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  • Accelerate Diagnostics - A Misleading Story Ripe For Decline
    Editors' Pick • Wed, Feb. 18 AXDX 39 Comments


    • In this report we highlight a litany of red flags including the sordid history of legacy management and the IP, and its history of failed partnerships and empty promises.
    • The new management team that appears to have misled investors into thinking it had discovered the "holy grail".
    • We found evidence that the new management team may have violated securities laws (inadvertently or directly, we clearly show how millions of shares appear unaccounted for).
    • We see at least 65% downside to this $1 billion market cap with no revenue today.
  • Harbinger Group's Sum-of-Parts Does Not Add Up
    Editors' Pick • Nov. 20, 2012 HRG 34 Comments
  • Signature Bank: An Obvious Financial Short
    Sep. 28, 2011 SBNY 7 Comments
  • A Violent Correction Could Be Coming for Hampton Roads Bankshares
    Jun. 27, 2011 HMPR 6 Comments
  • Rare Element Resources: Potential Short Opportunity
    Oct. 21, 2010 REE, MCP, LYSCF 105 Comments
  • National Financial Partners: Finally, a No-Brainer to Buy
    Aug. 25, 2010 NFP 1 Comment
  • Glorified Payday Lender City Holdings: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
    Jun. 22, 2010 CHCO 9 Comments
  • PCBC: Large Downside Remains as Shareholders Left With Little
    Apr. 30, 2010 PCBC, FAC, HTH 20 Comments
  • Pacific Capital: A Violent Correction Could Be Coming
    Apr. 23, 2010 PCBC, BANR, PROV 11 Comments
  • Houston American Energy Corp. Set Up for Collapse
    Apr. 7, 2010 HUSA, PMGLF 22 Comments
  • Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers: Understanding the Material Downside
    Feb. 10, 2010 RBA, URI, RRR 18 Comments
  • H&R Block: Stars Are Aligning
    Editors' Pick • Nov. 3, 2009 HRB, JHTXQ, RBCAA 16 Comments
  • Challenge to Life Partners' Auditor: Address Red Flags
    Apr. 28, 2009 LPHI 8 Comments