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Stanley Barton  

PRO Articles
PRO articles cover stocks that fly under most investors' radar screens.
  • Crawford & Company: Making The Most Of Natural Disasters
       • Jul. 1, 2014 CRD.A 6 Comments


    • Crawford & Company has realized extraordinary profits from providing outsourced insurance-related services for catastrophe response to Superstorm Sandy, The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami and the BP Oil Spill.
    • Recent lack of natural and man-made global disasters has made for difficult revenue and earnings comparisons, contributing to current 45% undervaluation of the stock, and potential 100% upside in 2014.
    • The reduction in revenue for catastrophe response services disguises the fact that other Crawford operations, such as medical management and worker's compensation administration, are growing at double-digit rates.
    • Crawford pays a 2.45% dividend yield, sells at a forward PE of 9.6 and generates strong cash flow for stock repurchases. It provides exposure to the climate change macro factor.
    • The probability of future natural disasters are not factored into the current stock price, and a catastrophic insurance event could provide a sudden boost to Crawford earnings and visibility.
  • Cherokee, Inc.: On The Royalty Growth Path
       • Apr. 30, 2014 CHKE 7 Comments


    • Cherokee, Inc. has been aggressively adding to its apparel brand stable, ensuring royalty and revenue growth for the next three years. It is looking for other accretive acquisitions.
    • The under-the-radar company's business model and growth strategy have not been fully recognized by the market, providing potential for a 35% valuation appreciation.
    • In a market environment that punishes growth risk, Cherokee, Inc. is entitled to guaranteed minimum payments from chains like Target and Kohl's that provide a solid floor for revenue.
  • Finally, This High-Yield Microcap Is Helping The FDA Cut Approval Time
       • Nov. 5, 2013 SLP 19 Comments