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Frosty; By the way this is exactly why i have a short recommendation on FSYS. It has a bleak outlook and therefore WPRT won't go after it in the near future.
Hello sal, the idc news should impact the turnaround which i was expecting
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Really? How is this article completely inaccurate?
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@Nicu: the reply I have addressed to teddyg101 was meant for you.
Thanks is 85 kWh variant and not 80kWh..Thanks Jack.
And @ Teddy...the estimates that have been given for the Model X production are a product of bearish estimates...the estimates you give are what Tesla plans to achieve. But frankly speaking, it is too early to decide whether Tesla will be able to meet its target for the Model X production. There are a lot of factors at play like the success of Model S next year and the cash it brings to Tesla, the liquidity position of Tesla at end of 2013 and so on. I hope Tesla is able to achieve all its targets.
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Does AGNC's current charter allow room for non-Agency securities?
Pinkrabbit thankyou for your valuable contributions. Yes, I would not advice you to increase your holdings of ARR considering it is already 13.71% of your portfolio.
Thanks for your comment PM247...I have been covering shipping stocks for a while....I have already covered that aspect
Here are the links:
Thanks Caymagnate.....I hope that things get better sooner than expected..
Thanks for your comment Jan. Well China drives a huge percentage of demand for commodities like iron ore, coal, grains etc which are then transported by dry bulkers. China is the largest consumer of steel in the world. China, alone accounted for 67% of the Capesizes chartered in the last week.
The answer to your second question lies in the fact that shipping companies are willing to lock up rates so far into future because the industry is currently facing a crisis of overcapacity. Day by day, the problem is becoming more grave and therefore, as the over capacity will increase, the rates will decline. Therefore, it is better to benefit from long-term charters.
The only risk is that if the industry recovers sooner than expected (that is before the contracts expire), the shipping companies will be unable to benefit from the recovery in the short run
@ southernsanta: Well, first i thought of placing GECC in my argument but then i felt the article would get too long for the readers to focus.....
Here it is:
With fundamentals steady state, I expect the focus to remain on the portfolio. On this front, I am not anticipating any major announcements or even an explicit update to the ENI target. At a high level, however, I expect the management to continue to highlight the strategic “core”, which includes middle market lending, GECAS and EFS. At Real Estate, the wind down of the equity book is well underway, but I think the debt side of the business can also be gradually exited over the medium term. Finally, I do not see any of the consumer franchises as core, which includes PLCC, mortgages, and the global banks. Although the M&A environment may not be conducive to a large exit in the near term, I think the company will look to be opportunistic here, perhaps over the next 12-18 months. The regulatory environment remains stable with no surprises to date under Fed supervision and with the company having fully prepared to be a SIFI. I think the message will be one highlighting the successes to date (portfolio de-risking, regulatory certainty/compliance, initial asset sales), and talking about a detailed review of a “second phase” that will play out over the next 1-2 years.
William no body would believe me if i wrote a single line "GE will sustain its dividend....You have to prove by facts.
Every one who is saying that companies do not have control on yields are right...but my point to add it over here was to connect it with the idea of GE being a dog of dividend.
This should mean that companies with a high yield, with high dividend relative to price, are near the bottom of their business cycle and are likely to see their stock price increase faster than low yield companies. Under this model, an investor annually reinvesting in high-yield companies should out-perform the overall market. The logic behind this is that a high dividend yield suggests both that the stock is oversold and that management believes in its company's prospects and is willing to back that up by paying out a relatively high dividend. Investors are thereby hoping to benefit from both above average stock price gains as well as a relatively high quarterly dividend.
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Thanks for your comments Dave_M and of course, pvenkate pointed out very correctly that price hike will take the average to $90k
teddyg101, great post, you stole my words :)
Manfredthree thanks for comment
I don't know what your "realistic/shorty" assumptions are, but we can always have a debate on it but that won't happen before you avoid being disrespectful.
I will answer all of your questions but first stop crying on your lost money for being short on Tesla.
Next time, you show any of your silly childish behavior on this forum, I will not bother again to reply you (something that I hate doing with my readers)
Better luck on your money next time! k1angky/k1angry
Very true Jack
Hey, are back, my really seem to be frustrated with me or this kidding. Thanks for following....I really appreciate your concerns.
Well the calculations are in front of you....make an excel sheet and plug in the gross margin that you think is achievable for Tesla.
bbor 55...Lets hope it goes that way.
JackB125, thanks for following....I believe the buyout is not going to happen any soon... does not feel like Elon's way!
Thanks for following kenfees. I appreciate your comment. It is true that I recommend on the basis of expected performance in the future rather than focusing on current valuations. However, to say that my recommendations are based on conjecture seems a bit unfair. There are certain catalysts and the stock is going to go up after reaching those milestones.
Tesla's performance in the last month or so (increased reservation, positive cash flows, Motor trend car of the year award etc) has compelled me to believe that Tesla is well on its way to reach profitability and become successful.
Well that is another good way to look at it
I will suggest you to exit your position in seems nothing more than a rumor.
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Nice Article
Here is another article that gives an in-depth analysis on why I believe WM will go up in the future. (
Also, I predicted a dividend hike which happened this Tuesday (
Let me add relatively cheaper valuations to that.
Thankyou for the valuable information Exspook.
Well Rolo; that is an important point..I will surely try to cover that once I write on GM
Thanks danthrax....Yes it will surely take GM some time to reach the $53 mark....I will try to cover that in a couple of days.