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Srinivas Seshadri
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You are right, traffic is a problem in India. Harley would be suitable only to those customers who would go on Highways where they can drive fast. Harley would just do well to get some support to sustain overall growth. Hope, US and European economies would recover soon.
Even Japanese superbike manufacturers who are competing with Harley in US like Honda are offering customized bikes in India and are successful. I believe other emerging markets are no different than Indian market. Every global company should understand the local market and offer customized product. Only then can it be successful.
This is a great news... I would have been delighted if the payment frequency is changed to monthly from quarterly.
Those who are in love with this stock should be ready to get hurt. Now it is all about demand and supply of the stock than fundamentals which is weak at present. This stock has increased risk appetite of the investors and the more risk you take the more chances that you will get hurt....
If you refine Tesla P&L numbers, you will find that eps is actually negative and its future profit depends on the volume and even stronger volumes to command such high valuations..Please read my article on this...
We understand both America and Valuations. That is why Damodaran's valuation concepts are being widely accepted and being implemented all across the world including west and including America. God bless America.
k1angky, that is alright but the point is without credit sales, EPS is coming out to be -ve with -ROIC and GM lowered to 5.7%. Tesla is targeting GM% to be 25. I agree with stockriters, that is not going to be achieved considering, challenges ahead in pushing volumes and hence sales, decreasing R&D and SG&A expenses....
Best battery will make all difference as it will take less time to recharge and will run vehicle more miles before asking for recharge. Important thing is that its green technology which would reduce the dependence on oil. We need to wait for a long time for this tech to mature and be affordable.
Stockrite is not denying that technology or model S is bad, It is only talking about the infrastructure that would be required to support future EVs and that would take time. Plus its meant for riches and not accessible to larger mass then from there Tesla will generate volumes? It is also talking about the weak financial Tesla has. after all you need earnings growth potential and ROIC considered to be value drivers and value creators for investors. Note also cautious investors. If investors have huge risk appetite no one is denying them to go for the stock....