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Steve Hosaflook  

Steve Hosaflook is the author of Used Cars 101. Mr Hosaflook has an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master's in Accounting from Kennesaw State University. He has been a Lead Buyer for both CarMax and AutoNation. He has also worked as: a Dealer Principle, a Used Car Manager, and a high volume automotive wholesaler. He is the President of the Dealer Analysis Group. He currently lives with his family in Orange County California.
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  • Interests: Forex, Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
Dealer Analysis Group The Dealer Analysis Group provides industry analysis and impactful business benefits to the retail automotive industry and to the corporations that market their products or services to the retail automotive industry. Specializing in:
Used Car Voice The Used Car Voice creates branded business content that informs and entertains today’s Used Car Professional. The Used Car Voice is a place where the overworked and underappreciated Used Car Professional can get industry information and analysis combined with a dose of humanity and humor. The Used Car Voice ...More
Used Cars 101 Used Cars 101 is the first book written exclusively for used car managers, used car buyers, and used car wholesalers. Mr. Hosaflook brings the world of the Used Car Industry to life for industry insiders as well as business professionals who market to and work with the automotive retail industry. If you want ...More