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Simon Holstein
Long/short equity, event-driven, deep value, value
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Just Some Guy, thanks for the comment. I want to say that that seems to be a sophomoric read of this article. I am more discussing the state of the market from different angles. While also putting forth what I think will be an interesting trade to be involved in over the coming months.
GCaveney, thanks for the comment. I agree with you in regards to the "flash crash". I was speaking more to the liquidity in the market rather than the direction that day.
I will take a look at your blog this evening!
James Hanshaw- Thank you for the comment. GLNG had an out-sized move up yesterday on the news of them contracting their second vessel. That being said, some analysts still think it has room to run.
I will take a look at Veresen, thanks for the recommendation.{"range":"5y"}
Interesting to see how Nintendo has performed over the last 4-5 years, where do people see this heading over the next 4-5?
It was a two Advil on the flight back to Chicago type of day.
There was not really any mention of silver or miners of either metal.
Gold continually came up when speakers spoke to what would hold up well in a volatile interest rate environment.
I would say the conference keynote speakers in general were bullish on the price of Gold, but more in the sense that prices for bonds and equities have reached unsustainable levels and when trust in central bankers begins to turn market participants will want to already be in Gold.
Paul Singer even made the comment (I am paraphrasing) that in today's world he could not believe someone would own no Gold.
The portion of US Natural gas that will be exported in 2016 is an incredibly small percentage of the total. To state that these shipments will increase natural gas prices seems to me to be a stretch.
If you could reference the amount of gas being shipped as a percentage of Natural Gas taken from the ground and when it will be shipped away (as most facilities besides LNG's do not come online until 2018+) that would benefit your argument greatly.
Additionally, the US government has been so strict on approving exports to avoid the price rise you are predicting.
Their application is approved. New permits would not negatively effect LNG. Their contracts are in place, construction is 5 years (or so) ahead of competition.
Pick me
With you Paulo. Doing an options play instead of the naked short.
Where can I find the link for this direct from JPM?
You mean Big Green Apple
Thanks for the comment madav1138
I actually anticipated the large amount of responses, especially that the majority would side with defending Nintendo and its management. Those who have strong convictions regarding the console debate (Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft) are often heated and full of pride when voicing their opinion and rightly so. This being another reason I wrote this piece.
My goal in writing any article is to spark debate, and make people present/ back up their views while also being forced to see another perspective. Hopefully leading them to more intelligent investing as well as a broader perspective.
Your last paragraph sums up one of my larger points. To deny your world-class ability to develop software to other platforms does not make sense to me. It does not fit in a new century of technology in which everything is cross platformed (Apps, cell phones, social media, etc.). Also the Wii U seems to me, even though I am an avid user of multiple gaming consoles, simply strange. Obviously, as you state, the Wii U (pass or fail) will come to define the next generation of consoles. But I do not think it will be a Nintendo generation as it has been in the past. Especially given the massive loss Nintendo will face this year, whether it be from the Yen, or, as importantly, poor sales.
Thanks again for the comment
The cash that Nintendo has on hand is a good point, but the 3Ds continues to miss sales estimates and can not seem to find room in a crowded mobile gaming space. The Wii U will not be out until April by which time everyone will have there new gaming system (portable or at-home) fresh still from Christmas. Though the Wii U does plan to add internet content to the Nintendo line, it will be expensive ($250+) and will enter the market place at a bad time and without much consumer understanding of what it actually is.
I think the author meant *360 not 460
If Rosenbaum purchased the building and leased the space back to CVD he can control the terms of the company's lease and the rent they will pay. As long as both (lease time and rent/ price per square foot) are of "fair market" value and Rosenbaum is not getting a sweetheart deal, he can keep a third party landlord out of the deal while also making a slight profit for himself. Though this is more common with private companies, it is likely Rosenbaum purchased the property, leased it to CVD and is earning on the rent, or they did a sale leaseback with a third party.
I have done due diligence on CVV. Their products allow companies and research departments the ability to work with graphene and make further discoveries. I understand they do not mine raw or sell raw graphene. I like AMAT as well, and am considering a position. With that said, however, I like that CVV is has a much smaller mkt. cap at 94 million compared to AMAT at 14 billion.
I like Focus Materials, but at less than $1 am concerned about the risk. As the technology begins to be more widely adopted I will pick up FCSMF. It is a great play on graphene
Appreciate the comments. This is a highly speculative article I was simply putting forward. There is no better company to speculate on than Apple.
Please read and comment on future articles as this is my first.