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  • Stan Ackman
    $TRMR and $YUME, after all, become the same size again.
    Aug 19, 9:43 AM
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    • Stan Ackman: Charles, I only watch for fun. I don't prefer either of the two.
      Aug 19, 1:42 PM
    • Charles Moscoe: I put $YUME in my "preferred" category. In fact most preferred in the ad tech space. I think $TRMR is very cheap, but lacks technology adv.
      Aug 19, 1:47 PM
      • Stan Ackman
        $YUME has negative marginal profit. YOY, spent $5 mm more on sales to get only $3 mm more gross profit.
        Aug 14, 9:25 AM
          • Stan Ackman
            Tricky move by Wilson and Advent on $LULU. Advent paid about $43 per share, but no hostile M&A in 1.5 years
            Aug 7, 4:31 PM
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            • Stan Ackman: This is the reason LULU moved up in the after hour.
              Aug 7, 4:52 PM
            • davelane814: Huge news for $LULU...WOW!
              Aug 7, 5:09 PM
              • Stan Ackman
                Another new face in $TRMR's senior management team.
                Jul 23, 9:18 AM
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                • Charles Moscoe: $YUME and $TRMR are having a PR war. $YUME sends a PR today as like a followup on yesterday's PR.
                  Jul 23, 9:26 AM
                • Stan Ackman: I see it too. Everybody wants to make things loud.
                  Jul 23, 9:32 AM
                  • Stan Ackman
                    $TRMR's communication dept must be very busy. There is a press release almost everyday.
                    Jul 21, 11:52 AM
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                    • Charles Moscoe: I bought some $MM also today. Can't see either of those getting much cheaper even with bad results and good results could launch them.
                      Jul 21, 4:20 PM
                    • Stan Ackman: I don't see why it couldn't. The severe drop in July has no news supported at all.
                      Jul 21, 4:20 PM
                      • Stan Ackman
                        $KORS has become a slave of beating the street by offering high discounts just as $COH did.
                        Jul 15, 9:33 AM
                          • Stan Ackman
                            $COH Exec Chairman Frankfort to Work on Part-Time Basis.
                            Jul 3, 9:49 AM
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                            • Stan Ackman: I consider this a bad news. Frankfort is likely a hurdle for COH's turnaround. He will undermine Victor's power.
                              Jul 3, 9:51 AM
                            • Willow Street Investments: Nice try Stan. Won't work.
                              Jul 3, 9:58 AM
                              • Stan Ackman
                                It Is Still Not A Good Time To Buy Coach $COH
                                Jun 24, 6:03 AM
                                  • Stan Ackman
                                    $COH FY15 profits will likely plunge 50%. The stock is not cheap. Turnaround will be long and have a chance of failure.
                                    Jun 20, 10:33 AM
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                                    • Stan Ackman: But factory stores' strong performance drags the full price store and Coach's brand position.
                                      Jun 23, 9:16 AM
                                    • Stan Ackman: Management still does not want to limit factory stores given their cash cow status.
                                      Jun 23, 9:17 AM
                                      • Stan Ackman
                                        No surprise $COH dropped 5% again today. It is not a good strategy to buy troubled companies prematurely.
                                        Jun 19, 11:12 AM
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                                        • Willow Street Investments: One of my ideas I cant buy because I bought COH for a 3rd time is PDCO.
                                          Jun 19, 2:52 PM
                                        • Stan Ackman: Where COH is today can very likely be where LULU will be a year later.
                                          Jun 19, 2:56 PM
                                          • Stan Ackman
                                            Skullcandy's Earnings Are Not As Rosy As They Appear $SKUL
                                            May 2, 3:46 PM
                                              • Stan Ackman
                                                I submitted an article to SA for $SKUL about my takeaways on the CC. I wish people can see the article earlier.
                                                May 2, 11:18 AM
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                                                • Charles Moscoe: I am working on one right now. Look forward to reading yours Stan.
                                                  May 2, 12:28 PM
                                                • Stan Ackman: Look forward to yours too. I hope readers don't feel I wrote it after the price reversal.
                                                  May 2, 3:35 PM
                                                  • Stan Ackman
                                                    $SKUL's growth driver international mkt shows GM declined to 44.9% from 48.1% a year old.
                                                    May 1, 4:30 PM
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                                                    • Stan Ackman: I bet that 15% AH was triggered by very thin volume. Maybe as low as 1 share...
                                                      May 2, 8:31 AM
                                                    • Stan Ackman: Small caps with less than $5/sh can easily see action like this. Someone may want to create a illusion of huge gain by trigger a few shares
                                                      May 2, 8:33 AM
                                                      • Stan Ackman
                                                        $COH still plans to open 15 factory stores while close 15-20 full price stores. Soon, COH will have more factory stores than full price.
                                                        Apr 29, 3:42 PM
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                                                        • Stan Ackman: Management's response towards this strategy doesn't make any sense. $COH will officially to be factory Coach.
                                                          Apr 29, 3:43 PM
                                                          • Stan Ackman
                                                            I run a DCF model for $LULU with the latest info and a relatively good scenario. Turn out it is worth $52 per share.
                                                            Mar 28, 10:29 AM
                                                              • Stan Ackman
                                                                $SODA is still a 11 am stock. :) Always peaked around 11 am.
                                                                Mar 6, 2:22 PM
                                                                  • Stan Ackman
                                                                    $JCP may pump up guidance to wish for a less costly offering. In short-term, it may not matter. March SSS won't come in more than a month.
                                                                    Feb 27, 9:43 AM
                                                                      • Stan Ackman
                                                                        $JCP jumped AH. It seems every stock "Distressed Debt Analyst" is bearish at goes up a lot.
                                                                        Feb 26, 5:09 PM
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                                                                        • Stan Ackman: What a leading indicator from our "sophisticated" Distressed Debt Analyst.
                                                                          Feb 26, 5:11 PM
                                                                        • 1980XLS: Are you Bill's brother?
                                                                          Feb 26, 5:15 PM
                                                                          • Stan Ackman
                                                                            $SODA is a morning UP afternoon DOWN stock. Quite interesting.
                                                                            Feb 26, 4:56 PM
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                                                                            • Adnan Zafar: very true,,
                                                                              Feb 28, 1:00 PM
                                                                              • Stan Ackman
                                                                                Look at SA, $AAPL may be the stock with the most bullish sentiment. But look at how the stock perform this year... Get something?
                                                                                Jan 31, 10:47 AM
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                                                                                • smart_investoor: it's the manipulation that matters
                                                                                  Jan 31, 11:39 AM
                                                                                • Stan Ackman: $500B stock is manipulated? Somebody must be really rich.
                                                                                  Jan 31, 11:51 AM