are they over or undervalued if they are included? What about trade secrets that have NOT been patented?
PS. I am long in the 'Ittsy Bittsy Machine Company' (NYSE:IBM)
Also wonder about AI and NANO tech automations and how far advanced IBM is in these areas/
S&P, were they the ones who down graded the United States last year? Brilliant move on their part (NOT). Sarcasm - for those who don't look too deep.
Not even close to a momentum picture of KNDI. Current vehicle production is scheduled to increase greatly. Rental method of use will provide much more income than indicated plus China is providing a cash bounty incentive to manufactures. Also China is allowing a sales tax free condition as well. Note that I am long on KNDI and other car manufacturing related industries in China.
Same thing happened with CXDC a couple of weeks ago. That stock has yet to recover from the disruptive claims. I expect that CXDC will double sometime next year. I am willing to wait. I am disappointed with the stimulated short articles that have been published as it disrupts an orderly market and allows manipulators to profit.
bleecker-street-research discloses that they are short in CXDC. Richard X Roe do you have any thing you would like to disclose? For the record I am currently long in CXDC. Thanks.
Thanks I did buy it cheaply again. Have already made a slight profit and hopefully will make a lot more when this stock goes back up passed $15 per share. Last year I bought in at $6 and sold at just over $11. Now I am buying in at just under $6.
Roe, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Automotive material usage is a trade off of cost, properties and esthetics. I do not believe that plastics/polymers will every replace 100% of metals so by your definition they can never be 'established' as to having BASIC Research and Development being real and existing.
I am interested in your information about China XD use of German designed type extruders? I would like to know more about it and would appreciate it if you would provide more details. You do seem to have researched all of this quite a bit while I only know some things about US composite and polymers from working in the DOD industry for a lot of years.
Looks like they have at least a half dozen bulk polymers for sale at that web site.
Interesting reply to my statement that the basics science of R&D Polymer (and Composites) in the Automotive Industry are established. A plastic/composite China based company would still need substantial capital investment in production capabilities plus laboratory facilities to monitor that production. You need smart people to monitor the production and to apply the knowledge. That is why you don't have a gross margin anywhere near zero. The above article was commenting about why R&D was so comparatively low so I provide a reasonable explanation for that situation. Not sure where you got the bit about off-the-shelf German equipment as I was talking about American Technology. I have heard about China representatives buying whole factories in the US then documented how they work followed by packing up the entire factory's hardware and shipping it back to China.
CXDC operates under the wholly-owned subsidiary Harbin Xinda Macromolecule Material in China. Quite a bit of information is available at the following site:
Per CXDC web site the CFO CONTACT info is:
China XD Plastics Company Ltd.
Mr. Taylor Zhang,
T +1- 212-747-1118 (New York)
Maybe some of you would like to give him a call.
There is some risk of fraud; this article is based on older data and author did not follow up on the call to the CFO. I find it odd the author only asked him one question about the interest on the loan and then asked no further questions when the CFO was contacted on the phone. I will consider this a buying opportunity. I admit there is risk of fraudulent accounts, the signing of large contracts on Christmas day every year could explain a lot of the financial irregularities.
Not much need for Research and Development in the Automotive Plastic Industry. One well trained Polymer Engineer/Chemist with a couple of good text books and a bit of experience in the Automotive Industry from the United States provides everything needed. R&D is already paid for by US ingenuity over the last 60 years.
Driver was injured.... in critical condition per following story.
Hi, Just wanted to say that China stocks I have owned for awhile include KNDI, SEED, BIDU, YY, SINA and CXDC which have all done well for me the past two years. From your list I also own GOOGL, AAPL. Based on your portfolio I researched a bit and decided to purchase some EJ and QIHU. Thanks for the article. (PS. also bought a couple of hundred shares of GILD while researching this article)
Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)
87.90 Up 0.80(0.92%) Jul 3, 1:00PM EDT
Current price is higher than $82 - looks like he made some money ...
I also plan to buy some GILD when markets open. Good luck to both of us.
It is unlikely that the US government (FDA) will accept studies done in a foreign country (even Canada). It is much more likely that studies in the USA will be used to justify the medical use of Cannabis. It is clear that medical use is justified based on 'hearsay' evidence I have seen. (smoking will be controlled because it is hazardous and because tax funds will be huge IMO)