Growth at reasonable price, macro
Growth at reasonable price, macro
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Thanks for the comment. I think you might be right in your analysis, which is why I would recommend NECB last of the three mentioned.
I obtained that information from the NASDAQ website for FNLC's balance sheet. You can see it here:
Reading a prospectus with no actual numbers for number of shares, or price, or date was mildly bemusing.
I'm not long in KCAP due to my personal situation. I actually held onto KCAP for a couple of years and was glad I did. I sold KCAP because I'm looking to pursue a growth-oriented strategy rather than a dividend-oriented strategy. I thought dividend investors might benefit from becoming aware of this stock, if they weren't already, hence I wrote the article.
They added 4.75 million new shares.
That's a very good point. I'd be curious to know if it'd be the same people from the old firm auditing now since they're combined, or if new people would be auditing them.
I'm not really sure of any way to make the graph's colors better for those who are colorblind, sorry about that. 4% is in automobiles, according to the graph.
I'm not sure the Bernie Maddoff insult was really necessary. If you're not comfortable investing in KCAP then don't.
I'm simply typing this article to promote awareness of the stock for those that might be unaware of it.
Thanks for the heads-up. This individual might have more current information. I'll look into getting my hands on that and see what there is to say about it the next time I write about this stock. 49% of the stock being held by institutional investors would change the dynamics of the stock to a degree.
Yes, I absolutely did. Good catch.
It may go up to $10 soon, but how soon is soon?
It's too bad there's no expected schedule of announcements.
And it's down 4.5% from the overnight.