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I will wait for a pullback to add to my Gold. How many times have we seen the Gold Bugs scream "buy buy buy its going to go this time because..." and yet the market manipulators find another tool on thier belt for a painful pullback. And this is how they get filthy rich.
I have been in BDSI since $4.70 and added twice. Still nothing but disappointment. Any news forth coming that may get this stock rolling into the green?
And CVM another great story but no reward yet for investors, howcome?
This is still a country that opertates under the guidance of the Constitution and we the people need to contact our Senators and tell them what to do. Now remember these people are dense so keep telling them " We demand change, Americans want to run the country not some foreign bankers."
If Obama is scaring people into buying Gold then I would be careful of the opposite short term. Everybody jump in then ...?
The bill would strip away the curtain. And that will be a great place to start period. From there we can rebuild. Keep up the pressure and contact your congressmen.
Sobering job reports well put the president has been high. And looking into it doesnt mean squat. He will realize where is going to get more money to invest. They will print it, giive it to the banks and see if they will lend it
Natural Gas is in great supply but its really too bad that the way they are mining it is destroying our country.See my post in
seekingalpha.com/insta... Oct 29 11:24 PM Michael Fitzsimmons wrote:
> MellowGuy: yup - and not only should we be getting people off fuel
> oil for home heating, but we should also be using natural gas for
> electricity generation (shut down the coal plants) and for transportation.
> Natural gas, not coal, should be "America
Forgot to mention that I also picked up 33- 1 ounce bars,sorry I was distracted.Came back to fix it .
On Oct 29 08:59 PM bitemeX2 wrote:
> Silverspirit -I will gladly sell you 185 silver quarters (face value
> $46.25) for - say $1000.
> I think you overpaid by maybe a factor of two?
> Best of Luck
Junk Silver is 71% silver, just picked up 185 silver quarters that totaled almost 33 ounces for $1210.00
On Oct 29 06:30 PM brianr wrote:
> I would recommend "junk silver", which is just coins that were once
> in circulation and are about 90% silver. You don
Companies with Potential Treatments for Swine Flu
CEL-SCI Corporation (Amex: CVM)
Product: LEAPS-H1N1
Currently Under Special
Fast Track Trials Authorized by FDA
and this video and I now understand these homeowners do not recieve royalties the govt says they own the gas beneath thier properties.Just saying this is another Goverment process screwing the people. But we all are impacted if you like eating a steak or cheesburger.See this video
The TV special was on the Planet Green channel and what they showed was the bubbling gas now coming up in streams ignites along with the tap water. No hoak no political agenda just dangerous unhealthy conditions.
The point of the show was that there are mining practices that would be healthier for the environment and produce by products for the companys but that reform in the laws is being blocked. Advantage here is if people will just up and leave their homes the NG companies dont have to pay royalties.
And I am aware that since our Constitution has been written the criminals in our Government have have been committing treason and getting away with it. I was just sharing before it happens the next move.
The oil crisis pushed by Government is really about another step toward a World Government. futurefastforward.com/... a great quick video by Lord Christopher Monckton on 10/20/09.IWhen a Global Warming Treaty is signed by President Obama it would over ride our existing US Contitution.
I recently saw a TV special about the mining of Natual Gas in Colorado and how it is destroying the health of the residents in the area of the wells. These poor people have lost thier health and thier homes due to all the toxic chemicals now in the air and thier drinking water. A big owner in a Natural Gas Company is ex Vice President Dick the Dick Chaney so this is why any reform in mining is blocked. It is a concern for all of us because of the proposed wells all around the country.
Wednesdays dip was a old fashioned take em out back and beat em party in the pit. It was explained first thing in the morning on the pit radio. Apparently a veteren of 30 years made a mistake and the wolves pounced.
Passing along info I read that GLD the gold ETF which reports every friday the serial numbers of every bar in inventory and that this list is usually thousand plus pages long that on October 2 and October 9 the bar list shrank to a mere few hundred pages long with no explanation.Could it be that physical Gold in inventory has been replaced with paper gold,in order to save the bullion banks that have gone naked short and got cornered.
Beware this Global meeting in December in which are President plans to sign a treaty on Global Warming which will over ride the US Constitution are begin the World Government under this pretext of saving the planet.
Sadly the powers that be will prolong this final outcome of this bill long enough to let thier original plan play out. They really dont have a choice. The power elite now wait for an event to blame the upcoming financial colllapse on and escape outright blame. The speed of the crisis is excellerating at an unpredictable rate and the outcome from this period of inflation and simultaneous deflation can only result in dollar collapse. Stupidity and greed among those in Washington with thier comfortable positions will prolong the debate until the disaster wakes them from thier illusions of serving the good. God help all of us, buy Gold and Silver.
VFC thank you for all your articles. I have Long positions in BDSI,AGEN,XOMA,CVM and recently on the dip BONU.OB. I would really appreciate any thoughts you have on BONU.
The Federal Reserve wants to appeal the ruling and not disclose information by the Aud 31st deadline but why? They have kept the financial system from crashing to the ground you would think they would love to show how smart they are and how they sucedded.
Now is the time to really apply the pressure and get rid of the Federal Reserve for once and all.
How about a look at SLV! Thanks and feel better. Go out and soak up some sun it is good for what ails ya.
Long AGEN, thanks.
Oh yellowhoard the F#cktards you are referring to are employed by the US Government in highpaying positions. So you dont need to worry about them finding work in the post office.
Seriously if the Government cant run a simple business like delivering the mail then we should sell it to a private company. Downsize the Government by 80% and our problems we begin to dissolve.
On Aug 17 08:10 PM yellowhoard wrote:
> There, I said it. For god's sake, we need the Post Office.
> The Post Office is a daily reminder of how even the simplest business
> model is unable to stand on it's own when run by the government.
> Every day millions of Americans get pissed off by lousy service from
> the Post Office.
> Every Tuesday, when my regular postman takes a day off, his sub puts
> mail from me and all of my neighbors in random boxes. So, on Wednesday
> we all get to chat and exchange mail with one and other. It keeps
> our community closer.
> I once drove to the Post Office to complain about this routine incompetance.
> After telling the Postmaster what a total retard our Tuesday mailman
> was, he had the guy come out front so I could repeat what I had just
> said in private to him.
> Needless to say, I congratulated the Tuesday guy on the superb job
> that he was almost doing.
> The Post Office provides a last refuge for F#cktards that would never
> be hired by real businesses.
> So, take it easy on the pathetic amongst us and join me in support
> of your local Post Offfice and the incompetance for which it stands.
Nice Blog! A real piece of reality.Unfortunately.
We are now inflating the next bubble to burst which is the Bailout Bubble. This bubble is trying to sweep under the carpet all the prevois bubbles before it. Thank God that americans have woke up to the Obama Health Care crime and started fighting back. How long until these town hall meetings ignite the issue of national debt?
Let this be the beginning of a dividing line.. those for Obama and his puppet contollers and those for the American Standard. Best of luck to Mr.Glen Beck and may he find good sponsers who we can buy thier products because they have made a stand.
coincidence or something else? How come the day of 9/11 the govt was participating in War Game scenario of terrorists taking over a plane? How come Britain was conducting subway bombings the day of the subway bombings? How does Americans get dupped into voting for a guy like Obama? What was that other voting thing that happened in Florida? Trust me they had the power to create this crisis they have the power to influence alot of people and situations.
Careful declaring the obvious! Its what is behind the obvious that you must consider. Yes GWBush was a horrible president and Clinton and the other Bush was the biggest loser but Obama is the worst President we will ever witness because he is creating the worse set of conditions to ruin a country and himself all at the same time.And why because "they" want to. Its a double cross. When you can debate about this or that its the holy s@#$ that you better look out for.
The speed of the shell game is accelerating.
Great statement! With people like Tyler and others there is hope for our future. The path taken by the power hungry elite has been determined and they have no choice but to ride out this Tsunami of events. In the end they will ALL be washed up dead on the shore of some deserted island. The animals will devour thier remains and the world will have a new start without the presence of such evil.
Correct me if I am wrong, please. But isnt it safe to say that most recipeints of Fannie May are citizens who live on minimum wage or close to it. Education and an economy based on productivity would be the ansewer to eleviate this finacial stress on the economy. And wouldnt you know it instead of ramping up these two obvious govt expenditures they are eliminating them. Obama is under qualified for his position and needs to be impeached.
Any idea of the FDA decision dates.
Dumb me went back and read disclaimer. But still would like to here thoughts on XME,IYT,DBA.
I say another great article. One point I would like to make is that there is talk in Washington about bringing back Glass Stegall and it involves Mr. LaRouche and his supporters in congress. The problem is Mrs. Pelosi and her power to control the floor.

Alittle confused on why you would be invested on the lightside when a few charts indicate a good buying opportunity like XME, IYT, DBA. Or maybe this is where you are invested?