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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    Don't do it because it requires a ROI timeframe.... it's not an investment. They aren't doing a dividend here.
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  • Sirius XM: Deal Or No Deal? You Win, But You May Be Waiting [View article]
    I'm not a boat guy :P nobody is pouring things into my holes :P
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  • Liberty Media Undervalued [View article]
    Really nice article Spencer and I agree completely that LMCA is undervalued here.

    Interesting to compare SIRI / LMCA charts on a 1 year basis. You can see where SIRI dropped in Oct and dragged (relative to LMCA) until the offer which pulled SIRI up to exactly on top of the LMCA chart on a relative basis, and they have traded in tandem since.

    In my opinion BOTH equities are undervalued at present at just about equal amounts. The only problem I have (surrounding the proposed deal) is the uncertainty of whether or not the street will discount SIRI under LMCA the same as it currently does, in which case a swap results in a lock up of value (and reduction of shareholder value) until or unless SIRI is spun back out. While I see similar upside in both stocks, I don't want to absorb a hair cut before they head back up.

    Be interesting to see if LMCA has been buying here. The deal has caused a large short shift from SIRI into LMCA instead... if LMCA releases a decreased share count and reveals it has bought back or hints at buying back and SIRI resumes buybacks (or the merge happens and it happens together all under LMC), those shorts may unwind.

    Makings of quite the pop if the right things fall into place. LMCA and SIRI, in my opinion, have a good 50% upside from here over the next year. Unless of course this all takes longer to play out (which is highly doubtful).
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    "It will be quite obvious with a reverse split that siri will not need to by back shares."

    Talking about it is fine but you need to educate yourself of this whole reverse split thing, "need" etc. Sirius XM is not buying back shares to simply reduce the number of shares. A buy back reduces the number of shares and removes them from the marketplace thus increasing all holder's stake in the company. That's all. A reverse split doesn't change anything, at all, for any reason, other than the outstanding share count. MARKET CAP stays the exact same and thus the portion of the company each owner holds STAYS THE EXACT SAME.

    I do not know why so many people are mixed up on this whole "share count" thing and what it means. Perhaps it is because for so many years now so many people have said "The only problem with Sirius XM is the number of shares...." "Sirius XM needs to reduce the number of shares..." blah blah blah. It has been said so many times (and it's wrong) that people think it's true or something.

    People would do well to stop saying it (unfortunately I don't see that happening...). Likewise people would do well to stop saying "Remember, Malone wants blah blah blah" or "Malone wants to build a cable empire" or "Malone said he will get a premium" (had to add that one) or "Malone hates to pay taxes" etc. People making things up because they THINK something and somehow it gets, over time, bent into being some sort of truth.

    Heck, remember when it was floating around that "Liberty said it will not pay more than $2.15 for Sirius XM shares"? I think 5? 6? authors for SA latched onto that and a bunch of authors from other websites as well. Liberty never said it. An author made that up.

    Anyways people can do whatever they want. I just don't people are doing themselves any favors perpetuating speculation as fact or dragging along with what have become little urban myths surrounding SIRI or any other stock.

    A reverse split does not change a single thing with regard to buybacks. You mention if they do a reverse split they can pay dividends too. They can pay dividends here. Nothing about a reverse split makes dividends any more attractive.

    See... head splitting open. Trying to help here. You really need to educate yourself on this stuff as you are making a lot of errors, especially with this reverse split thing.
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  • Sirius XM: Deal Or No Deal? You Win, But You May Be Waiting [View article]
    Apologies for the repetition in that reply I have a million things going on at once and it shows lol :)
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  • Sirius XM: Deal Or No Deal? You Win, But You May Be Waiting [View article]
    There's really two ways to look at the lower prices here. One can be frustrated that they did not sell above $4 (honestly it was over $4 for a very short time but I know people will look at the distance from $4.18 to here ... makes it seem worse) and frustrated with the dragging on. But if one had plans / intentions to remain in and add on dips the drop is actually welcome.

    My uncle had this picture hanging on his wall at their lake home that sticks in my head to this day, and it loosely translates to stock ownership.

    "The two happiest days in the life of a boatsman :

    The day he buys it.

    The day he sells it."

    In my opinion that can be said of stocks one holds as a longer term investment too. In between that buy and sell day the stock will go up and down and do whatever it is going to do, and all that bouncing around may cause a lot of frustration for the owner. I see many comments recently from people who sold TODAY and are GLAD to be DONE with "THIS DOG" of a stock that has made them sick over the past 4 or 5 years.

    In my opinion the only thing to be sick about for a multi year long is selling out below the recent high. The average gains in that time frame have been exceptional.

    Anyways back to the boat comment. All that matters is the price / day you sell it at compared to where you bought it at. For some the happiness will come with being "done with it" and for some the happiness will come from receiving the expected result from their investment. Last year I was looking for 100% gain (or so) and came away with 70%. I can be disappointed I didn't cut and run when I was sitting at over 100% or be happy with the 70%.

    I'm happy.

    Likewise I am not at all displeased by the downturn in share price. It allows for me to adjust strategy. I started the year by buying shares instead of options. While yes, I rode the shares down a small percentage, I chose a point where I was comfortable rolling into options (leverage for me in an IRA) and entered my position in the $2.50's near current share pricing.

    The in between stuff can present opportunity even if one didn't sell the high and sit in cash. I don't know where SIRI is going to go on a given day, week, or month but I do have a rough idea of where I expect the share price to fall, low to high, over the course of the year.

    Latching on to LMCA makes things more complicated but that should decouple soon OR if a vote passes uncertainty turns to certainty and I see LMCA as undervalued here so I expect it upward correction in either case.

    Anyways I'm babbling on... the boat thing... the only two days that matter are the purchase and sale days :) Consider those who are angry / upset / selling here. If / when the share price returns to $4, goes to $4.50 or $5, those individuals may have two things to be upset about... holding too long and selling too soon.

    I have messages in my inbox from 2012 from people writing the same things. Stock is dead. POS, etc. Sold out at $1.87 and happy. Perhaps they bought something else and made a fortune, perhaps not. But in my opinion looking at the share price today even after the decline / drag that's 45% or so a year from that point. Holding from $2.40 down to $1.80's and exiting may have been frustration number one, but cutting loose in frustration and watching it go up 100%+ may be worse.

    Back in 2012 I urged people to hold in that down period. Some who did and were angry with me for "pumping" the stock and somehow leading people astray despite coming within 2% of target in 2012 are sending the same messages again here in 2014. I've changed my tune. I'd like for all those people to please sell :) Please, for the love of God, sell, and never come back :)

    Regarding the "special committee" well, it takes as long as it takes. I get that people are frustrated but in the meantime the options are be patient, sell the stock, or complain about it on the internet :) Sometimes I feel like one of the very few choosing the first option.
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    Do not force it :P

    In the meantime, since it loosely applies to all this cable talk...

    I chose the nice censored one so it's work safe (unless you work for Comcast...) :)
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    If I hear reverse split again my head is going to forward split open.
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    I suggest nothing about Malone other than I respect his accomplishments :)
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    He's just making stuff up.
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    I never went for the cap after the whistle mess. I was a jaded individual at the ripe old age of 4.

    I just figure 90 days from the offer falls in April. Everything seems to take 90 days :P
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    I don't do so well with the comments anymore but I thank you for this nice one :)
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    Reverse split why? You've lost me.
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    "He is ideologically opposed to paying taxes"

    I find it ridiculous when people trumpet that Malone hates paying taxes. Every sane individual hates paying taxes. It's nothing unique or special in any way. It's like saying Malone has skin, teeth, hair, eyes, blah blah blah.
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  • Sirius Investors Remain In Limbo [View article]
    Check Openaccount's comment history... he's an LMCA holder and wants this deal to happen very very badly. Also he apparently knows Malone personally or IS Malone because he likes to say what Malone wants / needs / will do and he says it in definitive fashion.
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