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SoundView conducts research and analysis on emerging technologies and companies for investors. The director of research, Kris Tuttle, has over 32 years of hands-on work in technology, business and markets. Early in his career Kris was an AI researcher at Carnegie Mellon University and spent 8 years with IBM developing and implementing new "bleeding edge" technologies in multiple industries.

Later he obtained an MBA in finance and moved into institutional sales at UBS and then equity research at SoundView Technology Group where he eventually came to run research there before being acquired by Charles Schwab in 2003. While at SoundView his name was closely associated with companies like Atria Software, ...More

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  • Description: CIO. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
SoundView Technology Group Our expertise is in emerging technologies and what they mean for business and investment. We only do research and work closely with companies and investors who want to exploit these shifts to improve their business and generate high investment returns. Our products and services are targeted to senior ...More
Quantum Investing by SoundView Partner Stephen Waite Quantum Investing is a book about today's ascendant quantum-physics-based industries, such as communications, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Author Stephen Waite makes clear why these areas are the most important investment opportunities today and how these industries will have a profound impact on our ...More
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