Sheldon Sutherland

Long/short equity, short-term horizon, medium-term horizon, long-term horizon
Sheldon Sutherland
Long/short equity, short-term horizon, medium-term horizon, long-term horizon
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Bravo my friend.Great article.
Wow what a great article. Thanks!
12 out of 14 banks rate KBH as a hold or a sell.
Fantastic article thank you
Great article. I too, am a daily Gregory watcher.
Great article Mr. Singh, thank you.
great article thank you
I appreciate all the comments folks and the time you took to read my article. And statisticool I especially appreciate the editorial eye and respect your points of view.
Gold and gold miners are about to have themselves a reeeeaaaallllllyyyyy good week. I can agree with Quantum 1,355 looks easily attainable.
If I absolutely had to guess I'd say around the 1320's at the most
I could possibily see it going to 1355. I guess we gotta take it day by day. I have my eye on a couple of different indicators. When they look overbought I'll just hang on the sidelines until things clear up. A run above 1400 again would be cool, but unlikely.
Again money continues to flow into GLD the bulls in my opinion have the harder grasp on the metals. We need follow up confirmation tomorrow and monday but I think were definitely moving higher all next week.
Ya divergence on the MFI is usually but not always an indicator of trend change.
@Quantum As we speak the upper channel for gold is breached and it has been hanging above the upper trend-line all day. I don't know if I'd count out a rally just yet. A drop looks very promising but I wouldn't buy DUST until we're back below 1277.
@blackberry Just go to and type in GLD and go to the bottom and choose the MFI indicator. It shows that money has been continuously flowing into GLD the entire time the price has been dropping.
anybody seeing the divergence on the money flow index for gold? Quantum may have it right this time. Just need a strong buy to break the upper channel and were off to higher prices. Tomorrow is very crucial.
We've seen this over and over again. It's going lower. Manipulation or not sell short.
You can fight EW and TA all you want and lose money. Or you can let your guard down and make some. The choice is yours. Manipulated or not, there is money to be made.
that's actually a pretty interesting theory we'll have to see how it plays out. I definitely see a triangle forming. I can't help but believe in a fifth wave though.
Can Avi or anybody in the EWP world tell me if they are counting this 4th wave as a double combination? Zig-Zag and an extended flat. If this is true than we are looking to go to slight news lows then retrace above 1400 then back to much lower lows.
No faster way to make money than shorting miners after a rally.
Anybody seen Thermalsight?
Looks promising. I'm hoping gold drops into the open of GLD to give us a 3 time fail above 1350, but it has quite a bit of juice tonight. We'll see what happens. Thank for the chart.
I really hope your right, but so far I'm with Avi here. Be cautious and set some stops.
I don't know why it's so hard to believe that metals can move lower again. They are in a long term down-trend. If we can at least agree that it's a possibility than let's capitalize on it. I had to learn the hard way that perma-bulls lose money.
Avi is overall bearish on this movement but held a strangle on gold and silver. When the markets proceeded bullish and was given confirmation that it would continue, he sold puts and added calls to his position. Trust me, he did not lose out on the rally.
Thanks Avi, your articles are much appreciated. It's rare that you find a gold bull that can look anywhere but up.
There is nothing wrong with making money on both sides of the trade!! I hold the physical metals as well as a trading account in which I look to smart technical traders such as your self to guide me through the fog of all the bullish talk. I do agree with you were in for a ride down before we go any higher. Feels like a suckers rally.
Guys I'm not saying to short gold, just keep your guard up. Put some stops in and protect your profit because in my opinion we will see knew lows. Once the dust settles, gold will finally make it's comeback. It doesn't hurt to wait on the sidelines and pick this stock up cheaper.
I see a nice 4th wave move up before a much sharper 5th wave move down. This is only true if you study the Elliot Wave Theory. You guys are much more experienced then I am but I think this 5th wave down has at least a good probability of happening. Just offering an a opinion but like I said you guys are much more experienced. Trade on your own info.
Gold is the most emotional investment. I can tell by how angry you seem in your response. Having said that I am a long term investor in the metals themselves but I do see the need for one more gigantic pullback that will take us below 1,000 before moving higher. MDW would naturally fall if the price of the substance they are mining is falling in value. Yes we had a short-term break out above the moving average but the longer term trend is still bearish. Take what you will of my argument but I just call it as I see it.