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    $LORL news:
    Jun 4, 2:53 AM
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    • Clint Edgington: At first I thought it confirmed a deal; and now I'm not so sure.
      Jun 4, 7:29 AM
    • Clint Edgington: only $100m span is a pretty small amount, but it's the same gap that soured a deal before
      Jun 4, 7:29 AM
    • jaginger: ...and soured again, apparently
      Jun 24, 9:13 AM
    • Clint Edgington: I assume there has to be some personality issues with the major players as well...I'm surprised LORL didn't drop more...
      Jun 25, 8:07 AM
    • ANTONIS-TONIS: thats true.i expect bigger drop.we will see today how it will move after the rejection of the deal
      Jun 25, 9:22 AM