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  • Sell The Euro [View article]
    ["The fact is the ECB will not do anything other than lip service to weaken the euro. Interest rate differentials will keep the euro in the $1.50 - $1.30 range. Deflation increases the value of a currency. Inflation decreases it."]

    Well, I think the game is changing. By the way, deflation might increase the real value, we're talking nominal exchange rates here, and the bigger the deflationary threat, the more the ECB's hand will be forced. Add in the Russia crisis, tightening US monetary policy and much higher US growth and I think the forces are aligned for a weaker EUR/USD.
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  • Panic Selling In Destiny Media Is Unwarranted [View article]
    ["What DSNY is saying now about it never having been truly rolled out before until, uh, now, (is "now" a moving target that will change again if nobody shows up?)"]

    1) DSNY isn't saying that, I was.

    2) It isn't uncommon for software products to roll-out, then discover that there are some technical issues and/or specific customer request (especially when addressing multiple verticals) for functionality which wasn't foreseen that need to be fixed and/or included.

    There have been many new software launches by much bigger organizations that have been full of bugs, missed functionality or both, even to the extent that the software didn't even function.

    Compared to these, Clipstream issues are rather minor but since they're a small outfit, it simply takes time to fix and/or include.

    3) Step by step, this is getting done, which is the thing that matters.
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  • Panic Selling In Destiny Media Is Unwarranted [View article]
    Re the plugin, I actually had to check that with the company. This is a one-off for this particular vertical on the specific request of the market research companies themselves. It isn't really a big deal here, but technically you're right, although only for this vertical. Upcoming ones, like movie streaming, will have the security features build right into Clipstream itself, so no plugin.

    Whether a one-off plug-in in a specific market vertical on the request of the buyers negates one of the advantages of Clipstream, that no media player is required and viewers, in general, do not have to worry about installing the latest browser plugin, I'll leave for the reader to assess but it will be clear what I think.

    ["I view PlayMPE as the bloated expensive dinosaur in the space."]

    You're entitled to your views but the views of the studios matter a great deal more. Universal has renewed every single time, last time was last year. Sony Australia signed up this year. They've been working closely together.

    One cannot have it both ways, by the way. Either PlayMPE indeed is the bloated dinosaur as you claim, but the studios use it nevertheless because, well, could it be that these switching costs I mentioned are actually as high as I argued? Or, perhaps it isn't a bloated dinosaur after all. It can't be both.

    And NO, Clipstream isn't like Flash in ONE crucial aspect that we're actually talking about here: battery use. Clipstream, UNLIKE Flash, only taxes the battery when you press play. It is sort of curious that when I dared you to a battery drain test you retort by comparing Clipstream to Flash as Clipstream actually is comparable to Flash, but not with respect to battery drain.

    As I said, there is a simple way to assess your battery drain "argument"

    Let people do the battery test themselves, compare battery drain with YouTube use. The difference, if any, is negligible.

    The Universal contract rationalized a host of local contracts and installed a minimum. If you want to argue that's pricing pressure, go ahead, unless you should also argue that they're now above that minimum, above which additional revenues manifest themselves as near pure profits. You cannot argue the one without the other as they're tied together, one might say pricing pressure below the contract minimum, but one could argue pricing expansion above it.

    And, since they're now above it, guess what's more relevant?

    Yes, we earlier already admitted that some external users have some issues with using PlayMPE, but guess what, there is an upcoming web encoder taking care of that.

    The market has spoken, but could it simply be that they've lost patience with the time it takes to get Clipstream ready?

    Let's see what the market says when it is.
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  • Panic Selling In Destiny Media Is Unwarranted [View article]
    1) We're long and have been for two years, the disclosure is not correct

    4) Highly misleading word game, as explained in the article. Viewers do not have to install anything.

    5) No, it's not a distant memory at all but was very recent and conditional upon achieving the world-wide contract with Universal.

    6) Keubiko hasn't grasped the switching costs at all. There is a whole network of users of PlayMPE, with integrated services and reporting systems.

    8) The Shazam deal might be trivial in revenue terms, it's one more item on that network integration as discussed under 6)

    9) For as much as Keubiko claims that Haulix has a sophisticated watermarking system he hasn't shown that it contains the same functionality as the one in PlayMPE. There is a reason the studios chosen PlayMPE, lest he needs reminding

    10) He still hasn't proven any pricing pressure. Revenues were stagnant (which he uses to great effect) because usage was under a minimum. Now it isn't.

    11&12) One should use correct science, not phoney one. UNLIKE Flash, Clipstream doesn't tax the battery when the video isn't playing. It's now my turn to say that Keubiko should stick to what he knows and/or deliberately creating false analogies here.

    If readers are confused about the battery issue, take the test as we urged in the article and see for yourself whether Clipstream uses drains battery faster than YouTube.

    The answer is pretty much indicative of this, and by extention, on many of his other claims.
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  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    They don't control the timing of the Nasdaq listing and how the market reacts to it is not clearcut anyway. One could argue the stock had run up on the rumor and could sell on the news.

    But all of this is a bit of a sideshow anyway IMHO, I think it's much more relevant whether Overland turns around and/or Glassware gains more market acceptance.
    Aug 6 12:51 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    So you can't show that Pinetree drove up the share price end of June, then?
    Aug 6 12:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    Anything is possible, including Overland turning around, Clipstream sales acceleration or Pinetree selling (although Sphere is hardly their only holding). Only the latter, whilst it will create a temporary drag on the share price, it has no influence on the fundamental position of the company.

    I already argued that without a firm valuation anchor, the stock price of these kind of ventures tend to be volatile. One should be able to handle that and keep an eye on the business, whether that is improving. There are signs in the latest Overland update that it is.

    There aren't any Sheldon buys end of June, so if they did engineer an end of quarter boost, it's rather odd for Sheldon not to be part of that

    Wether Pinetree bought end of June, I'll leave that up to you to show us..
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  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    ["With respect you should stick to topics that you are qualified to discuss."]

    You might have missed the "if" in my previous comment. If not that, perhaps the "I don't know whether that is the case" might have given it away...

    And then again, rules are one thing, practices might still differ (and note the "might" pls.)
    Aug 6 11:19 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    ["Nope. Funds are agnostic to where a stock trades. NASDAQ, TSX, NYSE, etc. doesn't matter."]

    Not necessarily if rules for taking short positions differ materially. I don't know whether that is the case but quite a few people argue that naked shorting in Toronto is both legal and rampant.
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  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    ["Much of the "growth" from the OVRL release relates to incorporating Tandberg"]

    Yes, I said that in the article (and earlier on my website, as it happens). However, I also see some preliminary reasons to be less pessimistic about Overland, the seemingly stabilizing revenues, the possible $20M acquisition savings, and most of all a better value proposition from the combined enchillada (that is, combined storage and virtualization). It's uselful to look back, but this isn't necessarily determining the future..

    Valuation exercises this early in the game are somewhat limited, IMHO. There are a host of companies with no revenue whatsoever but with valuable IP and/or promising technology. Without much of a valuation anchor, stock prices are likely to be volatile, but that doesn't necessarily mean these companies are worthless (although no doubt, some will be).
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  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    Well, I guess there will be some panic buying if they delist from TSX then. Short covering rallies are quite uncommon, but this stuff is rather tightly held and with delisting thrown in, who knows..
    Aug 6 10:21 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Panic Selling Turns Into Panic Buying In Sphere 3D [View article]
    Well, the article spend two days in queue, probably because SA is inundated by articles after the pricing scheme changed (which seems to have the potential to lift whole swathes of english speaking developing nations out of poverty, so I applaud it despite the waiting :)).

    Lest you forget, the title isn't the most important part of the article..
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  • Sphere 3D: A Ticking Time Bomb Set To Self-Destruct? [View article]
    This morning's news is a tentative sign that Overland is stabilizing, possibly even turning around. This is the worst possible news for shorts as it could easily cut their (rather backwards looking) argument that the whole enchillada is terribly overvalued.

    They're also on track to achieve the $20M synergy benefits from Tandberg acquisition which could eliminate most of their losses at a stroke, just a few Glassware sales from the mentioned customer trials might do the rest.
    Aug 4 12:38 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • InvenSense Will Be Range Bound [View article]
    No, I'm an economist, but in that capacity I'm familiar with the concept of 'revealed preference'. In case you're not, it boils down here to the fact that InvenSense doesn't own the markets of their products, they have competitors (STM, etc.). I believe they are cutting edge though, in fact I did dive into that a little two years ago, if you absolutely must know:

    Funny enough, browsing through that article from two years ago, it already mentioned a possible Apple win..
    Aug 1 11:52 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • InvenSense Will Be Range Bound [View article]
    ["You say that there are still "good alternatives for many of its products". What alternatives are you talking about?"]

    Well, open any iPhone and you will find out..
    Aug 1 09:26 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment