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@Gellati: You are welcome and thanks for the additional resources!
NATO votes to deploy Patriot Missles to Turkey-Syria border.
Ah, it's the return of feckless freddy and his chronic diarrhea of the mouth.
The historical record of global USDollar hegemony post Bretton-Woods and the current facts that China, Russia, India, Iran, Brazil amongst others all seek bilateral and other non USDollar payment systems for energy both exist in a realm beyond your purview.
We won't waste readers time with irrelevant insults. They can research for themselves and draw their own conclusions. You may continue to take the blue pill.
We wear your aspersions as badges of honor.
Interesting recent interview with Assad from RT.
Discussed is destabilization in Syria, Turkey/Erdogan/the attempted re-emergence of the Ottoman Empire, and the economic enforcement of Western policy in the Mideast by the Petrodollar.
All good points. An interesting article from Reuters that we archived late Oct on Exxon's abandonment of its West Qurna 1 project to deal with the KRG longer term. This type of action is consistent with your assessment in our view.
Hello Gellati: thanks for the interest. As you note, it is quite an interesting subject as Anglo-American Interests really functioned as a continuum predating WWI and sowing the seeds of WWII through the Versailles treaty, Dawes plan, Austerity, et al.
The economic/banking/geo-s... facts of why these wars were fought add a slightly different hue to the conventional wisdom relating to these events (for instance, Americans are usually shocked to learn that British/American banks & intelligence funded Hitler, the Bolshevik revolution funded by American banker Jacob Schiff and Lord Alfred Milner, as examples).
There are sources beyond these, but sadly, some are out of print.
The following sources should provide a good start in your own research (and should be available on Amazon). Hope this helps!
E.L. Woodward: "Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939", First Series. (Specific documentation of the British government concerning actions in Greece & Turkey)
William Engdahl's: "A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics & The New World Order" (A Historical overview)
Jim Rickards: "Currency Wars"
(Sections on Classical Gold Standard 1870-1914 & WWI/Treaty Of Versailles)
Truman Smith: "Berlin Alert: The Memoirs & Reports of Truman Smith." (US Intelligence officer working in Germany during the 1920s.)
This week:
Turkey seeks NATO deployment of Patriot missiles on Syrian Border:
Well summarized. These goals were what I suspected. Thanks for the specificity! Remarkable the synchronicity of these modern machinations with the historical precedents.
Great read. What's your take on motivations to the geo-political choices of Turkey? Is this related to Nabucco pipeline or some other lesser known pipeline deal? Or to secure larger influence in NATO? Or ingratiate itself to EU for membership? Or, all of the above maybe?
Firstly, you mistook us for those interested in your ill-mannered and topically irrelevant opinion. Eh...not buying it.
Secondly, the term petrodollar is used to represent the global payment system in which energy is priced (US dollars) and enforced by military action and currency war by the US. This is fact, and it is global in its effects.
Finally, beyond your ill-mannered and incorrect definition of a word, you make no mention of geo-political history, their effects on the present, or the subject matter of this article whatsoever. Therefore, the remainder of your rantings here present are not worth our commentary but rather are suitable fodder for some other article which we are sure you will bless the world with, post haste.
Your first and last reply.