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  • Why Nobody Is Talking About Social Security [View article]
    Thank you for the interesting comment.

    Actually, I included the Krugman quote thinking I needed to provide counter-balance to my own capitalist-oriented views.
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  • Copper May Outshine Gold In 2012: 4 Stocks To Benefit [View article]
    Dear Rec

    I have no crystal ball. I can say that in researching the article I founfd many predictions of under-supply and no predictions of over-supply. I used the Barclay prediction as it was more conservative than most, and I don't think they are necessarily as biased towards metals as some others. One thing that I was not able to completely verify is general claims that the profit margin on copper mining is less than gold and silver, so many miners are preferring to cut back on the copper production areas and invest more in the precious metals. Although I could not exactly verify that common sense argument for reduced supply, I am inclined to believe that. Of course, some have no choice as the process to get the gold or silver produces the copper as a byproduct. It is very possible that in 2013 the supply-demand equation will correct itself, especially if your assessment of the EU situation plays out.
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  • An Old School Look At The Zero Interest Rate, And Its Influence On Stock Investing [View article]

    Thanks for he comment. I do own alot of stocks, but most of the dividend payers are growth stocks first and dividends second.. You might look at GGN, it is a closed-end fund that invest about half in gold mining stocks and half in energy stocks. It pays about a 10% dividend because it sells options in its stocks, which is a really good strategy to create income. You might want to read my article on gold stocks...they have really missed the bull run, so they may have some appreciation potentiaal also. There is also a fund BME that does the same with healthcare stocks, but I am not too crazy about their stock selection.
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  • 3 Under-The-Radar $3 Stocks For Global Exposure [View article]

    Thank you for your observations.

    It would not be the first time that I miscalculated an attractive woman. As a US executive that had worked and lived 20 years in Latin America, it appears to me that the extremist politician is the norm and not the exception. The investment is partly based on an "improving" political and economic environment in Argentina over the next five years, and at least we can agree that there is room for improvement.

    Regarding the elimination of subsidies, I had read that these were limited to "wealthy" consumers, although that is possibly propoganda. It is questionable weather the new policy will substantially affect the amount of gas sold.

    Thanks for your intelligent comments as it provides new paths to investigate. I will follow up if I find somthing important.
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  • My Ideas for Longwei Petroleum [View article]
    I sold my LPH after they started with the equity sales at ridiculous discount to market. I also woke up to the fact that it will never be more than a regional petroleum broker with a gas station, with a limited customer base. They don't find the petroleum, they just resell it.

    There are dozens of 30% growth Chinese companies selling below PE of 6. Most of them sell at a discount to book also, and are in more dynamic industries. LPH is at a 40% premium to book, so I am not sure it is undervalued.
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  • Invest In Restaurant Tablet Transformations With NTN Buzztime [View article]
    Annual report indicates about twice as many terminations as installations in 2013...that is one reason for decreasing revenue. Also, looks like company capitalizes R & D costs...label it as "investments." If expensed, the loss would be about $2 million, not the reported $.4 million. May be the next big thing...but have my doubts that they are winning the battle over competition.

    What is better about the BEOND than competitors' product?

    I like pure play aspect, and short-term maybe they can make the next earnings report show real revenue and profit growth on BWW installations. Guess I better go to BWW and check out the tablet.
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  • A Glimpse At Our Small Cap Biotechnology Portfolio [View article]

    Thanks for reading the article.

    I have been blessed to have had interesting opportunities in my investing career. I am not sure that going forward the old-school approach is going to be as successful, as talking heads on television seem to convince the investing public of many ideas that counter simple economics. Nonetheless, as Darrell Royal (Legendary U. of Texas coach) used to say..."you gotta dance with the one that brung ya."

    Best of luck

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  • A Glimpse At Our Small Cap Biotechnology Portfolio [View article]
    Charles M.

    Every time a stock drops drastically, like DVAX after the FDA letter, a number of law firms launch "investigations" and sometimes actually pursue a case. Having been the plaintiff in some of these class-action cases, I can tell you that the shareholder rarely gets anything out of these, as the suits are either dropped or settled with the lawyers getting the settlement funds. I am not a lawyer, nor have I reviewed the cases, but from my experience, my guess is that these may cost DVAX $1-2MM to manage and settle. Not a huge issue, considering DVAX spends about $12MM on R&D each quarter. As a layman, I think it may be difficult for the law firms to prove that DVAX should have known that the FDA would not approve the submission, since it was a very close vote on safety and overwhelming approval of efficacy...but I guess it is a possibility. I think the clinical results and takeover possibilities will drive the stock price more than the lawsuits.

    Thanks for reading the article.

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  • A Glimpse At Our Small Cap Biotechnology Portfolio [View article]

    Biocon Limited, the largest biotech distributor in India and Asia (market cap of 93B) mentioned yesterday in its quarterly report that there "has seen very enthusiastic uptake of Cytosorb filters, a novel therapy for sepsis that we had launched last quarter." Probably the reason for the jump today. Not typical for a giant international to mention such a small company product in its quarterly report. The link:

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  • A Glimpse At Our Small Cap Biotechnology Portfolio [View article]

    The price began jumping after the letter from the CEO on January 15. This article probably contributed some yesterday. Today's action is extreme...maybe a short squeeze. We are holding, since we are in for the long-term, but at this point I think a new investor might want to wait for this to settle back. CTSO still has 50% from here to meet the Zach's target of $.50 for this year, but it may take some months to get there.

    Glad your on board, and I hope that the CEO Chan was on track with his comments about the product getting traction and having to "ramp up" production.

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  • A Glimpse At Our Small Cap Biotechnology Portfolio [View article]

    Thanks for reading my article.

    Politics aside, it is always a consideration that reimbursement for treatments will be fair for new drugs or treatments. In that regard, I think it is fair to say that generic drugs, such as IG products, should continue to be preferred. Also, relatively cheap treatments by CTSO should not have problems with reimbursement, especially since more often than not this is an ICU treatment. DVAX is in the Hep B vaccine business, and preventive medicine is also favored under the Affordable Care Act. Cardica makes medical instruments that are less invasive and suitable for robotic surgery, so that should work with lower cost initiatives of the ACA, although subject to added medical instrument tax treatment. I am not sure about the final cost or reimbursement for GALE and CYTX, since these are new technologies and it is difficult to know how they will be reimbursed.

    Hope this helps,

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  • Why Fleetcor Is A Better Investment Than Visa And MasterCard [View article]
    The Walmart connection is well known and the Amex competition has not stopped double digit growth in GDO revenues, even though it has been around for more than a year. AMEX is losing that war, because GDOT has more options for consumers. That said, AMEX is still doing really well, which should indicate good earnings for GDOT on Jan. 30.

    One of these prepaid cards will be in bed with WMT so ask yourself, would you rather it be the one you own or a different one? GDOT is in Kroger, Walgreen, etc. and in last earnings report indicated its exposure to WMT is decreasing each month.

    Congrats on good move in traditional card stocks today.
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  • Why Fleetcor Is A Better Investment Than Visa And MasterCard [View article]
    Thanks for the article, but I can't get on board. If I am going into a card investment it is GreenDot (GDOT) as valuation is better than those mentioned here. For instance, GDOT is about $24 per share with $3 in cash flow, as opposed to FLT with $110 per share and cash flow of $3.80. FLT growth consensus is higher and all have competition problems, but at least GDOT has a technology moat.

    Just my opinion.
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  • Refreshing Our Best-Of-The-Best Dividend Portfolio [View article]

    I do plan to update the dividend portfolio, and am screening some candidates. I will definitely keep BME...they have so many accrued gains that I am fairly sure they will not be paying any "return of capital" and keep paying the big year-end distribution.

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  • Two Crazy-Cheap $5 Stocks To Benefit From China's Initiatives For Its Middle Class [View article]

    Thanks for reading my article. I think the small China stocks will do well in 2014.

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