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Shailesh Kumar  

Shailesh Kumar is the CEO of Value Stock Guide, one of the premier value investment advice site on the internet.

An MBA from University of Michigan and a former Management Consultant, Shailesh has helped numerous Fortune 100 executives with their strategic and operational issues and now channels his deep business experience to help his members find profitable investments.

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  • Description: Investment Consultant. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Stocks - long
Value Stock Guide Membership for Long Term Value Investors Are you a long term disciplined investor who wants to set up a portfolio following value investing principles? Perhaps you do not have enough time to do the deep research required to be successful value investor? Or maybe you want to get ideas and advice from someone who has been successfully doing this for ...More
Value Stock Guide - Investing in Undervalued Stocks We find undervalued stocks for you to invest in today. Long term investors join us for value investing advice, commentary, analysis and stock picks. Premium members enjoy exclusive benefits
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Value Stock Guide Premium fee increases starting May 3. Members joining before this date lock in their rate. Apr 28, 2015
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