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I'm an avid trader and stock market analyst. I'm always on the hunt for a great day trade or swing trade and of course look for the next stock to hit a home run and make it from the OTC to the big boards. Fundamentally, I'm a trader and my decisions are day to day 60% of the time. I look over... More
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  • There's More Than Oil And Gas For OOIL's Revenue Model

    This week the CEO of OriginOil (OTCQB:OOIL) Riggs Eckelberry released a message to his shareholders (see below). In it he highlighted several new developments including the incredible opportunity that has presented itself within the bio-fuels sector as the recent slide in oil has taken control of prices. Mr. Eckelberry states:

    You'd think that biofuels would crash along with the price of crude. But here's analyst Chen Lin, explaining how it's exactly the opposite… The conventional wisdom about ethanol has been proved wrong. Lower oil and gas prices encourage more consumption. More gas consumption, by law, requires more ethanol-more ethanol, in fact, than can be produced.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. plants are running at 930,000-940,000 barrels per day. Maximum daily U.S. ethanol capacity is 925,000 barrels per day. That's why the ethanol price rebounded sharply in October and is now higher than in the summer, when oil sold at $100/bbl. Wild, isn't it! Cost of gas goes down, people use more gas… and now there's not enough biofuels to go around.

    As I've said in the past, OriginOil is not an oil and gas company, they are a water technology company that just so happens to have a hand in saving all water intensive industries a lot of money. The recent decline in oil price has other companies like Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) scrambling to adjust but for OOIL, they've already built in two other revenue drivers to capitalize on.

    The one major outlier and the piece of the logistics puzzle that is "clean water" comes down to efficiency of production and…of course…water. If these companies can save on this aspect alone, there could be hundreds of thousands of dollars left over to put back into R & D or simply attribute it to the bottom line of the financials.

    OOIL has gained much more attention as of late, for its novel water remediation process. In fact AlJazeera America's TechKnow series profiled the company and its processes. It was then broadcast across the world to 250million viewers. The added exposure from TechKnow could expand the reach of the Company's technology on a much larger, global scale. It wasn't that long ago when OOIL announced the signing of a 7-figure sale to Oman and most recently set up several licensing deals for resellers in the Caribbean and in the Middle East. Based on the overall amount of progress Origin has been realizing, we see that there is incredible potential for a long-term vision that involves this unique water remediation process not only being used by the oil and gas industry but far reaching into algae and even waste water clean-up as well.

    In my opinion, OriginOil has a multi-pronged approach to generating additional sources of revenue in situations such as the current state of the oil and gas industry. It will be those involved at these early stages who will have the biggest opportunity to reap the largest rewards and therefore I think that based on the current price OOIL is trading at, this could be an incredibly undervalued play in the OTC; worth a closer look heading into the rest of this year.

    Dec 18 8:44 AM | Link | Comment!
  • ReSparking Interest In Marijuana: These Marijuana Stocks Could Close 2014 On A High Note.

    In a time where Bob Marley and Tommy Chong are producing their own brands of medical/recreational marijuana, the industry is booming with progress. More states have come on board the legal marijuana money train and even more are beginning to put legislation plans in place to push through some kind of bill come the next election period. Despite these great strides for a new industry explosion (for lack of better term), the sector, in almost its entirety, saw a massive correction during the early parts of the 4th quarter this year.

    This past weekend, for the first time, lawmakers approved a measure to block the Justice Department from going after states where pot is legal for health reasons. Congress may have tried to stop residents of the nation's capital from being able to spark up a joint without legal consequences, but lawmakers pulled back last week in another important drug-war front: medical marijuana. The bill, which approved $1 trillion in spending, included a plan to prohibit the Justice Department from spending any money to enforce a federal ban on growing or selling marijuana in the 32 states that have moved to legalize it for medical use. Amidst this huge shift from Congress, several stocks in the marijuana market have found themselves hitting new "highs" for December.

    Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTCPK:THCZ) has been fairly dormant as it pertains to news, until recent weeks. Back in August the company announced that it would be engaging Rhino Marketing Worldwide to handle the company's global marketing and launch strategy for their range of Hemp based beverage products. Rhino Marketing has worked on major international product launches and fast moving consumer retail products such as Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee, Nissan, Stryker Orthopedics and the National Football League. Red Bull is also on Rhino's track record and it would make a lot of sense for a company focused on beverage products (including a hemp infused energy beverage) to employ the skills of a seasoned and experienced marketing team such as that of Rhino.

    In recent weeks, THCZ has announced that upon completion of the pilot markets, the retail rollout will go nationwide with the expectation that the cans will be produced and ready to be shipped to the bottling company by January. Furthermore, the company is already planning the launch of a secondary product line: wine based alcoholic beverages; these will have a target launch of mid-spring 2015.

    Over the week of trading, Totally Hemp Crazy shares have been increasing in price. Following a recent sell-off, the stock price hit a near ten month low of $0.0057 on Monday; this marked what looks to be the turn-around for the stock price. Since Tuesday's open, shares of THCZ have increased in value by as much as 32% at highs on Wednesday of $0.0099. There are high expectations for this company to progress as it begins to roll out its first products off of the production line and onto store shelves. The initial pilot program will target markets in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, so if you're planning to get your hands on a can of Rocky Mountain High Hemp Energy Drink anytime soon, you'll want to book your flight the Lone Star state.

    MedBox, Inc. (OTCQB:MDBX) has been a stock that I've covered on several occasions. Through its ups and downs in the market, this stock has always shown opportunity to take advantage of the dips in price. What started in early November has resulted in one of the stocks biggest drops in price to date. Stock price for MedBox dropped drastically last Thursday and continued through the early parts of the following week. At one point MedBox saw a low of $4.25; the lowest it's seen all year. Bargain hunters abound as shares rallied on Wednesday to highs of $7.48 before closing the day at $6.89 representing a total gain of 62% from Tuesday's low.

    Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Medicine Dispensing Systems, MDBX offers its patented systems, software and consulting services to pharmacies, alternative medicine dispensaries and local governments in the U.S. MedBox also owns a subsidiary called Vaporfection International, Inc. (, which offers a medical line of vaporizer products. These newly established subsidiaries has put the company in position to develop ancillary services tailored to the alternative medicine industry, including real estate acquisitions and subsequent lease programs to alternative medicine dispensaries and cultivation centers, and alternative medicine dispensary and cultivation management services. There has been a lack of company information during the month of December but to this point, the market momentum suggests that price may be at an undervalued position compared to previous months and could warrant this latest reversal in price.

    In a similar fashion to these previously mentioned stocks, Vapor Group Inc. (OTCPK:VPOR) has also been trending at 10-month lows. From the 8th of December until recent, shares of Vapor have been trending between $0.0027 and $0.003. The company recently announced that it has begun the distribution and roll out of an exclusive private-label program for its proprietary line of high quality vaporizers to be sold in dispensaries across Colorado. Dror Svorai, President and CEO, said, "This program firmly establishes us as a leading 'vendor-of-choice' for quality vaporizer products in Colorado, and will springboard further our vaporizer sales as we roll out the program in other locations."

    Since the beginning of the week shares of Vapor Group have increased by as much as 38% following Wednesday's high of $0.0047. Volume in the market has increased and a short-term double bottom chart pattern looks like it may be starting to form on the 10-day chart to suggest an undertone of a new reversal trend.

    It's very hard to ignore the recent momentum that the marijuana market has begun to gain over the last year alone. What started in Colorado has spread nationwide. Even conservative states have begun to change their tune when it comes to legalization. Legal marijuana use is estimated to grow 60% in 2014 resulting in a burgeoning new industry with $2.5 billion in annual revenues. With such projected growth and expanded market share, the recent turn around in the stock prices of marijuana companies like these potentially lends a good sign to new interest coming back into one of America's biggest cash crops.

    Dec 17 10:12 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Tapping The Atmosphere For Investment Opportunity

    How New Innovation In Water Creation Fosters Growth In Emerging Industries

    Some 1-billion people worldwide lack access to water and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year, according to a report from the World Wildlife Foundation. Furthermore, roughly 2.4 billion people are exposed to diseases, such as cholera, typhoid fever, and other water-borne illnesses based on inadequate sanitation.

    The effects of the new technology innovations in the energy sector have also had a large impact on the strain of the global water supply. The recent boom in oil collection through means of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has increased with the rise of stateside production. Fracking wells nationwide produced an estimated 280 billion gallons of wastewater, which also contributed to the pollution of drinking water supplies around many of these project sites. Most of this wastewater must be permanently disposed of, taking billions of gallons out of the water supply annually.

    But the source for taking away from the global water supply can also be a source for innovation in solving the problem. Imagine for a second that instead of removing water from outside sources, these companies could simply create their own water supply out of thin air. Additionally, imagine self-sustaining farming operations that don't need to depend on rain in order to provide adequate irrigation to raise their crops. The fact is that imagination stops right here as this is a reality.

    "Why buy milk when you have the cow at home?"

    There are businesses that do exactly this and investors continue to raise eyebrows at the sight of this cutting edge technology, which has a multitude of industry applications; very few are actually available for investment. Drinkable Air, Inc., for example, designs and manufactures atmospheric water generator products that produce 99.9% pure water. As a private company, there's no real way to invest in the opportunity to have a piece of this technology.

    Recently Union Dental Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK:UDHI) entered into two joint venture agreements with Drinkable Air to become the exclusive supplier of Drinkable Air, Inc.'s patented ozone atmospheric water generators for the U.S. dental market. But that is such a limited marketplace and doesn't really help to address any kind of major water strain on a global scale.

    EcoloBlue is another company specializing in atmospheric water generation. The company's focus has been on large, industrial scale water generation under conditions of lower temperature, lower volume and using the least energy possible in generating that water. But again there is no way to invest. A great company but the public cannot take advantage.

    An Israeli startup based in Rishon LeZion, Water-Gen, has developed a portable water generator for field applications. Its products have gained traction in the military sector and are currently being tested by armed forces from seven countries, including the United States, India, France and Mexico. Water-Gen has developed an Atmospheric Water-Generation Units using its "GENius" heat exchanger to chill air and condense water vapor. Unfortunately in similar fashion to EcoloBlue, this company is not only foreign based but is also privately held. But not to worry…

    The Technology Is Here & So Is The Investment Opportunity

    The best of both worlds comes in the form of a company that offers industrial applications as well as those for personal use to directly address the global shortage in fresh water supply. Ambient Water Corp (OTCQB:AWGI) has developed a water creation technology for several applications including the oil & gas industry as well as vertical farming, to bring clean water to the site of each frack operation and to the exact source for farming irrigation systems. According to the company, Ambient Water's patented atmospheric water generation technology can effectively transform humidity into an abundant source of clean water near the point of use.

    The company recently announced plans to place its Ambient Water 400 at Applied Cryo Technologies' Houston facility. The installation, which was designed as a field test to evaluate water produced and power consumed by the system, will yield results that will be used to position the technology for future use in other oil and gas applications. In fact, an article from Cleantechnica, a leading industry trade publication, followed the recent Applied Cryo installation and cited the Ambient Water 20K for its potential to "reduce the petroleum industry's draw on municipal water supplies and enable more cost-effective and sustainable energy production."

    Beyond industrial applications for supplying endless amounts of water to oil and gas companies, Ambient has also identified atmospheric water generation as a viable solution for the farms of the Future. By providing steady access to water, the process has the potential to extend growing seasons, increase crop diversity, and improve efficiencies of hydroponic systems. As populations continue to explode in urban areas throughout the world there becomes an increasing need for foodstuffs. Vertical farming has been noted by publications like Forbes and Fast Company as the wave of the future not only for the ability to develop crops practically anywhere but also for the independence from seasonal growing. With regard to water consumption, there's even one vertical farm that is affiliated with MIT looking to reduce water consumption by up to 90% for this type of farming.

    "Vertical farming is a trend within sustainability that we believe will not only continue to increase, but expect will explode throughout the United States and the rest of the world," said Keith White, Founder and CEO of Ambient Water, in a recent press release. "It is important to identify concepts such as this in order to feed and keep healthy the many urban regions that are already suffering from food scarcity issues. By providing fresh and often potable water on-site and at the point of distribution for these farms, we can directly address water resource challenges, while vertical farm personnel continue to focus on bringing healthy food to the family dinner table."

    Ambient Water has what the industry needs and what investors are searching for. The space is still in its infancy and in our opinion is incredibly ripe with opportunity for emerging companies to become market leaders. What Facebook did for social media, Ambient can do atmospheric water generation.

    In the world of "clean water", the space remains extremely fragmented with an emerging need to find solutions that are both efficient and cost effective. It is exactly this type of market (where there is no single leader) in which emerging companies have the upper hand. Less overhead, more innovation, and the ability to develop unique technologies that don't have to go up a long chain of corporate approvals will allow small cap companies like Ambient to grab a foothold in becoming a first mover and to create a global solution for this large scale problem.

    Dec 17 10:15 AM | Link | 7 Comments
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