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  • Pandora Investors Vs. Users: $27 For One Share, Or $23+ Per Month [View article]
    I don't forget... how many vehicles are you juggling on your commute? I have a Lynx portable which can move from vehicle to vehicle so the usage is similar (albeit you have to get another antenna for a separate car... but SIRI has sent me these for free after a simple phone call).

    If you are referring to a husband / wife heading to work seperately, double the data for Pandora. I guess I am not quite sure you thought about what you just threw out there.

    Some real world tests come in at half Verizon's estimates, yes. It's likely that this is due to Pandora's lower quality option or user's lower quality connections forcing lower quality audio to provide for a smooth experience.

    I did a real world test some time ago and found with the good quality audio that data usage fell more in line with Verizon / AT+T's estimates. Regardless, it is not free by any stretch of the imagination.
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  • Sirius XM: It Seems The Buyback Has Started [View article]
    nino you have been saying malone has done back door deals on the siri buybacks but this has not happened. You said it the other day as well.... Unless you have some sort of proof that Malone has a deal in place on the buybacks, knock it off. And even if he does it's the same... shares removed. Doesn't matter where they are bought from and EVEN BETTER if they are bought in a deal at a fixed price than if they are bought back at higher pricing. I understand you're trying to scare the longs that have held... but man, give it a rest!
    Mar 27 10:50 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM In Serious Trouble As Mobile Revolution Gives Rise To Social Radio [View article]
    Daniel is filtering content!

    These are not cheerleaders and ignorant fools, Daniel (I am sure there are some.. but few.) You came into this highly unprepared to deal with the very knowledgeable community of SIRI longs. You MUST be more educated than your intended audience if you wish to debate them. Having an opinion and a chip on your shoulder is not sufficient.
    Mar 5 05:25 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM In Serious Trouble As Mobile Revolution Gives Rise To Social Radio [View article]
    Mick you always bring a good perspective to the table and present it in an eloquent yet humorous manner :)
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  • Sirius XM Shorts Exceed 400 Million Bad Ideas [View article]
    Nino already is going nuts. He's part of that short position and was expecting Malone's actions to destroy Sirius XM.

    You guys need to lay off the other writers, though. C'mon... as far as I know all are bullish here. Everyone just has different opinions as to their level of bullishness and their approach to analysis. All opinions presented here are valuable. I may disagree with some opinions, and readers may disagree with some opinions, but civil thought provoking discussion works best!
    Feb 11 07:24 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM's Stock Looks Rich Heading Into Earnings [View article]
    Trefis uses a computer generated algorithm to arrive at stock prices.

    Not to be taken seriously.
    Feb 5 02:47 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM Shorts Squeezed Badly [View article]
    Congrats to you and anyone else who is long as well! :)
    Dec 14 05:26 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Some Sirius XM Investors Just Don't Get It [View article]
    "I view this as a financial engineering transaction, rather than some long term strategic action by Liberty or Malone. Will this benefit Sirius XM shareholders? It is difficult to know, but I suspect that investors will find that Sirius XM will overpay for the shares purchased in the buyback. On the other hand, I expect that Liberty and Malone will do quite well."

    I cannot fathom why, if this is your position, that you are long SIRI and not LMCA instead? You're basically saying that SIRI is going to get grabbed by the hair by LMCA, pulled through the mud, and left on the side of the road beaten and bruised having overpaid for shares and end up leveraged nearly 5.5X? Yet you hold SIRI and not LMCA?

    I just don't see this happening. Makes no sense to me at all. So Liberty participates in a buyback, leverages up to what is bordering on a damaging level (to the point it knocks the credit rating down, possibly several notches as you state they will lever up "way above" what S&P would like), then executes an RMT and spins the company to share holders.

    Who "wins" there? SIRI? No, SIRI gets essentially destroyed, or saddled with debt to the point it ends up beaten down to the brink of financial disaster on any single hiccup. LMCA shareholders? No... they get to participate in a buyback appreciation, sure (same as the straight SIRI holder), but they get spun out debt laden SIRI that's one bad quarter away from financial disaster. Malone? Not really... he gets similar to what the LMCA holders get.

    The "win" play in your scenario is to stay long SIRI, ride the rapid run up on a buyback, and dump immediately before the RMT and buy LMCA for the quick "premium" then immediately dump the spun stock, I guess? LMCA being partial SIRI should receive less benefit percentage wise from a SIRI buyback than straight SIRI (the 100% play), the assumed "premium" goes to LMCA in the RMT so dumping SIRI then going LMCA makes sense, then you are spun a damaged / near death company so just be sure you're one of the first to sell.

    It's just not reasonable to think that the intention here is for LMCA to chew up SIRI and spit it out.

    I enjoy your articles and abilities to pull facts and crunch numbers with precision... but I *think* you're getting outta your zone here as this is a lot of speculation. (and you're still claiming Malone has indicated he wants a premium when he has not ! ;) While I don't doubt there will be a RMT *at some point*, I don't think before that that Liberty will over extend SIRI to dangerous levels on credit. Lever up? Sure. To the point the credit rating gets decimated and they're left choked out on debt? Absolutely not.
    Oct 26 04:21 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mel Karmazin Completes Sirius XM Stock Sales [View article]
    NINO, if you are what you say you are...

    "Licensed NASD broker since 1982, wholesaling house products, $1.2 Billion in sales, NASD licenses: 22,39,7, 24,27, 63"

    Then you understand how these planned sales work. Knock it off with the fear mongering and spreading of disinformation. You understand that the sales are through a plan and he has no control of the sale date.

    Your comments are deliberately misleading and disruptive. Get outta here.
    Oct 18 10:04 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM: Is Liberty Supporting The Share Price On Purpose? [View article]
    "Why don't you tell us again about your theories on why all the convertibles would be converted at below 1.87, so they would get a premium, and that's what Liberty would pay."

    Because I didn't say that the first time. How can I say something again than I never said in the first place?

    "And tell us again why you sold everthing below $2 because it was going so much lower."

    I did sell at $1.95 and I outlined why, and my plan to buy lower *if* it headed there, and why I thought it *might* head there, but in the same article I illustrated my intent to re-buy around the same price with a few undisclosed conditions if my lower price assumption was not met. Price never went lower, I re-bought for a few pennies higher, and easily made it up in a couple of trades after the fact.

    " All that negative crap you were writing 2-3 months ago."

    2-3 months ago I wrote one article, and then I followed much later with a few articles when I was considering getting back in but "not yet." I was fairly silent for about 6 weeks. It's all there in my history, Jack. Pretty clear to see. You commented on the article in question at the time, yet you are making it sound here like I beat some drum about my idea and led people to their doom. It was one article where I sold. Heck I even said in the article that it was a speculative play and for longer term investors ANY of the current prices at the time looked good for a buy. It's right there... not like I can edit that stuff in there now.

    "You were scaring people out of Sirius when they could have been buying 70 cents lower. Now you are pumping because you missed that buying opportunity and paid much higher to get back in."

    I commented when I bought back in and at what price. $2.02. Sale? $1.95. Difference? $0.07. Follow more closely, Jack. You're ignoring the other trades since then on the way up which have easily erased that 7 cent loss and increased my position as well. I'm pretty clear with those when I do them, or at least outline them a day ahead of time and the price points.

    "Liberty is the only buyer now and is willing to pay up to $2.54. What happens when the only buyer is not buying anymore and only the sellers are left? Give us some theories on that scenario."

    Lose the attitude, get the chip off your shoulder, and take a time out. Then *ask* if I will give you some theories and perhaps I might answer. I have no problem with debate or dissenting opinion, but your attitude is foul and your "facts" are misrepresentations. Check both before you come in the door again if you wish to have a back and forth discussion, or in the future you can talk to your own shadow.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Aug 31 06:15 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM Has Tested $1.83 - What's Next? [View article]
    Spencer nice article. I sold out today at open, $1.95/4 And liquidated my June calls.

    I have an article in queue explaining why and on my new entry points, one at $1.47 and another back at $1.95. Basically I'm long either way, back when it hits my sell point or if it dips enough to my low point.

    For what it's worth, Jeff Pierce has been very sharp with SIRI technical analysis, and technical analysis in general. I listened to him on Demian's show Tuesday and what he said along with the information I wrote about Monday, as well as UBS' position at 233 million shares I found yesterday (which is STILL not out in the public domain on any of the institutional holdings lists except Fidelity...??? it's not on Nasdaq, for instance, but the filing is right here at the SEC : Anyways, there's specific reasons I think it'll hit $1.50 or less in short order and it has to do with what I see as a potential $220 million payday for the bond holders, or 40% (maybe more?). It's terribly for the short term, great for the long term. Watch for the change of control which will lock in the bonus afforded to them, and make shorting the stock almost pointless ....

    In my opinion we are in for a VERY fast drop and subsequently a very fast return to the $2.15 range. Keep an eye on it...

    This whole thing stinks, but as I always say, what're ya gonna do about it? Can't beat 'em. Follow the money, look a few steps ahead, make some cash. This is showing a tremendous opportunity as the puzzle pieces come together.
    May 17 07:10 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Check Your Scales: Pandora Is A Net Exporter Of Content [View article]
    You just did it again. This is what I wrote here :

    "It is quite clear that I bought shorter term puts against Pandora due to technical reasons, and the stock flirting with danger at the $10 level, combined with some of my longer and shorter term views surrounding the company."

    This is what your reply with :

    "If your reason for buying puts was purely technical, why mix that with fundamental analysis?"

    Purely technical? Read what I typed to you, slowly. Read it again. And then, read it again, until you understand that what I said was not at all "purely technical."

    How am I supposed to have debate or discussion with you? Either you are purposefully ignoring what I state or you are somehow missing things like reading a story through the holes in a piece of swiss cheese taped to your forehead. The last time you attempted this with one of my articles it was the very same story, and I was forced to debate you with the most basic of statements.

    To be fair you do present the other side :

    "If it wasn't purely technical, wasn't the fundamental part of your analysis centered around "content and presentation"?"

    No, the fundamental part is that I do not believe Pandora, in current form, has near term sustainability, and I question whether or not it is capable of sustaining and competing long term. While I was not as detailed about the fundamental part as I could have been directly within the article, the fundamental part was covered by crosslinked articles I have written before. I wrote a three part in depth very detailed set of articles around the end of February as well, detailing why I felt Pandora was not viable. You are welcome to pull that from my history and read if you like.

    To be clear I am not upset with you, but I can't debate you like this... it will be a ton of time wasted with me repeatedly saying "no that's not what I said" or "no that's not what I meant, you missed X or Y."
    Apr 13 04:11 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM: A Triumphant Week Ahead? [View article]
    Rocco gets it.... maybe not with regards to speculation on Sirius, but he gets it in how to get everyone riled up and click his articles ;)

    Thanks for the compliment!
    Feb 24 07:19 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is It The Right Time To Buy Sirius XM? [View article]
    Well good thing you don't have to think about it Pete cuz you sold out back in 2012 for $2 or so, right? Spamming articles with comments of "dump it" "dump it before it goes to $1.50" "dump it before Obama gets your money"...

    If you had the money you'd buy AAPL hand over fist back when it was $700 a share too, right? I mean you did say that.

    "Liberty will kill itself and Sirius XM in less than a year" You said in 2012.

    The funny thing is if you look at your post history you make these comments AT THE BOTTOMS. You are the poster child for fear. You really want that AAPL at $700 a share and you HATE that SIRI at $1.80. You're always "sick" over stuff.

    The market needs people like you, because the guy that buys your SIRI from you and then sells it back to you higher has to make his money, and the guy who shorts you AAPL and buys it back from you lower has to make his money too.

    Not everyone has gotten sick here, and those who don't look at the day to day and run around like a worried little puppy aren't foolish or stupid or anything... they're likely doing quite well (despite some purchases, for a time being, being under water a bit). I can say this because I'm one of those people.

    Stay sick. But don't try to infect everyone else by spewing nonsense. It's a free country and you can do what you want, I guess, but you're not doing yourself (or anyone else) any favors.
    Apr 18 05:41 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Liberty Media Undervalued [View article]
    Really nice article Spencer and I agree completely that LMCA is undervalued here.

    Interesting to compare SIRI / LMCA charts on a 1 year basis. You can see where SIRI dropped in Oct and dragged (relative to LMCA) until the offer which pulled SIRI up to exactly on top of the LMCA chart on a relative basis, and they have traded in tandem since.

    In my opinion BOTH equities are undervalued at present at just about equal amounts. The only problem I have (surrounding the proposed deal) is the uncertainty of whether or not the street will discount SIRI under LMCA the same as it currently does, in which case a swap results in a lock up of value (and reduction of shareholder value) until or unless SIRI is spun back out. While I see similar upside in both stocks, I don't want to absorb a hair cut before they head back up.

    Be interesting to see if LMCA has been buying here. The deal has caused a large short shift from SIRI into LMCA instead... if LMCA releases a decreased share count and reveals it has bought back or hints at buying back and SIRI resumes buybacks (or the merge happens and it happens together all under LMC), those shorts may unwind.

    Makings of quite the pop if the right things fall into place. LMCA and SIRI, in my opinion, have a good 50% upside from here over the next year. Unless of course this all takes longer to play out (which is highly doubtful).
    Mar 12 04:31 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment