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  • Ambarella - Momentum In Stock Outpaces Operational Improvements For This Well-Led Company [View article] likes SODA with similar growth rates and $.30/per share in cash flow at $53, but is cautious about AMBA with$.73 in cash flow and $25 per share.

    AMBA net income would be about $2 per share without R & D expense, as the company is ramping up to introduce more industry-best products, and SODA is a one-gadget wonder.

    Oh well...good luck to all, but I know which horse I would bet on.
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  • Ambarella Knocks The Quarter Out Of The Park, More Upside Ahead [View article]
    AMBA gets the majority of its revenue from outside the US now, so obviously has room for expansion in the US and other industries. Although earnings are great, this is AFTER rather large expenditures in R & D which will keep the technology in front.
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  • Two Crazy-Cheap $5 Stocks To Benefit From China's Initiatives For Its Middle Class [View article]

    I know both stocks you mention, and they are on the list for consideration. In general, I have a better comfort level with Chinese companies that have some of these 3 attributes: manageable accounts receivable, working relationship with government agencies in China and reputable international clients. I have seen otherwise good stocks shot down by not watching these areas. Regarding EVK, I think the fact that they sell products to large retailers world-wide offers some level of assurance that they can provide the efficiency and quality that I am looking for. Both XUE and EVK have operations in many areas within China, which tells me they know how to manage the government agencies at local levels on up. XUE actually was designated by The Ministry of Education as the leader to organize the signing of a Self-discipline Agreement for private tutoring groups in China.
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  • Refreshing Our Best-Of-The-Best Dividend Portfolio [View article]

    I do not know what the year-end payout will be yet, but in the last 2 years it has averaged $.91 per share over and above the normal $.384 quarterly distribution. I am expecting about that much.

    That would give us a total annual distribution of about $2.45. Divide that by $34.75 today is a yield of 7.0%. If you divide by the price of $32.85 when the article was published, the yield is 7.5%.

    There is no guarantee that they will choose to distribute that amount, but it could be more, BME has more than enough undistributed income and gains to pay a distribution in line with the previous years.

    Hope that helps.
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  • Finally, This High-Yield Microcap Is Helping The FDA Cut Approval Time [View article]

    There is a lot to like here:

    solid management
    recurring license revenue with 90%+ renewal rate
    justifiable price increases
    inside connections with FDA, EPA, and foreign agencies
    3% dividend and growing
    some institutional holders, with room for more

    However, it is not likely to be a trading stock as much as a solid long-term grower.
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  • Two Crazy-Cheap $5 Stocks To Benefit From China's Initiatives For Its Middle Class [View article]

    Thanks for the suggestions for the Chinese market. I will add those to the list I am filtering. I know that there are mistakes and scams in this market, and it is good to distinguish between those. The short sellers are always a problem, even though often there is little reality to accusations. I look at any investment in these small Chinese companies as strictly a long-term proposition. In some cases, companies with some doubt overhang actually may be the better bargains, if you can get past the doubts. EVK has suffered some from an SEC sanction about a transaction between the company and a related party, which is probably a relatively insignificant and honest mistake. I am more concerned about smoke and mirror earnings and overvaluation of properties, etc. that some Chinese companies allow...investors really need to study what they are buying.

    I am still trying to figure out all the ramifications of the Chinese initiatives. One I just discovered is that the Chinese government will now require periodical testing of students' progress, instead of just annually. That will be a huge boon to XUE immediately, as their business has been very seasonal due to the once-a-year cramming. This will mean that tutoring needs will be identified quicker and more frequently.
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  • Finally, This High-Yield Microcap Is Helping The FDA Cut Approval Time [View article]

    The company pretty much advised that the profit would be muted this quarter. This is what I included in the article:

    "SLP has announced that its fiscal fourth quarter, ending in September 2013, will be its 46th profitable quarter in the last 48, but I suspect the salary expense will reduce that profit in this quarter and the next."

    Also in the conclusion:

    "From a timing point of view, it is possible that profits will suffer some until spring of 2014."

    I look at SLP as a long-term holding, with the expectation that in time their simulation software will be the standard for companies seeking approval from FDA, EPA and other agencies. That is a big deal, but not an overnight event. Also, the revenue that they do have is pretty stable with a high level of renewals. Actually, I had to decide for me and clients to wait for a couple earnings announcements that may be mundane, or go ahead and start collecting dividends and stake out our position. It trades pretty thinly and can get away pretty quickly, so I am happy with our stake. This time next year could find SLP as a double-digit stock, and I just don't see a lot of downside. In the meantime the yield is good.

    Just my opinion...

    Nov 19 12:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Finally, This High-Yield Microcap Is Helping The FDA Cut Approval Time [View article]

    I think the culture of the company is directed by the management, and the production of income for stockholders is part of that. Management salaries are pretty reasonable, but they do own 41% of the stock, so I think they rely on the dividends for income also. SLP also has a good cash horde and no debt if they want to kick start growth. Like I said, I do think growth acceleration will come, but at a steady and deliberate pace. I am mostly a long-term investor so that is all fine with me.

    Thanks for reading my article.

    Nov 6 07:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Finally, This High-Yield Microcap Is Helping The FDA Cut Approval Time [View article]

    Thanks. I have been buried with some consulting, and I have a few articles in the 90% stage, but really waiting for a few factors to play out to verify my thesis on these investments.

    I was involved in helping a huge investment bank with salvaging one of its "toxic assets" in 2008-2009. I am writing a novel, based on that experience...lots of intrigue and villains. Anyway, it has taken me from the SA articles.

    Nov 6 07:15 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Microrecession Dead Cat Bounce? [View article]
    Besides the blatant political bias...the article is also has a faulty premise. A record number of companies are paying dividends, including irregular dividend amounts, rather than stable monthly payments. I would be shocked if there were not more dividend cuts.
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  • Take Me Out To The Stock Game [View article]

    You are absolutely correct. However, I think that mainstream Americans are under-invested in stocks according to historical standards, and ,with bond funds in 401k plans dropping due to rising interest rates, there is a likelihood of this money being diverted into the stock market. That will start the bubble and time to get out.
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  • The Debt Ceiling Is Not Lehman [View article]

    Actually, I agree with the premise of the article that the differences between the politics-induced "crisis" is different than a real crisis.

    I also think that the comment about Cruz was out of place.

    However, regarding your comment about compromise, it is a fact that the GOP for 5 years have had a policy of opposing everything proposed by Obama, simply because it is Obama...they are against immigration and infrastructure bills, both which clearly would help the economy. I am against big government, but some things only government can accomplish. I also would make more money in the market if the no-sayers would get out of the way of constructive ideas.

    It appears that the Republicans prefer to slow growth to further their own political aspirations. Now they want to talk about compromise, when the reality is that they want to renegotiate an election that they lost. The way to eliminate laws is by legislative action, if you can get majority support, not by causing as much damage as possible until you get your way. The reality is they cannot get majority support for their policies. Despite the rhetoric that Obama is bad for business, I notice that each time the Republicans are thwarted in their attempts to change the way democracy works, the stock market goes up. I think that the financial markets would be very disturbed if, in fact, the president chose to "negotiate" under these circumstances, as the true nature of democracy will have been undermined and uncertainty with the new paradigm will create a flood to the exits. Just my opinion.
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  • NetSol Technologies, Inc.: Is There Fire Behind That Smoke? [View article]
    Something that is not mentioned in the conversation is that NetSol is central to the auto leasing business, and, according to the CNBC Headline (9-3-2013): "Leasing at an all-time high. Average monthly lease payments are lower than purchase over life of a car." This is a shift associated with a cultural attitude of younger workers that is here to stay and NTWK is on the leading edge of that. Also, NTWK is growing double digits while some of its markets (Europe, Australia and Emerging Markets) have been in a lull. Can you imagine what is in store when those markets improve a little. That is why NTWK is adding 300 engineers to absorb future growth.

    Finally, now that the head of Congress has announced he will not stop the debt ceiling increase (October 17), I expect the markets to push higher until then. All the shorts should take their money and run before the squeeze hits.
    Oct 5 10:53 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • NetSol Technologies, Inc.: Is There Fire Behind That Smoke? [View article]
    Thanks for the article. Personally I am loading up on cheap NTWK options at $10. Although a lot of companies play games with earnings reports, revenue and cash flow growth are hard to deny. The short squeeze should pay big time.
    Oct 4 01:29 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Refreshing Our Best-Of-The-Best Dividend Portfolio [View article]
    I do not see any reason to change my opinion on RAS, and the drop in price looks like a buying opportunity for the long-term. Here is another SA article to review:
    Oct 2 08:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment