• Shelby Cardozo
    What happened with $BAC today? It's counterpart $C surged while $BAC turned tail and ran, why?
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    • Ocean Man: I think the last set of stress tests had C failing while the others passed. Market may have priced in a repeat yesterday, then C passed.
    • Speedy12: Next catalyst is the 2nd part of the stress test this coming Thursday. Let's see BAC announce dividend increase and share buyback.
    • budapestjs: Agreed Speedy, both are coming. Just a buyback or no change could've been announced Friday along with Citi.
    • Shelby Cardozo: Still, given that C went up, you'd think BAC would have gone up too. Looking at the volume though, and options, something funny is going on.
    • budapestjs: Loving the huge buyback for BAC, probably the smartest move since their shares are still so far under book.