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I'm short the equities of VALE BHP RIO
you are absolutely correct. Thanks for pointing out.
go ugly early is like settling for a walk when the pitcher is throwing at 30 miles an hour. ugly can get uglier. stick with quality and wait for a bottom to be put in on those that misstep. don't date Rosie when she's weighing in at 250 when she's heading toward the truck scales.
The market keeps rising and I still haven't seen Kate Upton. I better mosey on up to the bar. However, I have reinitiated short positions in VALE, RIO and AKS with tight stops.
Declining FCF and losses not earnings.
First of all, the delay is not 3 months, rather, it is another 3 months on top of the 6-9 months of BB10 delays already announced. This means they will have missed numerous competitive product cycles. Secondly, the number of apps available for the BB7 and Playbook is not a mystery - the devices have less than 1/10th of iphone and ipad apps - and it is unlikely that with decreasing market share, the illusory BB10 will draw more apps as the competition increases. Common sense dictates that developers will not allocate their capital to a smartphone that (1) does not exist yet and (2) that is not available in final prototype form. There remains an opportunity for a smartphone with an actual qwerty keyboard, an entry method i much prefer, but that window is closing. You are correct that the market is still growing and that 2G is actually still a string business in numerous countries but the competitive landscape has increased not decreased. As a heavy user of email, I dread having to use an iphone but my problems with my BB7 make it difficult not to try a new device.
there are lots of sectors and stocks to trade/invest away from financials and health care. best way to lose money is to go into a position without conviction or with incomplete information.
Thanks. It really is a unique book and I wrote it hoping that each chapter would read like a short story. Each chapter is timeless, particularly the one about Aubrey McClendon given the recent news surrounding Chesapeake Energy. Hopefully you will enjoy it enough to read my follow up, The Big Win.
Thank you. Two more books coming out: The Big Win in May and a novel in July/August: HEDGED.
and low natural gas prices and unseasonably warn weather continues to provide something of an offset. rate of change is extremely important in gas at the pump and its effect on economy - granted, up to a certain point. industry experts believe that geopolitical fluff is $15-20 a bbl.
The article was drafted prior to latest PMI which actually show a contraction in economy for the 5th straight month, not 4 as noted above. Readings below 50 indicate a contracting economy which does not necessarily mean that the economy, or GDP, is negative.
CSC - going from a hardware model at Unisys to a consulting model isn't comparable to turning around a services company. Turnarounds can occur with right management - even in the consulting business. Not a core position but worth owning. UK contract back in the door. Highly competitive business with prior mgt that was so bad there is a lot of low hanging fruit.
editorial added misys in the article. i did not do that and am about to write them a nasty email. if you go to my web site, you will note how i referenced the company - by ticker only.
S&P estimates will come down as will guidance. We are already coming off the worst pre-announcement season since '08 (and '01 before that) but yet strategists still hold onto the ghost. Multinational industrials are most at risk.
I would be very surprised if the ECB has not reached out to the banks and "asked" them to buy some sovereign debt. Italian banks have already said that they are in the mkt buying Italian bonds. Countering this though, I would doubt that the banks would want to show any more holdings of sovereign bonds than they have to.
Who wouldn't go into a free carry trade?
absolutely but no stimulus attached by governments
China will slow markedly but we will never know full extent of data. Disconnect with Treasuries can continue as global assets flow into safe haven of US debt, money that would not normally buy equities.
Thanks. I don't believe the Fed will buy any European debt nor should they.
Joint book runners: IMF, ECB, Germany, France, et al.
My mistake.
I have been long the dollar against the Euro for a number of months through EUO. Still the best investment I see.
Can write many endings to this story but none of them are good. The Euro is failed concept that has a tits inception deceit in the form of Greece and others who lied about their balance sheets. The tree is only as strong as its roots.
Candidly, I'm more interested in competency and platform than appearance. I would vote for the bearded lady at the circus if I thought she could do the right job.
I don't disagree entirely. haven't tried any of droids yet - I will - but it is clear from may conversations that iPhone is not for heavy emailers. However, my blackberry is incredibly slow and frustrating to use.
Wrote article while debate and couldn't help but comment. As long as she and others continue to stay in a race they stand no chance of winning, which dilutes the strength of the platform, she leaves herself open to "gratuitous" commentary. How about a little less ego and a bit more common good thinking by getting out of race and taking the other less than marginal players with her. At this point we're familiar with their ideas so they will get an airing if their supporters follow through in primary.
Here is how I see it playing out: If EU comes out with a big enough rescue plan that is viable, the euro rallies but reality about the austerity measures choking the economy sets in creating pressure on euro. As this occurs the USD is strengthening reflecting the improving domestic economy.
A good part of it is denial but it doesn't necessarily matter. It's a bit like golf - there is no room on the scorecard for commentary, only a small box for the final number.
Fair to assume there is a new leadership coming into power in Greece, tot he extent "new" means anything. Likely, t is just a new face but same old policies and dogma. Whether or not Greece agrees to bailout plan is not the issue - assume they will - the issue remains lack of a funded, viable plan to stop the contagion into Italy and Spain.
I don't see Germany ever pulling out since it would significantly strengthen their currency and ultimately take a severe toll on their export economy.
Thanks. I'm pretty sure we're going to see any tightening in the next two months.