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Long/short equity, research analyst
Seth Golden
Long/short equity, research analyst
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Actually the amazon stores was not a disclosure be amazon and was rescinded by the herald.
Ideally that is what makes an investment vehicle work with regards to supply and demand. But that equation does not exist at work in UVXY. Just one of the 2-3 unique reasons the instrument depreciates over time and consistently, per construction.
Who in their right mind, after realizing the price movement and the construction of the UVXY would be long the instrument. By golly cpa28761. And in spite of most every article, every point of DD denoting the instrument should be used to short only as it only goes down over time. 100% of the time = completely safe and predictable i.e. safer than JNJ. Seriously, don't even have to read between the lines. The chart says how to use the ETF why would you think to the contrary?
How is it not. It is constructed to devalue over time. The price action being as predictable as it is without fail lends itself to be understood to have less risk does it not. If an instrument is designed to go up or down and that is all it does then you know exactly what to do. With anything else you do the best DD you can do and there is still an element of uncertainty. That does not exist with UVXY.
UVXY is safer than this dividend or any for that matter.
The trade was entered into on Thursday, below $16 and highlighted through my Twitter account. This article was submitted during the pre-market hours on Friday, but unfortunately wasn't published until after the market close. As a swing trade, I defined my parameters for taking profit and exiting the trade to be only a $.50 move. Once the price target was achieved the trade was executed on Friday and also as indicated via Twitter. Having said that, if you read my previous FIT article, I do believe the stock should advance to the low $20s upon showing strength of earnings and if the company can offer solace to investors through their forward looking guidance. So why did I exit so quickly? That is my trading discipline that has worked for me and as such I stick to it or I can't really call it a discipline. Best of luck and I hope you find strong profits in 2016!
Great retort! Fully appreciate the offer.
"Anything exercise related will fall to lack of willpower from time to time. It doesn't reflect at all on the quality of the product itself or on sales in the long run."
But it does, it most certainly does and for which I can probably inform you of the masses of gyms that have opened and closed their doors for decades around the country. Surely miss my Bally's of yesteryear and the great number of mom and pop gyms that failed to maintain their user base and closed up in favor of the conglomerates. Both examples of "user failed" that lead to product and sales failure in the long run. Secondly, I don't recall ever stating quantifying exercise was a fad. That certainly is a point of your misunderstanding.
So the insurance companies don't care that their clients decide not to use them at a rate above 40%? Seems unlikely that if such a rate of attrition persists that insurance company's will desire to participate. They are and have pursued this angle as you know, no imagination running as it is factually represented in the article in Fit's quarterly notes etc.
soajustice, feel free to question if you like. Sub $16 set off my alerts and I acted as well as tweeted it out in real time as the link verifies. Your skeptics is noted, but will likely be removed if it persists. I'm not going to allow someone to denigrate my publications or dismiss them for the sake of "skepticism" especially when it is verifiable.
I don't believe management has offered an official date. Anything on their website/investor relations?
Yesterday afternoon, my tweet was real time and can be traced to the chart intraday.
Already sold today, check Twitter feed from yesterday through today. Just a swing trade. If it goes higher from here I hope everyone makes even more than I.
As a swing trade, just don't care. Money has been made here and elsewhere. I dabble.
Gentlemen it is a swing trade on a company that I am bearish on. I'll take a few percentage points for fun and as my discipline dictates. Plus 90% of my portfolio was in UVXY short until today where I closed out 3/4 of the total position. Now Gentlemen, do us both a favor and take a look at the UVXY chart over the last two weeks. Kindly explain why you didn't join me in this trade even though I had started it prior as well?
Thank you, thank you very much, but Tim Cook's notes on the smart watch category outline it to be only $4bn so I think the numbers are being misunderstood, no? Secondly, I have access to the AT&T as well as Target sales data. My firm handles much POS data from retailers so I'm interjecting that something does not fit. Open to understanding differently.
Thank you but as an expert in all things retail and real estate, the value assumptions are not possible, they are hopeful
Can you source Apple Watch annualized sales of 6B. I have not seen such a thing not even in Apple's reporting.
Not possible for the property to be worth $21B. Just not possible but I do appreciate the added color. I will take it into consideration greatly.
Can you offer an audited validation of this asset holding to be $10-12bn.
Thank you for the contribution, I will be considering MAT going forward.
How does monetizing the real estate assets change the book value of the company?
Kindly, does the author give any understandable analysis regarding to the book value of the company and how it becomes affected by these proposed asset sales?
Where do you see anybody disputing your point of view? I mean besides those who understand the value of the insurance companies participation/sales. Secondly, what was the multiple I applied to the stock model?
"We have been saying for the last year that success in retail is going to directly depend on how well retail owners can manage to create a hybrid version of their stores."
"We were baffled when we heard that, and we believe that all major future focus should be dedicated towards online."
I'll let you ponder the contradiction.
Your argument is with 1bn around the world that believe they do need a cell phone. Sorry you are incorrect
You make very sound points, very sound, but also easily refuted and/or argued further. Household argument is sound and well structured. But within that structure is an open-ended box that demands closure. Is Fitbit an essential good, part of what we need in every day life. No. Is Gopro an essential good, part of what we need in every day life, No. So the comparison, when understood from a different perspective is what most people understand and why they fit well together in analysis. Nobody needs a Fitbit any more than they need a Gopro. That is what investors have recognized in the two companies and within the two product lines. I'm not saying either doesn't represent a good product, but need, they do not represent. They serve a purpose and a good purpose at that, but beyond that purpose lay either opportunity or pitfall. I do hope to see Fitbit as well as Gopro find that opportunity going forward and reward shareholders of record.
You would have to have fallen asleep, it requires the greatest of acumen my friend and as such, well obviously. But based on the amount of time you logged on the page, you are very much misinforming me my friend, vey much.
it can be written either way.
Edward I disagree with your characterization of the article. While it may be somewhat of a waste of time for those with different objectives, it certainly is not nonsense thinking.
Great article, but I'm not just able to understand why their would be the belief that upon entering a rate hike cycle risk assets would not be affected when history tells us to the contrary. Hope maybe?
Respectfully Brad,
Why should an individual retired or otherwise waste their time and potential participating with "income", "dividend aristocrat" stocks? Please inform me as to the relevancy and as to whether or not their is an alternative. It would seem as though risk is a key factor in conjunction with "income" for these investment vehicles.