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  • Sodastream: Takeover, More Than Just A Rumor! Worst Kept Secret In Wall St. Offers Up To 20% Upside [View article]
    Agree, but not to this extent Zarmit, not anywhere's near this extent. Secondly, I did denote serious oversight and omission as it pertains to the content.
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  • Sodastream: Takeover, More Than Just A Rumor! Worst Kept Secret In Wall St. Offers Up To 20% Upside [View article]
    Thank you for the reply and yes in commercials this may have been the tactic, but that is the only place such a tactic was used and for the most brief period of time, some 6 months ago now. All and every other effort has always been on health and wellness so the facts remain constant. The company has always dedicated the bulk of its marketing in the U.S. on health and wellness. Clear indication of this fact is representative in all the company's sponsored radio advertisements, product assortment and in-store demonstration narratives.

    I'm sorry that you decided to avoid recognizing, as you continue to proliferate that the company has changed its marketing tactic, exactly where they have done so. Examples that I can readily offer are nothing more than chronologically cadenced in the same manner YOY. Truly sorry to see this oversight on your part, truly.

    Finance: You seem to be making the common mistake most do when it comes to recognizing the effect of Capex as a portion of negative cash flow. Have you not modeled for a reduction in Capex and as the company increases user base to coincide with this reduction, therefore, producing greater cash flows alongside increasing net income? Have you not modeled the affects from a product line detached from any machine unit next year? What happens when the company completes its $120mm, 2-year Capex spend on its manufacturing facility? Where does that spend go; just keep spending because and in defiance of the stated debt?

    Regarding the company's notion of possible acquisition, you indicate SODA is looking for a buyer, that is quite different from GMCR being courted for an equity stake and MNST being courted for a sale of part of its business. The difference is active vs. passive which I certainly should not have to explain and unfortunately find myself doing so. It is perfectly clear why the company is silent even though it is absolutely vocal to any shareholder whom inquires within, that SODA's board hasn't even heard of the PEs that were mentioned.

    But let's continue to utilize non-constructive and/or elementary thought process or cast aside the fact that the CEO of SODA has liquidated roughly 10% of his stock at $35 a share only a couple months ago. Maybe he hasn't a single care in the world to see his shares bought by a PE or any entity for $40. Rich enough already he is right? Seriously? The CEO is selling at $35 when there is the consideration of a takeover rumored at $40. Wow, kind of funny rationale. But you didnt have a clue as to this activity did you? In that case, you are most welcome. If it it doesn't pass the sniff test it's because it is less probable than you would otherwise desire it to be.

    Please address the grammatical issues that continue to plague not only your article but also your comments. Would lend some credibility to your notions in the future.

    "while its true that the company was promoting health and wellness on its website, its recent marketing campaigns were all about "slam the competition"

    (Should be "it's)
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  • Sodastream: Takeover, More Than Just A Rumor! Worst Kept Secret In Wall St. Offers Up To 20% Upside [View article]
    What competition? Please say GMCR and Viberation and Bevyz please do?
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  • Sodastream: Takeover, More Than Just A Rumor! Worst Kept Secret In Wall St. Offers Up To 20% Upside [View article]
    Quite terribly written.

    "At first glance it might look as the major were the ones interested in Sodastream however its recent Q2 report revealed that it might be Sodastream who is in a need of an acquisition and maybe the reason the major players(PEP,DPS,SBUX) decided to walk off the table."

    Besides the grammatical errors in the statement above, the obvious question would be wouldn't a possible acquirer look for weakness in order to get the best deal possible?

    Two PE companies were named, not one!

    Surprised the editors did not catch this disgraceful sentence either: "Overall the company is expected to report an 6 consecutive year of growth and is expects growth to continue as it expands further." Huhhhhh?

    "As the company is already reacted to the declining US sales and adjusted its marketing strategy and focus on health & wellness campaign, backed by growing health awareness in the US".

    So where are the examples in the US market place of this adjusted market strategy? Haven't they always promoted health & wellness?

    If SodaStream was looking to be acquired, what is the company's responsibility to shareholders regarding this notion? Are you suggesting they don't have to let the public know they are shopping themselves?
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  • Bed Bath & Beyond: Gross Margin Pressures Seen In Sluggish Consumer Spending [View article]
    Or you should tell Seeking Alpha to follow suit. Take your pick since you find this problematic. You can do it, you can do it!
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  • Why Target's Turnaround Should Continue [View article]
    Comparable sales in the U.S. were flat. I'm confused as to how flat sales can be described as strong.

    "Our second quarter comp in the U.S. segment was flat largely in line with our guidance. As Kathee mentioned, digital sales, including flexible fulfillment, grew more than 30% compared with last year contributing about 60 basis points to comparable sales. While this demonstrates meaningful progress on our omni-channel journey, we will continue to invest in digital capabilities as the importance of this channel continues to grow."

    It would appear that without meaningful increase in e-commerce sales, brick and mortar sales would have been decisively negative no?
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  • Brian Cornell's Target Strategy In Focus [View article]
    Lululemon noted the deterioration in the Loonie in their results as a headwind in the quarter recently completed and going into their FY3 quarter. Impacted results definitively as their earnings declined you for a second straight quarter. I was long LULU at $38 as my "coming soon "article will denote. But the results were not as sound as the share price appreciation would have one believe and as such CLAG took the opportunity to take our duly earned profits at $45.30 a share. Brick and mortar SSS were down 5% after falling 2% in the previous quarter. E-commerce sales were up 30% YOY which made the total SSS flat YOY. Gross margins fell 350 basis points as well. These are not good stats, but they did reduce the float with their share repurchase program. I believe it is prudent, as Kevin noted, to keep on eye on the currency exchange rates as they will usually prove to affect corporate results to some degree.
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  • Brian Cornell's Target Strategy In Focus [View article]

    Great commentary! So if I may comment briefly on the defined interest or bewilderment surrounding the comparisons between TGT and WMT. Note these comments will only be offered as opinions.

    1. Both cater to the same consumer despite popular belief. Is it accurate to say that TGT has a greater portion of the middle income-level, chic shopping demographic, no, not even close. As the "crude math" indicates the distinct advantage in pure sales WMT garners over TGT; WMT certainly can't achieve this feat of dominating off the backs of low-level income shopping demographics alone and it is probably well-recognized the middle-income demographic is undoubtedly the largest spending demographic so by default...they cater, very much to the same consumer. I would also suggest using the very comment you denoted about some WMT shoppers, "I hope I’m not seen here by my friends or peers", as an indication that the two peers share the same customer. WMT is advantaged in that on top of its middle-income shopping customer, it has an overwhelming greater lower-income demographic than TGT, its competitor.

    2. Hence, the comparisons will continue to remain between the 2 companies. To further drive home the point of comparing the two companies, they engage in the same philanthropic community activities to a great degree.

    3. They employ many of the same "best practices" in store operations.

    4. They price shop each others stores and weekly circulars to ensure they come as close to each other's pricing as possible and even have a dedicated employ to task this operation.

    5. The list could certainly go on and on as to why the two companies are easily and probably most appropriately compared, but most importantly and obviously is the simplistic mimicry employed by each other concerning each other in all aspects of store operations. I think what is most interesting is that neither company has decided to take legal action against the other for a great many mimicry issues as I use the term loosely related to "legal intellectual property theft".
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  • Brian Cornell's Target Strategy In Focus [View article]
    Kevin, thank you kindly and I did see your other comment noted. Great input as usual!! Depicting and analyzing the facts can be somewhat difficult and I only hope that at the very least these articles produce forethought and prudent investing decisions.

    I got to see some of the new infant, toddler, baby department layouts recently. They have implemented a great deal more baby furniture displays as a complete aisle from beginning to end of the aisle. It looks nice, but the displays are of currently inventoried merchandise, not new merchandise. So I hope to see more to come. One step forward...
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  • Bed Bath & Beyond: Gross Margin Pressures Seen In Sluggish Consumer Spending [View article]
    Nothing is disclosed for nothing that presently exists, kind of obvious. I hate it when people say duhhhh lol. Yes Stu, I do plan on offering you how much BBBY has paid us in the past, I certainly do. This was an example of what is known as sarcasm. Just an example and hopefully you can correlate the sarcasm to the ridiculous notion that this would be disclosed. Seems fitting. Good luck and be well!
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  • Keurig 2.0 Launches To Mixed Consumer Sentiment [View article]
    Yes, similar results can be seen in other e-commerce channels including and even Keuirg's Facebook page. Keuirg is rapidly removing negative comments and trying to answer questions related to the closed format issue among non-compatible older K-cups consumers still have that are not working in the new K2.0 brewers. They have resorted to giving away some new applicable K-cups in many cases to those who follow the company's responses on Facebook.
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  • Can Target Survive In Today's Retail Environment? [View article]
    How do you draw the conclusion they are imitating Wal-Mart?
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  • Can Target Survive In Today's Retail Environment? [View article]
    Lot of missed points of fact in the article although I understand the gist. Target has opened its first small-box Target Express store. Target has several initiatives related to e-commerce/digital sales, just like most any other big box retailers does presently. It's not accurate to state the company has stuck to a rigid business model even though it clearly has not. It used to be a department store retailer, now it is one which offers groceries, music, electronics and media as of 1997. Less than 20 years with this newer store format. Not to mention its several stores that will house an Apple store within a store concept. Starbucks only came into the fold 12 years ago as well. I'm not saying these are favorable changes to the business, just denoting some of the changes in the business model which have recognizably occurred in recent years. And then you have pharmacy as well.
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  • Bed Bath & Beyond Outlook Examined By Capital Ladder Advisory Group [View article]
    I will tell you that you must be overlooking how many times my articles and name are mentioned in other authored articles. That's number 1 that you don't understand. Number 2 is that mine are the most comprehensive articles and the most referenced. I see no attitude, just an honest request for you to let us know when the investor class decides to side with YOUR understanding of basic concepts. You know, those related to SSS. Just let us know. Because unfortunately for you, despite your basic conceptual misunderstandings, the broader market and investor class is telling you that you are the one with the misunderstanding.

    But I will come down to your level to try to help you out a little. KSS, SSS have been down in 4 out of last 6 quarters. Sales will decline YOY. Huge buyback, stock goes up. Hence nobody cares about declining SSS. You can't argue with that, they just don't care. Just because you care about it, doesn't make you right. It makes you unprofitable as the stock rises. TGT, SSS declined in most 5 out of last 9 quarters. Sales declined YOY, earnings declined YOY, company revised FY14 down and stock has gone up since they revised down. Just because you care about it, doesn't make you right. It makes you unprofitable as the stock rises and SSS or FY sales decline. You don't seem to understand that the market can be very irrational and for longer than you can remain solvent. You don't have to like it, but it is what it is.
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  • Bed Bath & Beyond: Gross Margin Pressures Seen In Sluggish Consumer Spending [View article]
    I've mentioned it plenty in the past and in other articles related to individual retailers such as KSS and TGT. Been through the BBBY nonsense before with SSS, makes no difference as evidenced by investor sentiment which fails to align with your nonsensical understanding of the marketplace. I'm the most well-versed individual author with respect to inventory and SSS, so spare me your underhanded commentary my friend. You don't have to like the fact that you are failing to align the most important metrics that the investor class is focused on, you just have to accept it...for now at least. In time, the market will change course and your wasted time will become realized value. Nonetheless, while others are making money now, and will be, when the market changes course, you will only when the market changes course and begins to recognize your irresponsible focus currently. Again, you don't have to like wasting your time, you just have to accept it as such. By the way, those serious analysts, receive much of their research from CLAG when it comes to BBBY. We do maintain business relationships "paid research" with many of these "serious analysts".

    I have no business relationship currently with BBBY, in the future I may, in the past I have. I disclose as the editors need disclosures, nothing more and nothing less.

    Let me throw you a bone kiddo, something more important than your widely overlooked and/or ignored SSS and inventory nonsense that you still have failed to recognize in the BBBY business model as a necessary and constant. Keurig 2.0!! What did BBBY fail to do with this product launch from Keurig Green Mountain that the company never failed to do before. Keep in mind that BBBY is the 2nd largest seller of Keurig products in the nation. Focus on what is important kiddo, cuz this is a doosey! And you're welcome!
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