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Steve Auger
Value, research analyst, special situations, portfolio strategy
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I think you got it wrong. Mickey Mouse wears the Apple watch.
Isn't it possible that the announcement was rushed out in reaction to the low-ball Chinese buyout offer?
They stopped buying autos last year so they could get into the iPhone lay-away plan :-)
Chinese are trading in their gold to buy iPhones.
Please remove the requirement to sign up for a newsletter in order to read the report.
Thank you
Something I have yet to see mentioned anywhere is that the multitasking OS may be a "must have" for any homeland security, border patrol, or policing operations. For such operations, there are several databases that have to be scanned for ID and background checks. You can either do these in parallel with a multitasking OS or use an Apple App and do the scanning operations in a serial fashion. The decision should be obvious.
Sorry SMJ - my comment should have been directed at the others commenting on Canadians.
Hey Stock Market Joe - some of us Eskimoes know what Apple makes (iTunes, iTV, etc.). In fact I'm thinking of getting a Solar powered electrical outlet for my igloo once the iTV comes out.
"How many of you know what Farmville (ZNGA) is? Everyone."
Stock Market Joe - interesting idea but did you invest in Zynga last year? Is that why you have to write for a living?
How would my fine American friends know anything about Canada? They learn everything from their iTVs.
(Message from the "Great White North".) Environmental impact
Exposure of workers to silica dust
Injected fluid
Water consumption
Craig - I bet you understood it. Take off your colored glasses.
Now just to prove you can't read - tell me where I called you names? The answer is nowhere. However, you called me moronic.
So take your pills'
It appears the two of you can't read. "pre-drilling water quality monitoring..." states that there will be a better risk assessment for water contamination. It doesn't mean that there will be no risk and it doesn't mean that water contamination is a sham/scam. You guys have been drinking too much water at work.
Lots of double speak:
"As shale gas exploration is becoming global -- including in Poland, China, Australia and New Zealand -- the take-home message of this study is that pre-drilling water quality monitoring is important for evaluating water-quality baselines that can be used to detect future changes in water quality, and for evaluating possible hydraulic 'short cuts' and pathways between fluids and gases in deep shale gas formations and shallow aquifers," said Vengosh. "Such geochemical reconnaissance would provide a better risk assessment for water contamination in newly developed shale gas exploration areas."
Mark's first reference (from Wikipedia):
"A runaway greenhouse effect may have been caused by the evaporation of the surface water and subsequent rise of the levels of other greenhouse gases."
It is apparent that Venus was once ruled by Republicans :)
Robert - I am all for advances in technology and appliance energy efficiency but I have to tell you I feel betrayed with the latest advances. I bought five new "green" appliances 2 years ago. I have the refrigerator repaired once, the clothes dryer repaired twice and the dish washer repaired five times. I need to call the service repair for both the clothes dryer and dish washer again as there are more problems. I was warned about having to have the filter for the dishwasher cleaned regularly (taking the inside of the DW apart). The reason is that the filter is finer and the strength of the water flow is half. So now I not only have to rinse off the dishes completely before putting them into the DW thus using more water instead of less, the constant repairs use more energy in having the repairman driving out to my house. The most annoying part is that everytime there is a service call, someone from Sears "follows up" on the phone, to check up on how the repair went BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY to try to sell me an extended warranty.
Now for the clothes dryer, the repairman had to take the entire dryer apart to get at a piece that on old models used to be easily accessible. The manufacturer has effectively downloaded the unit cost onto the consumer.
So, my old appliances lasted more than 15 years with no service calls. Now I have made several service calls with new "green" appliance. Where is the power / water savings?
I believe in being energy efficient but the green businesses are all crap. I believe the same can be said for solar power. It just doesn't live up to its promises in the real world applications.
"Fracing has been performed for 25 years in Alberta."
AND? Reports of problems have been found in Alberta as well as elsewhere. I'm not sure what your point is.
ProPublica, an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest has found many gaps in the EPA conclusion that hydraulic fracturing poses no risk to drinking water. In addition, many of the regulations are loosely enforced, especially in regards to using diesel fuel as an additive. More than 1,000 cases of water contamination across seven states have been found to have originated from a fracturing process. A recent New York Times article also documents the failure of an oilfield company failing to report fracturing violations to the EPA.
In the 121-page draft report released today, EPA officials said that the contamination near the town of Pavillion, Wyo., had most likely seeped up from gas wells and contained at least 10 compounds known to be used in frack fluids.
"The presence of synthetic compounds such as glycol ethers...and the assortment of other organic components is explained as the result of direct mixing of hydraulic fracturing fluids with ground water in the Pavillion gas field," the draft report states. "Alternative explanations were carefully considered."
Ernst, a biologist and environmental consultant to the oil and gas industry, says EnCana "told us ‘we would never fracture near your water.' But the company fracked into our aquifer in that same year [2004]." By 2005, she says, "My water began dramatically changing, going bad. I was getting horrible burns and rashes from taking a shower, and then my dogs refused to drink the water. That's when I began to pay attention." At least fifteen water-wells had gone bad in the little community.
azblackbird - you are stating your opinions. Others disagree.
There have also been cases of improper disposal of potentially toxic wastewater from fracking operations. In 2011, for example, The New York Times reported that some Pennsylvania Marcellus shale natural gas drillers were shipping potentially toxic and radioactive hydraulic fracking wastewater to sewage treatment plants not equipped to treat it. This fracking wastewater, which has only been partially treated, is later released into rivers and streams used as sources of drinking water by millions of Pennsylvanians.
That same year, a series of earthquakes in Arkansas was blamed on underground injection wells used by natural gas drillers to dispose of fracking wastewater. In March 2011, the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission ordered Chesapeake Energy and Clarita Operating to stop using two injection wells near the communities of Greenbrier and Guy.
The rapidly expanding development of shale gas reservoirs via fracking has left regulatory agencies and legislatures scrambling to keep up with the new environmental issues raised by the operations. In 2004, a much-maligned study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that fracking posed no risks to water supplies, and was used to convince Congress to exempt the industry from the Safe Drinking Water Act. That study was criticized as flawed due to heavy industry influence on its review panel. An EPA whistleblower later claimed that the study’s findings were “unsupportable,” and alleged that evidence showing that benzene and other toxic chemicals in fracking fluid could migrate into ground water had been suppressed in the final report.
In 2010, as people throughout the country learned more about the potential dangers of fracking, the U.S. Congress directed the EPA to conduct a new, comprehensive study of fracking’s impact on water quality and the environment. Opponents of fracking hope the EPA study, which is expected to be concluded in 2012, will lead to federal oversight of the industry.
azblackbird - there is a difference between knowing what is right and actually doing it. The answer may not be living like rats in the city stack upon one another. Perhaps the answer is living like old order mennonites - rejecting technology, using horse and buggy, black home made clothes, local farming (instead of produce flown half way around the world). This would be a good first step don't you think? Am I hypocritical? You bet - I pollute as much as the next man... Just saying that if we the human race want to survive long term our way of thinging has to change drastically.
azblackbird - Concerns are growing that many of the chemicals used in shale gas drilling are seeping into groundwater. While some of the injection fluid used in the process comes back to the surface, 30 to 40 percent is never recovered, according to the industry’s own estimates. People living in the vicinity of shale gas drilling have reported foul smells in their tap water. In some instances gas well pipes have broken, resulting in leakage of contaminants into the surrounding ground.
MITs liquid metal battery - Great if it works.
Artful - you didn't look at the link I provided?
"energy cannot be created or destroyed - so the energy that these plants died with and is later released by burning these fuels... what becomes of that?"
It is simple. We all get fried and turn to oil. Millions of years from now we will be pumped out of the ground by the next inhabitants of the earth.
I think we need to be more creative than using batteries for storage. There are all sorts of other possibilities for storing energy.
We need to be very careful about solar power. When you consider the life cycle cost it may not be any better than other forms of energy. And the technology isn't really up to scratch yet. It is a business, like everything else.
Scientists have not been able to correlate any changes in the sun output to recent warming over the last 20 years. Yes in the long run the sun plays a part in climate change, it just doesn't explain the current effects.
"which is more dangerous... millions of gallons of caustic chemicals stored in underground tanks buried 200 ft. above our nation's water tables, and due to corrosion are currently leaking into our nation's ground water... or... a "fraced" oil/gas well drilled 10,000 ft. or more below the water table?"
FACT - I don't have to choose one over the other. Just because there is one act of stupidity doesn't mean I should accept another.
FACT - At some point in the future of the human race we will have to accept sustainability over profits, growth and GDP. Right now, our economics falls apart completely if we don't have growth and inflation. The same growth and inflation that is ultimately destructive to our habitat. If there isn't a shift in thinking sooner rather than later, we won't be here.
Hey y'all - why don't we just rape the earth of all its resources as fast as possible? And pollute what we can't take? Why bother leaving anything for future generations when we can make our fortunes now? Let's get the fracing gas out of the ground now! Who cares about the water supply, especially when the chemicals used are found under our sinks? I love to drink that stuff, don't you? Especially the bottles with the scull and crossbones...
The arguments I see here from ultraconservatives are unbelievable. There is no excuse for what is being done in the name of profits and lifestyle.
Overpopulation is a problem for the 5 Billion people without clean drinking water or enough food. Depopulation is the real looming problem for the 1% of US population with more money than brains :)