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“Sold At TheTop” is the snarky pseudonym for the organic blogger that maintains the reasonably popular and, dare I say, possibly even slightly influential web log PaperEconomy (

“Sold”, as he prefers to be called (especially by his wife under certain saucy circumstances… mmmm…) is not a professional economist, analyst or stock trader and has neither been trained in finance nor statistics.

What Sold offers is a dedicated and serious passion for macroeconomic analysis and further, for the creation of striking, some say even artistic, visualizations of macroeconomic data. Though not a “perma-bear” Sold is very bearish about the current state and future of the American economy ...More

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  • Description: Analyst. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: REITs
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Paper Economy A Blog dedicated to tracking the decline of the greatest asset bubble in US history.
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Homebuilder Blues: NAHB/Wells Fargo Home Builder Ratings April 2014 about 10 hours ago