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My Biography: In 2001, I retired and now permanently reside in Mexico. After 5 years of managing my own affairs, I resumed my career in 2007 as a financial analyst / asset manager. My career began while in University as a – manual chartist for some wealthy Investors, who had a fancy math formula... More
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  • The – U. S. Dollar - - Forecast

    The - U. S. Dollar - - Forecast

    I just read, what I believe to be, a pathetic article that said: "The End of the U.S. Dollar is near." It pictured a near empty roll of toilet paper. I vehemently disapprove of those who so freely publish, what I see as worthless junk articles.

    Fundamentally, I suggest the U. S. Economy is in much worse shape than the People are being told. The Dollar is strained and should look much worse than it does, near a high of $84+. Other currencies are crumbling around the world and that is clear from my analytics / work on the "Global Markets" which I Forecast frequently in my blog.

    Technically the U. S. Dollar just began a short-term (1 - 3 Months) bullish phase / cycle.

    This is not yet a prudent time to give up on the U. S. Dollar.

    Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"

    Dr. Steve

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  • Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF (GLD) -- Bi-Monthly Update

    Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF (NYSEARCA:GLD) -- Bi-Monthly Update

    Today I am one of my "toots" because I just keep reading unwanted articles about Gold being ready to Buy again. Rather than share my, likely "unwanted" thoughts, I will just say: IT IS NOT A BUY AT THIS TIME! It could be in the foreseeable future but I strongly recommend you HOLD-CASH.

    As usual, I just completed my weekly study of all my High Profile Basic Materials / Gold - Indices / Mining Companies / ETFs. This is a study that always makes me smile because I have spent so many, many years of gaining experience in the study of Gold and ETFs like (GLD). I love this work and it is why I continue while in retirement.

    My objective is to identify the ever-changing trends for my Forecasting Analytics. Simple stated, I want to have current notes to quickly refer to on the anticipated direction of this Sector and Industry Group.

    This week's commentary on - Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF (GLD) - covers all of my Indicators, both Fundamentally for Valuations and Technically for Momentum. There is much to cover to provide my best possible Forecast and Opinion.

    Please connect with "My Focus Article - for Seniors and Retired Investors." Just Click - - >

    The Difference Between You and the Pros

    If you are not making money in Gold or the Stock Market, per se, I am sure that I know Why!

    If you don't know exactly what I am sharing in my efforts to provide you with a path to "Reality" and consistent profits - - - may I suggest you write me an Email and I will share over 50 years of - - How I make money in the Stock Market.

    Forecast & Opinion from my Study / Analytics:

    Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF and other Mining Companies are tracking well. Although Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF is in a strong Pull-Back it is always an excellent contributor to my Analytics.

    My Forecast for Gold is not as bright as you may be lead to think by a large number of blogging sources! Hum . . .

    My Opinion is to HOLD-CASH in anticipation of a Bottom which at this stage cannot be Forecast for the foreseeable future.

    If you own or are considering owning Mining Companies - or - Gold / ETFs, the securities are currently not a pretty picture. Prudent investing just does not support ownership at this time. Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF is currently very weak Technically and I have reservations about my very weak Fundamental Valuations. I placed it on a Strong Bearish Forecast - "Warning." That was way back in late 2011.

    Fundamentals: My Analytics (weighting) for my Fundamental Valuations (of each Mining Company) plays a vital role in profitable managing money. At this time my Valuations of (GLD) are not as positive at perhaps you are being told by other sources. Plainly stated they are Descending.

    Technically: My Technical work / analytics is both unique and profitable. The current rally will fade in the near-term, so don't get Greedy! (GLG) is currently selling for: $135. down a few dollars from my last article on Gold August 25th.

    It peaked at $180. and so far has fallen to a low of $118. That is a lose of over 30%. I took my Clients out of Gold at the highs way back in late 2011. Have a look at many Mining Companies - the picture is even worst.

    I post frequently in my Personal Blog on Gold, Silver, and other Commodities. Please see my URL to visit my blog below.

    A Twenty Year Perspective of Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF (GLD)

    It has NOT always been like you are being told by so many who do not take the time to Invest Wisely. Gold Trust Shares - - SPDR - ETF (GLD) has taken some big hits over the years. The entire period of 1980 through 2001 Gold was in a declining posture. That means, you lost money if you held Gold for over 20 years.

    URL for (20-years of Gold - Spot Price and a bit less for - (GLD):

    A Rather Unique Chart / Graphic on (GLD):

    URL for this representation of - (GLD):


    "Selectivity" is what I preach and is what separates the Average Investor and Mutual Funds from the profits that come with long-hours / hard work and "Selectivity." You might like to read my most-recent article on why I believe Selectivity is so critical for profiting in today's Marketplace. You might want to check out "Be Selective II - Just click - - >

    Here are a number of the component ETF / Peers in the Gold realm that I focus on rather frequently: GLD, GDX, GDXJ, IAU, GDX, DGL, DZZ, UBG.

    If I can be of help just Email me. Serious Investors Only - Please!

    I also write Bi-Monthly Updates on: AAPL, ABX, AMZN, BAC, C, CAT, CSCO, CVX, D, DIS, F, FB, GE, GOOG, HPQ, IBM, INTC, JNJ, JPM, KO, MSFT, PFE, SBUX, SLW, SO, T, VZ, WMT, XOM, GLD, SLV, UGL, UCO.

    I hope you will want to get acquainted. Mine is a very personalized way of providing professional Asset Management Services.

    My Email Address:

    Thanks for your following, I hope you will want to stay on-board.

    Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"

    Dr. Steve

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  • GDP - Gross Domestic Product -- Forecast -- You Can't Believe What You Read

    GDP - Gross Domestic Product -- Forecast -- You Can't Believe What You Read

    The Bureau of Economic Analysts (BEA) revised the figures that were given to the Public just last week. Those figures were Optimistic and Wrong! And, that has become common-place in the past few Decades. More recently (last several years) this distortion of facts or out-right lying to the Public has become the norm.

    The rather optimistic number was 1.7% GDP Growth. The "revised" number was 2.5%.

    So why am I bitching if things are really getting better?

    Answer: Remember Lairs Can Figure, but Figures Can't Lie. WRONG! Reading pure numbers can leave out VERY IMPORTANT information. In this case, it happens to be that Consumer Spending is on the decline.

    The demand for durable goods is also on the decline after rising for over the past several months.

    Historically, September to Thanksgiving have been positive for the Stock Market. Starting with the negatives that are already visible: Syria, Consumers tightening their wallet, and my Bearish Forecast has me feeling that my "stuff" Research (Analytics) is going to be Very Accurate. Accuracy in Forecasting is what I preach to you almost every day.

    My Forecast is for a Rally, Barring negative News - followed by a meaningful Bearish Cycle or Pull-Back.

    I have now published my Forecast and Opinion in for the first 200 of the S&P 500 companies and over 400 Companies for the Mid and Small Cap S&P.

    The accuracy of those Forecasts and Opinions will become "Documented" over the coming weeks and months. I hope you will have a look at my articles.

    For a Full (Chronological) Listing of my most current Articles - Just Click - - > index

    Let me know if I can help with a Company or ETF that you are holding or pondering ownership. Serious Investor Only - Please!

    My Email Address is:

    Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"

    Dr. Steve

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