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  • Tesla's Not-So-New Manufacturing Model [View article]
    This is a third party rehash of the Consumer Reports article. They have no credibility with me since they repeat the article from a month ago stating that Tesla has outsold all German luxury cars. That is simply wrong.

    If CR did do that, then their CNBC article was misleading.

    You say Model S is a perfect car and I give you instances where it is not and just dismiss it. I have read two car magazine articles commenting on less than perfect interiors. One had a picture of a crooked rear headrest. So it is not just me seeing these things.
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  • Tesla's Not-So-New Manufacturing Model [View article]
    I have been an "expert" working on Quality Control systems for autos. I would be happy to confront any of your so called "experts" on why they can give a pass to Tesla for errors that the same "experts" have blasted Cadillac for. I have no idea why so many are so giddy over a car and give a pass on these things.
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  • Tesla's Not-So-New Manufacturing Model [View article]
    I saw the interview of the Consumers Report rep on CNBC. He did not say anything about 110 points. He deliberately said the car received 99 out of 100 possible. Perhaps they are back pedaling?
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  • Tesla's Q1 Earnings, An Epic April Fools Prank [View article]
    ski guy,
    A billion dollars in the auto business is chicken feed. Even Elon has said that this money won't capitalize the Model X. How do you figure it is going to be a slam dunk to produce 40,0000 cars in 2014? They would need a fully functioning second shift on January 1 and Musk has said they are not even going to start buying tooling until Q4. Why do so many feel that Elon Musk is purposely under promising when in fact all he has done is over promise?
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  • Tesla's Not-So-New Manufacturing Model [View article]
    I think that most luxury car buyers consider poor stitching in premium leather seats to be a flaw. I saw this at the Tesla store and car magazine articles have commented on poor interior fit. I don't insist that Tesla is a bad car, why do Teslaphiles insist it is the best car ever made? That is a claim without basis except for a few commercial articles. It is a simple fact that Consumer Reports does not do a good, scientific job in evaluating cars. I can only guess at their reasons for claiming it to be the best car ever. They do not get scientific data like JD Powers does.
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  • Tesla-Learning From History [View article]
    The way I understand the use of the current capital raise:
    $200M - Improve Model S line, more Superchargers, and stores
    $440M - Pay off DOE loan
    $640M total - more than current estimates of capital raise

    There will be nothing for the Model X or Gen III and Musk said so in his earnings call. You don't understand manufacturing if you think you can order tooling or improve a factory without a fully designed product. That is asking for failure. There will need to be further capital raises for the Model X ($500M) and the Gen III ($2B). That is a ton of money for a company that still has essentially no free cash flow.
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  • Tesla May Be The Last One Standing [View article]
    The loans were below market rate. This was nothing like a "normal" loan. Where did the difference come from? Once again the Administration strong armed the banks to take a hit. You think that is good policy, for the government to strong arm companies to cough up some money for a project that the government can't get the public to vote for? Something does not feel right here....
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  • Should Tesla Buy Fiat? [View article]
    No, Tesla got the NUMMI plant because the government essentially owned the plant, had to get rid of it in bankruptcy, and at the same time were trying to promote several EV companies. Happy coincidence. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.
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  • Should Tesla Buy Fiat? [View article]
    I have heard Elon Musk in several interviews say that he wants to change the automotive market and be a "real" car company. Nothing about that suggests he plans to just carve out a niche. I think Randy is right, one of the biggest hurdles is to build enough plant quickly enough. Toyota took 30 years to build out their North American plant. If Elon takes that long competitors will have plenty of time to respond.
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  • Should Tesla Buy Fiat? [View article]
    Seems to be a lot of irrational exuberhance regarding Tesla. Total luxury car sales in the US last year were 900k+. Where did your market study find the other million buyers?
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  • Should Tesla Buy Fiat? [View article]
    How do you figure Tesla has already paid for future models? The engineering on Model X is not done yet (manufacturing engineering should be capitalized, but it looks like Tesla expenses it). The Model X tooling is a year from being ordered and that is going to be $500M. You will need a full set of sheet metal dies, there will be little overlap. There will be a new drive system to design and tool for the all wheel drive version. Tesla will need a billion(s) dollars a year capital for many years to meet business plan.
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  • Should Tesla Buy Fiat? [View article]
    Are you aware that former JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson also claimed Apple retail credit and is now widely seen as the person who single handedly has destroyed that company? To me, the moral of the story is that many things that worked at Apple do not translate to other companies or industries.
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  • Tesla's Not-So-New Manufacturing Model [View article]
    I found a You Tube from some laps at Laguna Seca. It seems to make my point. The Porsche catches up in the corners and falls behind on the straight away. Just what you would expect from the two cars different capabilities. Tesla's own published skidpad numbers are average at best so I don't know how you can argue that it handles corners better when the data clearly show that it doesn't.

    A low center of gravity (COG) is good but it is not everything. You have to do moment calculations about the COG and tires and one of the key factors in the equation is mass. You still have to overcome 4,700 lb acting throught the COG. With a skidpad of less than .9 you are going to fly off corners before an MB AMG E500, end of story.
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  • GM's New Enterprise Data Center Transforms Global IT [View article]
    General Motors has been consolidating data centers for 30 years with varying degrees of success. The examples given to supposedly justify the move are not doing anything new. The real business story here is that GM feels that it can build out a new infrastructure and bring talent to Detroit in a more efficient manner than the current outsourcers, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and others. GM does not have the ability to pay the same way as those outsourcers do and certainly does not have the flexibility to move different talents in and out of projects as needed.
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  • High Anxiety At Tesla? [View instapost]
    Point is well taken, I have found the Model S hard to compare. Tesla certainly did not simply copy dimensions from an established size class like most of the major manufacturers do.

    If you look at interior dimensions though the Model S compares favorably to the Lacrosse, BMW 5, MB E350, etc. When you sit in the Model S I do not feel that it is in the same class as a MB S or BMW 7. Looking at the chassis display at the store my feeling is that in order to get such a large battery pack entirely below the body Tesla had to stretch the wheelbase and track beyond what a car in this class would normaly have.
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